On Supplementing Summer Learning

The countdown to summer is officially on! Although we still have a few weeks left to go, “last day of school” photos are firing up on social media everywhere.  The kids are standing a bit taller, and it’s amazing, really, to watch such leaps in learning throughout the academic year.  Whether your summer plans are super packed or fluid and spontaneous, we’ve teamed up with a solid supplemental summer learning program that we can stand behind.   Over the past few months, we’ve featured Brain Chase and shared details on the program’s structure and academic foundation.

Brain Chase online summer learning

Here’s why Brain Chase stood out among the influx of summer learning pitches that landed in my inbox.

  • Solid Academic Program: Brain Chase continues to take center stage in the national spotlight. This recent article in the New York Times gives a great profile on the company.
  • Flexibility: The program is built to accommodate all sorts of summer plans. In this five-week program, students commit to about five hours of online academic work per week.  That said, students can catch up on missed work – and as long as a high-speed internet service is accessible, work can be done anywhere.
  • Supplemental Aspect: Brain Chase offers a fun and exciting way to fit academic learning into the adventurous summer months. Even if the summer months are jam packed with camp, activities, and vacations –  Brain Chase gives students positive educational screen time that can fit into any schedule.
  • Premium Pricing: Alongside the regular pricing package of $199 for the first child, and $100 for each sibling, Brain Chase rolled out  Premium Price options that include a bunch of extras.  In comparison to the drop-in programs in our area, Brain Chase is reasonably priced – and you don’t have to worry about sticking to rigid schedules and lost funds for missing classes.

Brain Chase officially kicks off on June 22nd,  and our 7-year-old is incredibly excited to join in the hunt for actual buried treasure!

This post is sponsored by Brain Chase via the Motherhood.  Opinions, as always are my own. Thanks for reading!



  1. I just looked into this. I’m thinking about it, I guess it’s just hard to know If my kid will love it and want to carry on. Thanks for siting the times article. That helps.

  2. This one looks good. I need to plan something ASAP. My kids are done this week.

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