Keeping Baby Warm + Bugaboo Footmuff Giveaway

As historic heaps of snow clobbered upon our city, we too joined in the snow-play mid-storm.  The children were bundled up like mini sumo wrestlers because I still go a bit overboard in securing their warmth in frigid temps.  And now, as we trudge to school in Blizzard Jonas’ aftermath, I can’t help but be halted by memory lane, much like an internal version of Facebook’s ‘time hop’ feature.  The kids, in their snow boots and waterproof mittens, would much rather propel off every snow mound in site – rather than stay the course that I keep re-directing them too. And although it was eight years ago when I carefully tucked my winter-baby into her Bugaboo stroller and toasty Footmuff to walk to the pediatrician’s office for the first time – I can remember the details of that snowy day as if it were yesterday.

beautiful snow

Cocooned in warmth, both of my babies would fall asleep during our winter walks, and even if I felt cold – I’d rest assured knowing they were warm.  I love how the Bugaboo Footmuff can be zipped open from both sides to make sure baby doesn’t overheat when you finally have the chance to warm up in a coffee shop or stop indoors mid-stroll.  The water repellent material and bamboo charcoal fiber also wick away moisture to keep little ones dry and comfy.

bugaboo stroller bunting

The microfleece fabric comes in fifteen great colors, and is super easy to secure and remove with a Velcro slit opening that fit all Bugaboo stroller seats.  We’re so excited to partner with Bugaboo to keep a sweet baby warm this winter!

bugaboo footmuff giveawayWIN IT:  Enter to win a Bugaboo Footmuff ($129.95 value, in winner’s color choice) via the rafflecopter below.  Best of luck and stay warm friends!

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  1. Would be prefect for the cold morning wait for the school bus!

  2. It comes in 15 different colors?! I like the petrol blue.

  3. Would be so happy to win this!

  4. That looks super cozy!

  5. Cheryl Larimer says

    Absolutely great for a winter walk around the block

  6. this would be great. I got a bugaboo stroller for my daughter due in May

  7. Clarissa Copabiano says

    Oh you always join forces with the greatest of companies! Throwing my name in the hat and hope to win!

  8. Colleen Boudreau says

    Would love to win this!

  9. So perfect for those long, cool walks. Love that it zips up and that they have different colors!

  10. Ohhh how perfect this would be!

  11. my nephew would really enjoy this

  12. Regina Wright says

    I don’t own a Bugaboo stroller but hey! Maybe a chance at winning the foot muff will make me get one! 🙂

  13. Oh this is perfect for my boy!

  14. It’s so cold out and we’ve practically outgrown the bundle me that isn’t warm enough anyway. I’ve had my eye on this product.

  15. Anything Bugaboo is incredible! This is just what my daughter needs in the bitter cold! 🙂 Thank you thank you for the chance to win!

  16. kathy agate says

    new grandbaby coming today, what a wonderful gift this would be!

  17. Madison odom says

    This would be great to walk the little around the neighborhood!! Love the new modern look!

  18. I love that it zips up from both sides! Very convenient! This would be great for the harsh winter mornings! Thank you!

  19. I love this stroller! Perfect for the winter

  20. This is such a great product! I would love one in red!

  21. donna kotecki says


  22. This would be great for chilly walks and visits back east!

  23. laura bernard says

    I love the colors they come in

  24. Jessica Padilla says

    I love the design of this stroller.

  25. would love to win!

  26. Billy Lilley says

    I love the big tires. It looks super durable.

  27. perfect for staying warm this winter!

  28. That is so nice would love to win it for my grandkids.

  29. I really Love the style!

  30. heather e.g. kaufman says

    This would be great for this cold winter.

  31. That is so great! i have a lot of mom friends who live in the northeast who could totally use that.

  32. Very cool product! Perfect for snowy & chilly days!

  33. What a great way to keep baby warm and safe during colder weather. I have always heard good things about Bugaboo brand.

  34. Debbie Denny says

    Snug as a bug. Great way to keep the little one comfy and cozy.

  35. Tom Bellamy says

    I would love to win this for my daughter.

  36. What a comfy way for the little ones to ride. This is perfect for this time of year too!

  37. This would be amazing to win. We are expecting our first. Thanks for the chance.

  38. I love that it has so many color choices. It looks very comfy and warm and would be perfect for my little man due in February!

  39. These came out right after my kids were babies and I’ve always though they look so cool. So hip and functional!

  40. Wow, this looks like a great product for the rough winter storms.
    I will have to let my sister-in-law know about this one.

  41. Bobbie Smith says

    I love this! How wonderful that it actually zips to help keep the baby warm and out of the cold! Awesome product!

  42. Sharill Rivera says

    I am really intrigued by these strollers. They are great for places like where I live that we experience all four seasons, where one stroller has to work for cold and hot weather. This strollers seems like a quality product and the price is affordable compared to other strollers in the market,

  43. It certainly does look cozy! Wish I would have had one when my girls were babies!

  44. Would love to win this for Morning Center who works with pregnant women in need.

  45. This would be such a blessing. Everyone needs a good stroller when the baby comes, and OMG I love this one! Thank you so much for the opportunity. The winning participant will be such a lucky one! 😀

  46. This looks like an amazing stroller for these cold winter days.

  47. Lol, got so excited that I hit enter without mentioning that the perfect accessory for families when getting a bugaboo stroller in the coldest of regions is to have a bugaboo footmutt! Love them!

  48. this would be awesome! we have such cold winters!

  49. These strollers are so nice! I would love to win one

  50. V Clarkson says

    Perfect for our evening strolls when its a lil nippy outside..

  51. Great giveaway for those with Bugaboos! Do they make this for adults?! 😉 I’m always cold.

  52. So important to keep those little feet warm!! My niece could totally use this.

  53. I wish there were more options like this when my trio were younger, this is a super awesome way to cart a little one around!

  54. This looks pretty awesome. I’ve never seen Buagboo Footmuff before, but it looks super helpful. I have something like it but not nearly as nice!

  55. Klydra Pugh says

    I’d love this for my niece…Auntie’s Baby
    Thanks for the chance

  56. Alyson Cornman Photography says

    First, I love that photo! Amazing! Second, this stroller looks and sounds amazing. I have the Bob right now but with CJ being only 10 weeks old I would feel so much better pushing him around in the Bugaboo because I can see him and he will be extra cozy warm. Thank you for the giveaway!

  57. Cynthia Mercado says

    This is the most incredible stroller I have ever seen. I love it! The style and ease of use!

  58. Laura Royal says

    I really love the color options and this would be perfect to use with my first that I’m expecting now.

  59. Joel Stitzer says

    This looks sweet! Looking forward to getting my to be baby one of these:)

  60. kayla bowe says

    I love that they have made a stroller that keeps my child warm and that it comes in so many colors.

  61. Perfect timing for my bugaboo.

  62. sarah mickelson says

    i just had a baby three months ago this would be wonderful

  63. kelly mcgrew says

    this would be amazing to give to my sister for her shower!

  64. It doesn’t get as cold here but we are to used to weather of any sort! I’d absolutely love one!

  65. I love that tilt. That’s a nice looking stroller. Not super bulky and hard to maneuver like so many are today.

  66. These look like they would be very nice and warm!

  67. Hope to win for the grandbaby!

  68. This is so perfect for those cold NYC walks.

  69. This is beautiful! I love being outdoors but am always worried about keeping my kiddos warm in the winter! Looks like a cozy solution!

  70. Darlene Sullins says

    This looks really comfy and definitely stylish!

  71. I love this stroller

  72. lady your post are so popular, I had to scroll forever to get to the end of the comments 😉

    I wish they had cool things like this when I had a baby, i cannot believe the difference in products now compared to 12 years ago

  73. Esther Swartz says

    Thanks for your review! This looks like a great stroller. It would be perfect for my niece who’s going to be born in March in Chicago, looks like it would definitely keep her warm!

  74. Perfect for the random cold weather we get in Texas.

  75. Alicia Hewitt says

    I would love to win!!

  76. I could really use this! I am expecting my first child!

  77. jeremy mclaughlin says

    This stroller would be great for our baby being born this year.

  78. Looks warm and comfy for the littles. I’ll share with my pregnant mommy friends!

  79. Erica Beaver says

    What a great giveaway! This would be perfect for this winter here in Colorado. Bugaboo Footmuff just fit a Colorado lifestyle. Love it!

  80. This would be a great stroller to own!

  81. This would be awesome for a cold and snow covered day. It is very nice looking and I think it would be comfortable for the little one.

  82. would love to win this!

  83. We’re in process of trying to adopt again. This looks like it would keep kids very warm. Love the colors.

  84. My daughter is due soon and it’ll be cool for at least a few moreonths what a great gift

  85. What a lovely idea! It looks like a cozy sleeping bag, miniature sized. I adore the dark blue color in the pictures!

  86. This looks super comfy for the baby. Perfect for those cool weather days. 🙂

  87. What a great giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

  88. This is just so snuggly and adorable! The littles would love this.

  89. this would be great for my new baby cousin…..only 3 weeks old!

  90. This is by far, one of the most innovative stroller designs that I have ever seen. I would LOVE to have this for chilly morning walks in the park with my son.

  91. Paula Caudill says

    This is great for the cold weather, and so easy, you don’t have to try to wrap in blankets etc. Thank you!

  92. Gabrielle Tietz says

    This would be amazing to keep my daughter warm in the winter!!

  93. Winter & snow are far from over…we usually don’t get ‘good snow’ down here till later in the month. This would be awesome for keeping our little nice & toasty in her Bugaboo Bee.

  94. Tammy S Catterton says

    wow an amazing for the cool days indeed thanks you got too love it

  95. darcey Martinez says

    A far advancement from old time strollers

  96. I love footmuff for a baby in winter! It really allowed me to take my babies outside in cold weather. And Bugaboo makes an amazing one (I’ve owned several over the years). Great giveaway!!

  97. Thank you so much for the chance to win such an awesome prize! AND Thank you for making entering this giveaway so simple and user friendly!

  98. Another reason why bugaboo is an awesome stroller ! This will be great for winter play !

  99. Great for little ones. Thanks

  100. Love this! Perfect for keeping my mind at ease about my childs health and warmth! It can get cold and we cant feel it for them but we can make sure theyre fine.

  101. This would be amazing for my new nephew. Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  102. Kendra hardcastle says

    This stroller would be perfect for the winter walks around the apartment complex

  103. I would love to win this!

  104. Would love this for my first coming in June! My parents live in North Dakota so I’m going to need a good way to keep her warm!

  105. Angela Newsome says

    This would be so perfect to keep the baby safe and cozy!

  106. This looks like an amazing way to keep baby warm!

  107. That looks lovely and a wonderful color too!

  108. I would love this for my baby.

  109. Vanessa W. says

    What a great piece of baby gear! Warmth and style – I love it!

  110. Thanks so much for holiding this giveaway, it’s just so sweet of you and I love ur videos you seem like you really are a sweet person. I can’t wait to see who wins and try out these awesome products. I have vowed to make myself feel better by taking care of myself and so far it’s not going so good…. i think i’ve worn makeup like less than 5 times this year!
    Thanks again,

  111. this would be a dream.

  112. This is perfect for those cold New York days.

  113. Alpa Dutia says

    i like the idea that the microfleece fabric comes in fifteen great colors and its easy to remove the velcro slit which is a great feature. strollers need to be safe and secure and an added feature would make it a super buy for any mom.

  114. My nephew would really enjoy this.

  115. Angela Saver says

    This sounds great! I love that is is free of all of those chemicals that we wish to avoid, but are in so many other products! Thanks for sharing this with us! Can’t wait to try it!

  116. I would love to win this one in the harsh winter weather we are having.

  117. I would love to win this for my bugaboo cameleon!

  118. Wow I love all the colors it comes in and how warm it is! I just love it. It’s a must have!

  119. When my son was growing up I had to wrap him in blankets in the stroller. They always managed to get under the wheels and jam the stroller. This is a wonder idea. Wish it was around back in my days.

  120. Would be great to win it and to stay warm with this gift!

  121. I’d love to have one!

  122. kelley roach says

    That looks super cozy!

  123. I like it, the stroller is very comfortable for winter times, no blankets are needed any more!

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