Simple Star Wars Maxi Skirt DIY + Fandango Giveaway

DIY Star Wars Skirt

With the return of Star Wars to the big screen this December – what’s a mom to do when her little girl wants to rock the force but the only Star Wars-themed girls’ clothing available are measly T-shirts?

Make her something!

Our super easy-to-make gathered maxi skirt is perfect for a first sewing project.  With an elastic waistband and nearly impossible to mess-up design, this is an instant-gratification sew.

Let’s do it!

  • First, gather your materials. In full disclosure, I’m typically strongly against character-themed fabric – but I will make an exception to support my girl’s Stormtrooper style.  With optional pom pom fringe trim, you’ll just need fabric, 1-inch wide elastic, a sewing machine and basic sewing supplies.  Remember to wash (and iron) your fabric first to account for shrinkage.

simple skirt DIY

  • Next, we’re going to measure and cut the fabricMeasure you child’s waist to determine the skirt’s width. We like to double that number to ensure that the skirt gathers nicely. After measuring the length, you’re ready to cut the fabric. Since our skirt is a long maxi skirt style- our fabric dimensions measured 40″ x 25″.  Don’t forgot to account for the elastic-waist casing and hem by leaving approximately 1 1/2″ extra fabric on the length.
  • If you have a serger, serge the fabric edges, or use a zigzag stitch on a regular machine like I did to prevent fabric fraying on the inside.
  • Then fold the material in half (with the inside of the fabric facing out), pin together and sew the seam.

Star Wars Fabric

  • I know you want to skip ironing (don’t!).  Take the time to iron the seam open.
  • Now you’re ready to create the casing for the waistband by folding the fabric over and ironing it.

Storm Trooper Fabric

  • Pin and stitch the waistband, leaving a small opening to insert the elastic.
  • Cut the elastic (leaving an extra inch or so to account for sewing the waistband together).

easy to sew skirt

  • Secure a safety pin to the end of the elastic and pull it through the casing.
  • Overlap the elastic ends and stitch together with multiple zigzag stitches.

how to sew an elastic waist skirtDSC_1180

  • Sew the waistband opening shut.
  • Fold the fabric to create the skirt hem (about 1/4″), iron it down, pin, and sew.
  • That’s it! Unless you want to add a fun trim like pom poms – simply arrange the trim in place, cut the the trim and sew.

Galaxy Ready!

Star Wars Simple Maxi Skirt DIYPom pom trim skirt DIYStar Wars SkirtSimple Skirt DIY

Win It!: Our generous friends at Fandango love to send families off to movies.  And we’ve partnered with them to giveaway another $200 Fandango Gift Card to see  Star Wars: The Force Awakens and other great movies! Simply visit the Rafflecopter below for a chance to win.

May the force be with you friends!

How to make a maxi skirt with pom pom fringe trimE454860C-98A0-49EC-A0B1-1E6200FB657E
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This post is sponsored by Fandango Family, where in addition to movie info, you’ll find other great DIYs.  Content and tutorial as always, are my own. Thanks for reading!



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