LeapFrog Epic Android-Based Tablet (+ Giveaway!)

Whether we like it or not, tablets have become a part of children’s culture.  Kids are drawn to the touch-interfaces and want devices that function just like their parents’ gadgets do.  We’ve certainly been through our share over here, with several different variations sent our way for editorial consideration.  My seven-year-old can power down a device with one quick “time’s up!” reminder, but my five-year-old son appears to be hardwired to this sort of play.  It’s a challenge to have him shut off a game without some sort of struggle.  And that’s all the more reason for me to be vigilant about content, device parameters and kid-safe web environments.

LeapFrog, a long-term brand partner for us, recently launched the LeapFrog Epic. It’s a tablet for kids that runs on Android, and it’s been such a big hit that we had to share the news before our holiday gift guide comes out and offer a reader giveaway!

Tablet for Kids

With a 7″ touchscreen my kids noticed right away that the LeapFrog Epic looks and feels like a real tablet.  It’s my favorite device for the kids because unlike the other tablets in our home the LeapFrog Epic has robust parental controls, exclusive age-appropriate educational content, and a kid-safe environment.

The device accommodates three separate user profiles, which each child can completely customize with their favorite games, art, scenes, characters and more. My kids enjoy scrolling around their custom built (and completely different) cities, collecting stickers, and shifting from day to night.  They’ve been having great fun with the amazing camera that captures quality images and video, and the voice recorder alongside the Mad Libs type game.  The kids can even check the weather on the device right here in NYC!

LeapFrog Epic Giveaway

The Android functionality is perfect for kids since it doesn’t have any in-app purchases and advertisements.  The device comes loaded with more than 20 installed fantastic apps and the option to add popular Android offerings like Fruit Ninja Math Academy and Doodle Jump.  Like all LeapFrog learning games, the LeapFrog Epic intuitively adjusts levels to accommodate for the child’s growing skills.

LeapFrog Epic Tablet

I appreciate the ability to set time parameters along with the reassurance that all content is engaging and appropriate (unlike some of the mindless garbage that crept up on our other tablets).  The Leap Search browser is incredibly fun for the kids to explore kid-approved web content based on my parental parameters.  And as the kids grow and become more tech savvy, the Epic can be set to open the web – making it a device that truly grows with the child.

Win It! We’ve partnered with LeapFrog to giveaway a LeapFrog Epic ($140 value) to one lucky reader. Enter via the rafflectopter below and check back to see if you’re name pops up as the winner! Best of luck!
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We’re LeapFrog brand partners but opinions as always are my own. Thanks for reading!



  1. Yes! You can’t avoid the garbage on the ipads! It sounds like this is the way to go!

  2. Michelle Suttles says

    This sounds like a perfect gift for my daughter. She loved her LeapPad when she was younger, but was rough with the stylus and cracked her screen. The touch features and ability to customize for more than one child are intriguing. And it sounds like it comes with some fun features and apps without having to pay for a ton extra. ?

  3. I love leapfrog and this is genuinely exciting since I love Android!

  4. If my daughter is going to be on a tablet, I’d rather it be educational; this fits the bill. Our families live about 3hrs away, and sometimes mama’s is a lifesaver but then I don’t have access to it. It’d be great for her to have her own device!

  5. Ronda Six Garnett says

    My grandkids would love this…the camera & voice recorder would be a plus 🙂

  6. Angelica Dimeo says

    I would love to win this for my son for Christmas

  7. I have two boys. This would be perfect for them to share.

  8. My grandson would love this . We love Leap frog!

  9. This looks like a great option for my toddler!

  10. Love LeapFrog products and know my kids would jump at a chance to play with the Epic!

  11. I love LeapFrog products! Glad they are still making wonderful products like this!

  12. Stephanie Phelps says

    I think Leapfrog makes the best products to keep the kids interested in learning!

  13. Ellie Wright says

    This would be such a great learning toy for my granddaughter.

  14. My daughter would love all of the installed apps.

  15. Sindy Murray says

    My username on instagram is @sindym6. My son will love the leapfrog tablet.

  16. Cassandra Eastman says

    This tablet really does look epic! My 4 & 6 year old would love it! I love that it comes pre-loaded with apps, and grows with your child.

  17. Steven weber says

    I would for my nieces to have this to keep their minds sharp.

  18. Colleen Boudreau says

    My nieces would really like this.

  19. This would be perfect for my niece!

  20. My 6 year old son would love this. He is constantly on his dad’s KindleFire, and I think it’s time he has a tablet just for him!

  21. Thomas Murphy says

    I would love to win this for my son!

  22. This would be perfect for me nephew!

  23. Amanda Sakovitz says

    Id love to win this for my niece.

  24. i love leap frog years ago i bought my kid the leap frog video game console that hooked up to the tv.. this would be great to have a hand held game

  25. My 3-year old toddler is at the stage where she gets really interested in exploring digital stuff. and I think this leapfrog would be a great learning tool for her xx

  26. Stefanie Gladden says

    I would love the leapfrog tablet for my niece, she would use it all the time!

  27. I had never heard of these until now. I think it’s really cool they can also download some Android apps on it!

  28. This would make a great gift!

  29. Julie Matek says

    My daughter would love this tablet; ) thanks for the chance; )

  30. my little boys would love this and it would allow me to worry less about them seeing things online that they shouldn’t.

  31. My kids would love this! And its great that it runs on Android!

  32. My way older kids owed leap frogs and they loved it!I would love to win this for my girl.

  33. my little niece would love this. thankyou, ken

  34. This would be a great holiday present for my daughter! Thank you!

  35. Denise Anderson says

    Like the formfactor very much!!

  36. My twin daughters would absolutely love this!

  37. The Leap Products make learning fun. I would love to win this for my little granddaughter.

  38. michelle k. says

    I think these learning games are great fun

  39. My grandson would love this. Thank you Leapfrog for making such great products for children.

  40. Tom Bellamy says

    This would be great for y grandchild.

  41. my kids would love their own tablet

  42. Stacey Roberson says

    I would love one of these for my son. He likes to play his games on my tablet, but it would be great if he had his own kids tablet.

  43. Gloria Walshver says

    It would be perfect for my grandson who loves playing on tablets.

  44. This would be great for my son! He has cracked the screen on my Kindle and I think my phone is his next victim! Haha. This tablet looks so much more durable!

  45. Steve Reddington says

    This would be soo perfect to give to my grandkids!

  46. Dorothy Boucher says

    Leapfrog makes some wonderful products, and this is no exception.. I know for myself I have been trying to win won for the longest time for one of my granddaughters who has a learning disability.. I think these are such a great learning tool to have .

  47. Oh wow, my boys would love a new upgrade to their ancient leap frog tablets. These look awesome!

  48. I would love to win this to give to my niece for Christmas

  49. This looks interesting- I’m wondering if they’ll be abke to play leappad game apps. I understand that cartridges won’t work but will the apps?

  50. CR Williams says

    I would love to win this for my daughter!

  51. Linda Kish says

    This would be ideal for my great niece.

  52. This would be an awesome Christmas present for my niece. I love that it is fun and she’d love it and she would be learning while having fun.

  53. Ashleigh Hack says

    Would love to win for my boys!

  54. My youngest son would love this! He is always trying to keep up with big brothers and their electronics.

  55. doug gerard says

    Leapin’ lizards! My kids would love a LeapFrog!

  56. Kristy Hughes says

    This would be great for my youngest and get him off my husband’s tablet.

  57. allyson tice says

    I reallyam impressed with leap frog! I love that this can be customized so I can see what my kiddos do online!

  58. I love Leap Frog, such a great brand for children to learn.


  60. I’d love to win this for my daughter for Christmas.My daughter has been asking for a tablet and I think this would be perfect for her.

  61. Wow, Leapfrog and Android, too good! I have the perfect little guy to give it too 🙂

  62. I’d love to win this for my niece. She’d have fun with it.

  63. LeapFrog makes quality, educational products for kids.

  64. Wow, so far I’m really impressed with this LeapFrog Tablet! I love that it comes with fun educational apps and I can still download apps from the Android market for my son! We bought him a cheap tablet for Christmas last year and have been regretting it ever since! Need something that will last and work properly,I know we can count on the LeapFrog brand! Thank you so much for the chance!!

  65. shelly peterson says

    This would be great to win for my grandson.

  66. This would be a nice gift for my baby sister, mom really wants some educational toys for her.

  67. thank you for the giveaway

  68. My kids would both love this.

  69. Rebecca Orr says

    This would be perfect for my daughter. She loves her brothers tablet, but she is not quite ready for that one. This one is perfect because of the educational value. I love the parental control aspect and that I can put time limits on use. Thanks for the chance!

  70. William Lilley says

    this looks educational and interactive

  71. Denise Clark says

    This would be perfect for my oldest granddaughter. She will soon be 5 and she loves playing on my ipad. Thanks for the opportunity!

  72. This looks like a great tablet for kids.

  73. I am a huge fan of Leapfrog products! I would love to win this for my daughter. I homeschool her (she’s 6) and I think this would be a great (and fun!) addition to our little classroom.

  74. Gina jimenez says

    My daughter has been asking for one more for awhile thank you so much for the chance to win this for her

  75. I love leapfrog and this would make a wonderful gift.

  76. Kayla Leadman says

    Leap Frog makes really great educational Toys for children. I think it is better for a child to interact with a toy that is educational. I think they can connect with it better when it is hands on.

  77. Jennifer Rote says

    My grandson would love this Love it accepts android apps.

  78. james doyle says

    my nephew would love this!

  79. Terry Maigi says

    I would love to win this for my daughter for christmas!

  80. Great post – I love all of the Leap Frog products!

  81. I would love to win this for my daughter

  82. Paula Michele Hafner says

    This is great! My son would love this especially the video recorder.

  83. Anita Duvall says

    Leapfrog is hands-down one of the best educational toy makers. Solid, well built products. Thanks!

  84. Thomas Chappell says

    I have been thinking about getting a child friendly tablet for my children, It seems like this one would be great!

  85. We love LeapFrog products! How fun that they have a tablet now, too!

  86. Shirley Martinez says

    We seem to forget that Kids are kids. Especially when we hand them a Tablet, but I love that Leapfrog doesn’t. They kept in Mind that kids are still kids when creating this Tough Leapfrog Epic. I hope to win one for my Nephew who turns 3 this December!

  87. I would give it to my son and daughter for Christmas.

  88. This would be great for my little grandson. He needs to get prepared for kindergarten next year, and he could use it to play educational games.

  89. Leap Frog products are awesome. They engage the children and make learning fun. I would love to win this for my grandson. Thanks so much for the chance.

  90. amy pugmire says

    LEAPFROG has always been a favorite in our home. I know my 3 littles would love it! I love that it comes with 20 installed apps.

  91. Love how Leapfrog is always a leader in educational technology for kids.

  92. This would be perfect for my son!

  93. Sharon Kaminski says

    This would be perfect for the kids for Christmas.

  94. Julie Bickham says

    This would be awesome for my niece. I could see her having a lot of fun with this.

  95. Perfect for the kids! It would help with long trips!

  96. My son has a Leappad 3 but loves my Kindle. I think the Epic would be a great step up from his leappad and he would beg for my Kindle less!

  97. This would be perfect for my son. He’s jealous of his older sisters iPad.

  98. I LOVE LeapPad products and was so excited when I heard they came out with an Android tablet!! Can’t wait to get my hands on one for my daughter!

  99. My grandkids would enjoy this LeapFrog Epic Adroid-Based Tablet.

  100. I don’t really like for children to use ipads and such but as long as its educational; i love it!!

  101. This would be great for my 5 year old.

  102. my son would enjoy this, so many great features

  103. My girls have always loved LeapFrog products and this new tablet looks interesting. I bet my 5 year old would enjoy it.

  104. Chad Gustafson says

    Thanks for chance

  105. My sons would love this! It would be a great Christmas present!

  106. This would be a great tablet to give to my grandson this year for Christmas from grandma & grandpa. He would love it!

  107. Jennifer G says

    Love Leapfrog products. This tablet looks great .

  108. I hadn’t heard of this yet, great idea!

  109. Alyssa Emmett says

    This sounds great! My 6 year knows how work my phone better than I do sometimes. He loves to play games. He would love to get his hands on one of these!

  110. I would love to win this for my son

  111. Alyssa Emmett says

    This sounds great! My 6 year knows how work my phone better than I do sometimes. He loves to play games and make videos of himself. All the videos are him being silly so I know he would have such a fun time playing with the amazing camera on this tablet!

  112. This would be so great for my grandkids
    I would love to win!

  113. I would love to educate my son more with the leapfrog! I have heard so many good things and would love to see how it works for my child!

  114. What a brilliant device for the little ones in this age of technology! Looks wonderful- full of learning and fun.

  115. My son would love this! He’s already a pro at using my cell phone to play games!

  116. Darlene Cruz says

    A wonderful gift for my grandson to have and learn from. Awesome apps too!

  117. Crystal Mckinley says

    These tablets are so fun and educational. My daughters have a leapster handheld and would love a tablet. Thanks

  118. meagen boyd says

    My little one loves these toys!

  119. This is so awesome and I know all of my nieces would love it. I love that it comes with pre installed apps!

  120. This looks like so much fun! My daughter would love it!

  121. jessie coulter says

    My 2 year old would love this for his birthday in december!

  122. Stephanie MacDonald says

    They keep the kids interested in learning

  123. My daughter would love this tablet! So many learning games!

  124. Kimmy Ripley says

    My daughter’s birthday is coming up (Dec 18th) and she would absolutely love this! Thanks for the chance.

  125. The LeapFrog Epic Adroid-Based Tablet seems like an awesome gift to give to my children. I love the educational aspect.

  126. Brittany gaskill says

    My best friends autistic son would love this!! Looks like such a great product.

  127. Leap frog is the most innovative educational system out there for the little ones to learn and further their education. Would be a great gift for my 3 year old granddaughter



  129. would LOVE to win this for my son!

  130. My son would love something like this! Never knew about it until now!

  131. Regina Hall says

    My four year old daughter would love this! And I love the educational value! Good luck everyone and God Bless!

  132. This would be great for my daughter!

  133. This would make a nice gift for my 6 year-old.

  134. Megan Zuchowski says

    This looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win

  135. Jennifer M. says

    This looks like a great product! If I win this for my 6 year old daughter, she will be so happy!

  136. Jose Rodriguez says

    This would be great for my niece

  137. lissa crane says

    This looks like the perfect holiday gift! To combine fun and games with learning & technology, is the best of both worlds for parents and children alike! I know my kiddos would flip over this and learn so much while having fun!

  138. my nephew would love it, he likes all kinds of gadgets.

  139. Voice recorder would be neat.

  140. This would be great for my grandson, he could get a lot of use out of this, and I think it would really help him.

  141. My daughter would love it. She’s a big fan of Leapfrog products.

  142. Germaine Harrison says

    I would love to win this for my nephew because I know he would love it.

  143. Kristen Osborne says

    I would love to win this as a gift for Christmas

  144. tara darity says

    This tablet would be perfect for my daughter!!

  145. Darlene Carbajal says

    I would like this for my nephew!

  146. Oh my goodness. My nieces would absolutely love this. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  147. I like how the new style of case looks.

  148. Wendy Forbes says

    I would gift this to my Great Nephew.

  149. Love this! We try using the ipad with our daughter but she clicks on too many things and is constantly either turning it off or getting out of her activity. I feel like this is the way to go.

  150. I love that this is geared towards kids and what they want in a tablet. It also looks more durable than my own iPad.

  151. This would be perfect for my son. It looks like a fun way to learn.

  152. what a great gift it would make for our granddaughter

  153. This is a wonderful product,and would be perfect for my grandchildren.Thanks so very much for sharing.

  154. This would be the perfect learning tablet for my little sister.

  155. My grandson would love that i could give that to him for Christmas

  156. Stephanie A says

    My daughter loves to get onto the iPad but it’s not kid friendly other than a few apps I have on there. This sounds great as the content would all be kid friendly and learning friendly!

  157. Kay Spears says

    Oh my little grandson would just love to have this! 🙂

  158. My family & I love leap frog products, they are educational & fun for all ages!

  159. anna powell says

    I love that the leap pad is only for education no ads or junk

  160. Leap Frog has always been the best around town!

  161. My kids loved Leap Frog when they were young. I would love to pass this on for my granddaughter.

  162. I like that it has a browser you can use to search

  163. Jennifer Marie says

    My son would absolutely love this. I love educational games!

  164. Lorena Capote says

    I would love to win this for my daughter for Christmas

  165. My boys would love to have this.

  166. Richard Martin says

    The leap frog tablet is great for learning. If I win this I’ll donate it to a family in need.

  167. its amazing what kids can learn at such a early age!

  168. I like that it comes loaded with more than 20 installed apps

  169. Shea Adams says

    I really love this tablet! I like that it comes with 20 installed apps and that it has age-appropriate educational content!

  170. I love all of the learning games. This would be perfect for my grandson.

  171. This would be a great Christmas gift for my son! Thanks for the chance!

  172. I love leapfrog and this is genuinely exciting since I love Android

  173. Emily Smith says

    My boys have grown up with LeapFrog. This would be so awesome to give them. Thanks for the chance!

  174. This would make a good gift for a little one.

  175. Morgan Watson says

    I would love to win this for my niece and nephew!

  176. I love that the tablet “grows” with the child. That way they won’t get bored easily.

  177. I love that it is Android based and grows with your child.

    Side note: do you email the winners? Or do we have to just drop back by to see if won? D you announce the winner on Facebook or that you have picked a winner? I am a LeapFrog Mom too and want to win for my niece. I didn’t know we were allowed to do giveaways.

  178. This would be a great Christmas gift.

  179. David Fellows says

    love leapfrog

  180. David Fellows says

    Love the Leapfrog

  181. sally salzer says

    I love leapfrog products and think they are so educational. Would love this for my daughter!

  182. Oh this looks so neat for the kids! I love that it doesn’t have any in-app purchases and advertisements! So educational for them! Carter is just learning to read..this would be wonderful to help!

  183. Susan Highland says

    I would love to gift this to my grandkids! They would have to share which could spell trouble… 🙂

  184. amy tolley says

    This Leap-frog is a very educational tablet this would make a great present gifted to my grandson

  185. Heather Dawn says

    I would love to win this for my five year old son. He would have so much fun playing all the educational games that you can get for it.

  186. Thalia Miller says

    What a great way to develop little minds. Would love to win this!

  187. I would love to get this tablet for my godchild and niece to share!

  188. Deborah Stinson says

    My granddaughter is only 7 months old, but I think this would be a perfect gift for her to learn and grow with!

  189. Shannon F. says

    I love Leaofrog! This would make such a great Christmas present! Thanks for the chance! 🙂

  190. jill rivera says

    I am amazed had destructible the leap frog is. I have watch children at a gym daycare and the hard floor the screen does not crack. I have seen a couple ipad and kindles crack on the floor at work, but the leap frog nope.

  191. Jennifer Boehme says

    I think this would be helpful, even for me. I would get my own tablet back….I do like the parental control and how it grows with the child.

  192. natasha lamoreux says

    Leapfrog is such a great product. thanks for the chance to win

  193. Ronda Patrick says

    Great for the younger ones that are not ready for a tablet! Super fun!

  194. I love the idea that this is engaging and fun for kids.

  195. Christina holmes says

    My daughter would looove this!

  196. My Granddaughter would really enjoy this. Thank you for the chance to win.

  197. What am awesome post all about this tablet. My boys need a new one. Theirs is about to take a dump on them, and its rather boring. Its an innotab, but you can’t do much on it

  198. Brittany Marie Thompson says

    I love this it looks like something my 6 year old would be able to use with ease and it looks durable.

  199. Kimberly Kohl says

    I love this! I hate that on other tablets they can get into apps that are NOT kid friendly. So this would be amazing for my son <3

  200. Love Leapfrog products! This would be a great gift idea!

  201. Leapfrog makes great toys! The grandkids would love this tablet.

  202. Jen st Pierre says

    My son would love this. He’s really into learning toys right now.

  203. jeanette sheets says

    being the mother of an autistic son,im always looking for products that are educational and safe!leap frog has always held high standards and one of the best educational material and products you can buy for your child!

  204. Laurel Taylor says

    I like that this has more of an actual tablet feel then the older leapfrog tablets do. I think my son would really like that!

  205. Elaine Powell says

    our grandson would be so excited!

  206. Jillian Too says

    I love that it looks like a real tablet and that you can set time limits.

  207. Carolina D. says

    Thank you for the great opportunity!


    Wow i love that it comes with 20 apps! also that it grows with the kid

  209. We are ready to move to the next level and need a Leap Frog.

  210. This would be great for my daughter. She loves educational apps.

  211. Shauntea Crutcher says

    This would be a perfect tablet for my sons. I would not have to worry so much about the durability because it was built with young children in mind.

  212. Jessica Padilla says

    This would be the perfect Christmas gift for my son. 🙂 and I know he would be learning.

  213. Love that it allows you to change the browsing settings as your child gets older!

  214. My niece would love this, her birthday comes up at the end of next month, would really earn me a lot of favorite uncle points.

  215. Charles-Linda Bradshaw says

    This sounds perfect for my grandson. He could really use this. His mom works at home and he needs something to play on so she can get her work done.

  216. Christy Wheaton says

    This would be an amazing Christmas gift for my son. It’s scary how much they are exposed to if on an ipad or tablet so this would be a safer and more enjoyable option. We love LeapFrog products in this family. My son is obsessed with Scout 🙂 Love their products!

  217. teaching our little ones

  218. Susan Campbell says

    I used to buy Leap Frog products for my kids, I would love to give this to my new 4 year old granddaughter!! 🙂

  219. I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve picked up an Apple device to see that my four year old has been randomly pushing buttons on ads and pulled up all kinds of junk. This sounds like a fantastic device!

  220. Erica A Weaver says

    i would love to gift this to my 4yr old and baby that will be 6 months at chrsitmas

    your pin is not showing up in the form !!!

  221. Cathy Philipps says

    My grandson would love the leap pad. My older grandkids have had them in the past and it is a wonderful learning tool thats fun for the kids.

  222. This would be an awesome supplementary homeschool resource for some independent learning activities! Id love this for my son!

  223. My kids love to watch LeapFrog and they’ve learned so much by doing so, I know they’d love owning the LeapFrog Epic Android-Based Tablet just as much if not more!

  224. wow I like that it comes with 20 preinstalled apps how cool is that not to have to buy anything else for it she can unwrap and play.

  225. I like leapfrog products,never tried a tablet by them yet this would be awesome for my little one when he grows,thanks

  226. Carrie Conrad says

    Leap Frog toys have by far been the best learning toys that any of my kids ever had! I would love to get this for my little girl.

  227. Candace Galan-Calderon says

    I would really love to get this for my younger son! I think it would help him learn tremendously!

  228. Latoya Maiden says

    I would love to win this for my little girl. we love leapfrog products

  229. Sarah Sobocinski says

    I would love to win this for my daughter for Christmas.

  230. Linda Moffitt says

    I would love to win this for my daughter I am going to get her the ABC mouse program for Christmas and this will be perfect to play it on instead of the cheapie tablet she has right now that keeps breaking thank you for the chance to win one

  231. Tammy Iler says

    Thanks for the chance!

  232. sarah clarke says

    I would LOVE to win this for my daughter for Christmas!

  233. Would love to win

  234. This would be an Amazing gift for my 5 year old nephew because he has trouble with words & I know the Leapfrog brand helps children of all ages Learn. Is sad to see him get so frustrated when he can’t get out the words he is trying to vocalize. And I know this would be a very good help for him even with all the speech therapy he goes to this would be more fun way for him to learn!

  235. heather eg kaufman says

    This would be great for my 4 year old. He steals my tablet now…lol

  236. John Joseph says

    I think its great because its a safe way to encourage learning and draw interest for chiuldren

  237. Jessica Lodge says

    This would be awesome for my 5 year old and 2 year old boys. I love leapfrog products.

  238. my kids would love playing with this!

  239. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    My son would love to have his own tablet! This is wonderful!

  240. Kimberly M. says

    I love LeapFrog products. They are made so well. I would love to have this for my grandson that lives with my daughter and I. He is learning computers at school and this would help him so much. It is so great that it is Android too. A great tablet all the way around.

  241. Kimberly Singh says

    I would love to win this for my son!

  242. My son could definitely use one of these

  243. Laurie Nykaza says

    This Leap Frog looks like a wonderful tablet for the kids to play with and learn at the same time great gift for Christmas too.

  244. Katrina Angele says

    This is at the top of my son’s Christmas list this year!

  245. My son would love to have this! And I would love to get him off MY tablet! Crossing fingers!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  246. Mike Miller says

    My kids need something more durable..Our old ipad looks like it went thru WW2!

  247. Tara Bixler says

    I love Leap Frog products,they not only make the best learning toys for children but there also very durable as well.

  248. V Clarkson says

    In love with your post! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  249. My granddaughter would love this

  250. This would be a great gift for my nieces

  251. Austin Baroudi says

    This would be so great for my daughter! Thanks so much for the chance!

  252. PATRICIA PRICE says

    This would be great to have at my house when the Grandkids come to visit. They would think Grandma is even more awesome!

  253. kathie hoehn says

    This looks like a great tablet for children.

  254. Sarah Austin says

    This cute little Leap Frog device is on my 2yr olds nieces Christmas list. Looks like alot of fun, and will hopefully get her off her momma’s tablet. My only negative thought is sometime kids would rather have what there parents are using over toys. So I hope she likes it, shes a smarty.

  255. Would love leapfrog for my bambino !

  256. Melissa C. says

    This would be amazing for my 4yo! He loves alphabet games in particular.

  257. Loving this new product!

  258. Mary Cloud says

    This looks like a great, safe tablet for kids to use

  259. Ashley turicik says

    My kids would have hours of fun with this

  260. Pamela Makuta says

    Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway! I would LOVE this to share with my baby niece and English Language Learner students!

  261. My grandkids would be so excited if I won this. They wouldn’t have to use my phone all the time

  262. Amanda Schaeffer says

    Leap Frog makes the best products fun and educational my daughter would love this.I love the parental controls and the age-appropriate educational content this would be wonderful to have.

  263. Jaclyn Monceaux says

    I would love to win this for my son! He wants a smart phone or a tablet. I feel that is too advanced for his age.

  264. Courtney Edson says

    My daughter is so interested in learning she would absolutely love this! thanks for the chance!

  265. Lisa Walker says

    Our whole family loves Leapfrog products! This would be amazing to win for my daughter!

  266. My grand baby would love this.

  267. Ramona Kako says

    I love LeapFrog products. This one looks like so much fun. I know the perfect little boy with DS that would love this 🙂

  268. Katie Bellamy says

    I really want to get something like this for my daughter for Christmas! This sure would help! 🙂

  269. Tandi Cortez-Rios says

    I love LeapFrog products! This would be great for my son!

  270. My grandchildren would love this.

  271. Dana Matthews says

    This is super nice! I have 13 nieces and nephews and when I buy gifts for them…I try to make them educational ones. Great giveaway!

  272. We had the original Leappad and my children love it, thanks for the chance

  273. I love Leapfrog and their products.

  274. I love that it has the capability to be a basic web browser and feels and interacts like an actual tablet- my kids have a few of the children’s tablets and they know it’s a toy because the content is stagnant.

  275. Great and educational for my little ones on road trips. 2 of them so need 2 of these.

  276. Michelle S says

    Love tabs created for kids to not only use as learning tools, but allows them to learn new technologies.

  277. Jeanie Hicken says

    Our grandchildren have grown up with Leap Frog items. Now we are on the second generation of Leap Frog.

  278. amy williams says

    I love that it’s so educational my son would love to play with this and I wouldnt have all the worries about what he is looking or listening to

  279. Dawn Monroe says

    I like Leapfrog products. My granddaughter asked for this or the Leapfrog watch.

  280. I would love this leapfrog pad for my nephew. He would really enjoy using it.

  281. fun for kids to use

  282. Brenda Guardado says

    I’d love this for my niece and nephew who enjoy learning outside of school realms.

  283. Whst a cool electric device!

  284. This would make a great holiday gift for our little one.

  285. My girls would flip for this!

  286. Mariaelena says

    Would love it for my son!

  287. mindy marengo says

    leave it to Leapfrog to think of it all. This is on my son’s wish list.

  288. Cassandra C says

    I have always purchased leapfrog toys because they make great learning toys. Not to mention they are durable and long lasting. My daughter would love this leapfrog tablet. Its fun and learning all rolled into one.

  289. Molli vandehey says

    my kids really want tablets and ive been looking for something sturdy and safe. this looks great.

  290. This sounds like the perfect gift for my nephew Matthew he loves tablets and games. The ability to customize it for more than one child is very nice.

  291. Stephanie Colvin says

    WOW! I have never seen this before. My oldest has the original leappad, but this seems so much better. Thanks for the chance!

  292. This would be an awesome gift for my 3 kids. Thank you for hosting!

  293. Bridgett Wilbur says

    My daughter would just love this for Christmas.

  294. Kaylin Bruce says

    I’ve been buying LeapFrog Products for my kids, since they were born. Would love to get them this Epic Tablet. Thanks for the chance!

  295. I would love to win this for my daughter for Christmas. She has an austism spectrum disorder and loves to play with my phone. Unfortunately, she also loves to download things by accident while I’m not watching. This looks like it would be perfect for her!

  296. The parental controls sound great! I hate how much they can access on our tablets (even with some controls in place.)

  297. Lula Ruger says

    I love leap frog this would be an amazing gift for my grandsom

  298. lovve leap frog

  299. Danielle Magee says

    Leap pad has amazing products, would love to win!

  300. Jessica L. says

    My child would love this for Christmas.

  301. Laura Andry says

    We love LeapFrog products. We own a lot of the LeapsterGS explorer games, will those work on this Leap Pad? Thanks!

  302. Lisa Konieczke says

    I love that this tablet looks like a real one. My Kindergartner always uses my tablet or phone and I get so worried that she will see some undesirable content, with the Epic those worries would be gone and I know that when she would be using it she will be learning as she goes. I really like this, thanks for the very informative review!

  303. I like LeapFrog myself, as an adult. Its something calming about it. Maybe it takes me back to happier childhood times with no adult responsibilities…..

  304. I have previously purchase Leap Frog products and my kids have enjoyed them. This would be a great addition to their collection.

  305. looks like a great christmas gift for my nephew! thanks so much for the chances to win.

  306. I think my daughter will like this as she always is using everyone else’s device

  307. Janet Trevino says

    Just had a daughter June 9, she’s about to be 5 months and woooow does she love the abc’s and counting numbers. she’s so entertained easily by it for a long while. I feel this would be prefect for her growing up with.

    My email:creepyu-chan@hotmail.com because i’m not sure if i filled the blanks in correctly in order to leave a comment. good luck, all!

  308. Looks like a great gift!

  309. Kayla Leadman says

    Leapfrog makes some of the best educational toys. I would love to gift this for Christmas to my niece.

  310. Christine Mondy says

    This tablet sounds really great for kids!

  311. tina reynolds says

    I love leapfrog they make fun and educational products. This would be perfect for my youngest two kids especially my 8 year old

  312. My Niece would love this she is all into tablets and this would help her learn..

  313. Katarin Brown says

    I got my daughter the innotabband that didn’t work out very well. Maybe the Leapfrog would be better!

  314. Bobbye Hill says

    I have a friend with a young child that this would be perfect for. Leap Frog makes wonderful products!

  315. Trisha Burgess says

    My son would be absolutely thrilled with this!!!

  316. sheri anderson says

    What an amazing giveaway and my grandsons would love the Leap Frog Tablet, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  317. Shakeia Rieux says

    This would be for my 3 year old niece for christmas.I got my oldest niece a tablet and i want the middle one to have her own.When it comes to educational stuff we buy mostly LeapFrog products

  318. This would be wonderful for my granddaughter!

  319. I’d love to win this for my cousin.

  320. My daughter has recently out grown her original leapfrog leappad and passed it down to her little sister, I was wondering what would be the next step leapfrog product for her and now here it is!!! I really love that as a parent I can still control what she does on her tablet but yet she gets to transition into something more suited for her age! Thanks for the chance to win this!

  321. I know we can’t escape the technology influence on our kids, but I love that this would be educational (and safe) while teaching them how to use it since it’s in their everyday lives now.

  322. This would be just perfect for my toddler

  323. Thanks for the chance. Leap Frog toys are educational yet fun!

  324. billie beal says

    wow this is such a great toy and what a wonderful prize ..

  325. Patricia E. says

    I really like that it comes with 20 plus installed apps. That would keep my kiddos busy for a while!

  326. Danielle D says

    sounds like a perfect gift for my nephew,

  327. My son would love this! He has been wanting a tablet. I would love for him to have this for Christmas 🙂 Thank you for this opportunity.

  328. amy stonger says

    How exciting!! I know my daughter would love this!

  329. Brandon Sparks says

    This would be great for my kids.

  330. Have you ever wished to have a Leap Frog to give your granddaughter for Christmas? Well I have! Fingers crossed double time.

  331. kelley roach says

    I would love to win this for my son for Christmas

  332. Tammie Venne says

    I would love something like this for my 2 younger girls

  333. I love leap frog games, so educational

  334. bluecat731 says

    Thank you for the opportunity. I would love to give this to my niece.

  335. shea balentine says

    I love Leap Frog products and this looks like it would be awesome! And perfect for my niece!

  336. How fun! We’ve always enjoyed LeapFrog products so I’m sure my kids would love this!

  337. marie Cantelli says

    This would make an awesome Christmas gift.

  338. wow

  339. This would make a great gift for the boys.

  340. I would love this for my daughter!

  341. What a great gift for the upcoming holidays

  342. My niece would love this

  343. I have three little boys and they would love this! Hope to win!!

  344. Meagan Strang says

    My son would love this!

  345. Dierdra Byrd says

    I had no idea leap frog had a tablet. This is a great idea! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  346. Cindy Peterson says

    I see a leap frog listed as a “want” on our Christmas Wish tree. If I won I would give this to a child for Christmas.

  347. Patricia Delgado says

    My kids do so well with Leap Frog products this would be wonderful for my little girl she is going to be 5 on the 16th and she has autism so she still uses lots of leap frog toys.

  348. e michelle says

    i am familiar with leapfrog prouducts we have have the 1 and the 2! (well several of the 2!) this would be a much needed change i love any and all things android!

  349. Leapfrog is a great brand and provides stellar learning tools

  350. Jennifer H. says

    This would be great to win!

  351. Deana Honeycutt says

    Love this product. My kids would love to play with it. Christmas is just around the corner and we love LeapFrog products.

  352. This would be great for my 4 yr old, she is always looking to try the newest thing.

  353. This would be an awesome Christmas present for my son. he is 4 and is very smart with stuff like this.

  354. angela lazo says

    This sounds like such a fun tablet, my 5 year old would love it.

  355. MargaretAnn Rice says

    Children should be exposed to learning toys, educational and fun at the same time, LeapFrog is where it is!

  356. Leah Shumack says

    My daughter has been BEGGING me for a tablet but I keep telling her she’s too young. This would be more for her and I would love to have it underneath our tree this Christmas!

  357. I’d love to win this for my nephew.

  358. denise low says

    I would love to win this for my grandson.

  359. Alexander Kolozvary Jr says

    My daughter would love to have a tablet. Hope I win.

  360. My nephews would love this!

  361. Angelica Kate says

    Loved previous versions of Leap Frog would love to try this one!

  362. Thank for the opportunity! This would be a great learning gift for Christmastime!

  363. Amanda Whitley says

    i love leapfrog products and my son would love this.

  364. When I was a little one, I just loved electronic learning games. It was far less high-tech, but I am grateful for what I learned then.

  365. Patrycja Chudziak says

    I have always wanted to get my son a LeapFrog, since he’s always attached to my iPad. But after seeing all the great features the LeapFrog Epic has, I feel this would be the perfect tablet for him. I love that there are no horrible ads, and in app purchases, I truly love it’s an Android, there’s so much to love! This would be a wonderful Christmas gift!

  366. Linda Moffitt says

    Was the winner verified yet

  367. Janice Dean says

    My grandson’s would love this! Thank you!


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