Please Touch The Art | A Brooklyn Art Installation

We had the best weekend celebrating our newly minted five-year-old, with positively glorious weather and non-stop adventuring.  After a bunch of rounds on Jane’s Carousel in Dumbo Brooklyn, we couldn’t wait to check out Danish contemporary artist Jeppe Hein’s newest exhibit, Please Touch The Art.

Hein currently has three interactive installations on display throughout Brooklyn Bridge Park – and the sprinkler-constructed Appearing Rooms is sure to be a summer favorite.

Appearing Rooms Please Touch The Artphoto(113)

Appearing Rooms is a systematically changing installation with walls of water that create rooms which appear and disappear. Visitors may move from space to space as the jets of water rise and fallvia Public Art Fund

Jeppe Hein Please Touch The ArtJepp Hein Appearing RoomsPlease Touch The Art Appearing Rooms Brooklyn Bridge Park

Everyone had a blast as the water in the “rooms” shot up and down! We were even lucky enough to catch a rainbow.  Check out this exhibit in Brooklyn Bridge Park until April 2016.



  1. congrats to your 5 year old beauty
    this waterpark looks amazing

  2. Must check this out ASAP!

  3. Who wouldn’t love to splash and play through those water rooms!? That really sounds like a fun way to spend a warm spring day!

  4. Wow–I hope you were able to feel some of that water spray as it has been really hot lately! I may just drive over to Brooklyn to witness this and maybe cool off a bit.

  5. This looks like so much fun…for the kids and mom and dad too, lol! I love NYC…I wish there was more going on in my city!

  6. I need to see this in person. Is it hard to find?

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