The Best Jackets For Women and Kids + Giveaway

We’re serious about our outerwear.  Since the majority of our daily-schlepping happens on our feet and scooters, we need to be prepared for unpredictable weather.  I never skimp when it comes to purchasing jackets for my family with a focus on quality and lasting protection from the elements.

Finside and finkid – a popular European, ethically and environmentally friendly all-weather brand, sent a bunch of products to me and the children on the heels of their recent launch in the US.  We were so impressed with their functional beauty and high-quality craftsmanship that we had to share here – and offer readers an amazing finkid giveaway!

Finkid – the line for kids – had me with their signature pointed caps! The kids wore them throughout the rainy spring days, cool beach evenings and on our recent glamping adventure.  Finkid encourages little explorers with functional and beautiful designs without constraining them.  The kids will get tons of use out of their Tonttu and Tuulis jackets – and when the weather turns, I can easily zip the Tonttu into the Tuulis for comfortable, warm protection.


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I found the jacket that I’ve been searching for (for years!) in finside’s amazing Kerttuli jacket! I adore the beautiful look, comfort and smart design. I have enough room to zip-in the Inkeri jacket underneath when the weather calls for it – accommodating for every season.

Inspired by Finland, the land of forests and lakes – with centuries-long traditions of creating the most resilient outwear in the world, finside brings function, longevity and smart design to all of their garments.  With materials equipped with fast drying, dirt repellent and SPF 50+ protection, finside and finkid are a solid choice for moms and kids alike.

Win It!  Finkid is spreading the love with an amazing giveaway! Three winners (yes 3!) will win their choice of a finkid kid’s jacket in color of choice (either Tonttu or Tulppa) AND their choice of a finside kid’s hat (Varjella, Ranta Sport, Taikuri).  To enter this great giveaway (valued at $130 for each winner) visit the rafflecopter below.  Best of luck!

finkid Giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Products provided.  Opinions, as always, are my own. 




  1. Jessica H says

    Love the finkids jackets! The Tonttu and Tuulis especially!

  2. Rochel S says

    Love the ILTA Cosy cardigan. Looks so comfy and its such a classic

  3. I love the simpukka shell. Its waterproof and windproof, so perfect for when we have to brave the weather!!

  4. so in love with the simplicity and clean lines of these jackets!

  5. Scherrie D says

    I like the Kiel because it is versatile…can be dressed up or down!

  6. I really like the tullppa jacket

  7. I love the jacket you’re wearing. It’s so stylish and functional. Awesome giveaway.

  8. cassidy ciazza-morelli says

    I love the stripped jackets, adorable! Like little elves! Our little red headed Italians would look beyond cute in these!

  9. The kids TUULIS jacket in coral is sweet.

  10. I love the Simpukka shell. It looks like it would be great in our cold, wet weather!

  11. You have the best contest and introduce me to all of these things I wouldn’t ever know about! I would pick the striped one for my kid.

  12. The Tuulis jacket for kids is my favorite product because it is water-repellent and stain-resistant!

  13. Elaina Stanley says

    The children’s TUULIS jacket is precious.

  14. Janet W. says

    My favorite is the Tuulis jacket for my grandson because I like that it’s windproof, yet still breathable.

  15. I like the marika

  16. These jackets are too cute. Thanks for sharing . xo ~ Megan The Fashionista Momma

  17. Abby Barge says

    I love the Ilta jacket for women!!

  18. Stella Bablo says


  19. I love the jackets!!

  20. michelle k. says

    I like the Jonna jacket it looks perfect for the rainy weather we have been having

  21. heather eg kaufman says

    I like the Ronja jacket. It looks soft & comfy.

  22. Julie Matek says

    I would love the tontu shell kids jacket for my daughter because she would love it;)

  23. I like ilta for the belt and collar

  24. The Ruut women’s jacket is so beautiful. I love the structure!

  25. Kathy Artis says

    I like the women’s jackets. I live in Florida, so don’t need a heavy jacket for winter. Looks like these would be perfect.

  26. Love the style of the Ronja jacket. I could use one for me!

  27. Love the Tonttu and Tuulis jackets!

  28. GINA BLADES says


  29. We had a similar style for the kids when they were toddlers. I loved it. It always reminded me of Ezra Jack Keats’ The Snowy Day! Great giveaway!

  30. I really like the KERTTULI jacket!! It looks classy and something I can wear dressed up or down.

  31. The ronja jacket in blue

  32. Kristine L says

    I love the Impi! Love that it covers the hands and it’s nice and long!

  33. Janet Gretch says

    Perfect for my granddaughter

  34. Stacey Roberson says

    My favorite is the Tuulis jacket in coral/fire.

  35. Laura Royal says

    I love the JONNA allday summer jacket for women in blue b/c it’s a beautiful style and bold color!

  36. lovely joy merced says

    i love the ILTA cosy cardigan! so trendy and snuggly

  37. kristi m says

    i really like the TUULIS KIDS OUTDOOR PARKA – ZIP-IN OUTER JACKET .. i like it in the baby blue with the brown inside… i think its super cute and it could be worn by either my daughter or son .. alot of the jacks are unisex which is really nice

  38. These jackets are so cute! They look super well made.The woman’s jacket is so nice too!

  39. tonya dreese says

    I love the kids blue pants (TOIMIVA)

  40. Melissa Dealmeida says

    My son and I like the TONTTU SHELL jackets the best. I like them because they are waterproof and windproof. My son like them because he said they look like a jacket for a garden gnom!

  41. Steph D. says

    I love the boys blue TONTTU SHELL jacket! We are always outside so this would be great to have in my son’s closet 🙂

  42. Kayla Coleman says

    I love the look of the Tulppa both boys and girls!

  43. allyson tice says

    My favorite is the Jonna! THe extra long hand coverage is awesome! sometimes i forget gloves! this is awesome!

  44. Kelley Larsen says

    The Tuulis in Nautic Storm would look great on my son. Love that it is water resistant and that the brand is sustaintable,

  45. Marilyn Nawara says

    I like the RONJA Jacket. It has a nice sporty look that would work great with jeans and casual wear.

  46. golden storm says

    i like the RONJA jacket for women,,windproof and waterproof is great specially with all the rain and wind we have been having lately

  47. I’m a sucker for cool kids jackets, and I love the SIMPUKKA SHELL and TUULIS looks for my son.

  48. Mary Happymommy says

    I love the finside kid’s hat because it’s fun and functional.

  49. I love the Jonna b/c of the zipper placement.

  50. Christina Anne says

    I like the TULPPA coat because it looks like it has good coverage and the colors are gender neutral:)

  51. I like the Tuulis in Coral because of the detailing and the bright color would look nice on my daughter.

  52. Kathy Davis says

    I like the TONTTU kid’s jacket. because it looks so soft and would be adorable on my granddaughter, Nellie.

  53. Oh I really LOVE their designs… especially the uber adorable little Tulppa Kids Jersey Jacket!! My little man would look like one cute Elf in it!

    Thanks bunches for the sweet chance!

  54. Stacey B says

    I really like the girls Tulppa pink striped jacket!

  55. This would be a great gift for a friend of mine who has two school aged children and is also expecting twins.

  56. i love the kids tuulis lagoon jacket!! both my kiddos would love it!

  57. Laurie Nykaza says

    TUULIS jacket is so cute my little nephew would look so cute wearing it this winter. I love all the colors they use in their clothing too.

  58. Love the ILTA Cosy cardigan

  59. Alicia L says

    love the blue ronja jacket…so chique

  60. Liz Blake says

    Love the Tuulis jackets!

  61. Jessica Peeling says

    I love the blue Ruut jacket!

  62. I like the HILU

  63. I love the Blue Ruut Jacket

  64. Trista mj says

    Kielo rain jacket for ladies is my favorite product.

  65. These looks so nice. It is not often you can find a nice quality hat and coat. my son would love these. thanks for sharing

  66. rachel cartucci says

    TONTTU in Lagoon is my favorite jacket for kids. My son would really love a coat like this. He would love having a pointy head….he likes pointy things. ha….he is a silly guy.

  67. Brigitte B says

    I love the Hilu oversize fleece sweater because its so different from other sweaters I’ve seen. I think its really fashion forward.

  68. lissa crane says

    Everything looks great, but I especially like the MATSI tops! They seem light but cozy with long sleeves, which my kiddo’s would love! I also love the elbow patches for an extra bit of style, which you don’t see on kids clothing!


    It has a classic shape but with a modern twist.

  70. Jamie Williams says

    I really like the RUUT A SHAPE SOFTSHELL LONG JACKET in Ruby. Its very fashionable, yet the materials its made from sound so comfortable. Its very hard to find, both comfort and style. you usually have to pick 1 or the other.

  71. Judy maharrey says

    jI like thetulppa jacket for kids in orange

  72. Ali Celestino says

    I like them all there all really nice but I really like the TUULIS in the Green and Blue (kids) it very nice and those colors coordinate each other very nicely.

  73. I love the Ronja It is the red one. Very nice.

  74. Michele P says

    For myself, I love the Inkeri in blue, it is a style I like similar to things I wear already and I love the color!

  75. sheri anderson says

    I would love the TUULIS KIDS OUTDOOR PARKA – ZIP-IN OUTER JACKET for my sweet grandson, thanks!

  76. I like the ronja in blue. The color is vibrant (at least on my screen) and the tapering gives it some shape.

  77. Robert Arnold says

    Love the TUULIS jackets for kids. With puddle jumping kids that love to play in the rain the waterproofing sounds top notch and would keep them dry no matter the weather!

  78. Darlene Carbajal says

    I like the Ronja jacket. It looks very comfy!

  79. Love the gray Inkeri jacket!

  80. My favorite is the INKERI jacket in the orange/red, I love the color and it looks so comfy.

  81. The Jonna jacket because it’s just my style and color.

  82. Carolsue says

    I like the KUU LIGHTpants because they look very comfortable and they are stain resistant

  83. I like the RUUT Longjacket in red because the color is cheerful and it looks very warm.

  84. kathy dalton says

    i like the marika in black

  85. Dana Matthews says

    I love the VARJELLA children’s pirate hat! Adorable…and different!

  86. meredith says

    I think my child would look aweosme in the TUULIS jacket

  87. Kathy Anderson says

    I love the cut and style of the ILTA jacket.

  88. I like the Tuulis! It has everything I need, waterproof and stain resistant?

  89. Audra O'Hara says

    One of my favorites is their Toimiva pants in navy. I like that they are weatherproof and has knee patches. My daughter plays outside a lot and these would be a good choice for her.

  90. Carly D. says

    I like the Kids Jersey Jacket in the striped teal. It would be great for all our outdoor activities!

  91. Adrianne B says

    I love the Tonttu in coral/fire. So cute and I really like the European styling!

  92. Samantha Mills says

    I love the Tulppa jacket in the color jungle/nautic. I love that it’s so cute with the bright eye-catching colors and the pixie hood but it’s also really functional because it has the zip in liner and a sun protection of spf 50+. I love that all of the products seem like they would mix and match really well together too making it easy for little ones to help pick out their outfit.

  93. Tuulis jacket fits our active lifestyle

  94. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

    I like the TUULIS

  95. Jessicca says

    I like the marika in black. 🙂

  96. Kim Reid says

    I really like the RUUT Long Jacket in Navy, it would be great to wear with my jeans!

  97. angela saver says

    I really like the RONJA Sporty Softshell Jacket as it is water & windproof & I love the style!

  98. I like the Ronja jacket – it looks so sporty, and I like that it’s waterproof and windproof.

  99. ellen casper says

    I love the woman’s Inkeri jacket – very unique style

  100. Alysia Dufraine says

    RANTA SPORT Summer sou’wester hat. Love the sun protection as well as the straps. We are always losing hats so maybe that would help keep it on her head.

  101. Heather R says

    I love the kids Tulppa hoodie. Hard to pick a favorite color because all of the color schemes are adorable. I wouldn’t mind having one in my size either. My nephew would love it!

  102. Sam Stamp says

    I love the HILU in Navy! The material of the Fleecesweater combined with the fact that it’s oversize make it so much more appealing to me! I love clothing that swallow me whole! They’re so comfy!

  103. Debbie Lewis says

    I absolutely love the ILTA cozy cardigan in navy. I love that it has a tie waist

  104. Darlene Owen says

    My favorite is the RONJA jacket.

  105. I love the Inkeri jacket. Looks super comfy and still attractive while serving a purpose!

  106. Debbie Jensen says

    I love the Tulppa! I love the colors and the way it fits!

  107. Love the RUUT jacket in navy so pretty..

  108. Liberty T. says

    I really like the Jonna All Day Summer Jacket because it is light weight but still protective.

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