Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales

As soon as the characters hit the massive stage, at opening night of Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales, a chorus of children shouted for Micky Mouse. I watched little feet kicking with excitement in stadium chairs, and costume-clad arms raising up a sea of light up toys.  As special effects fired up the magical storybook – unfolding three classic fairy tails – the look on my children’s faces reminded me of why we adore Disney productions.


I think it’s impossible to not notice the collective energy of kids entranced in Disney magic.  They dance and sing to familiar songs and cheer along with their favorite characters.  Before the performance, my big girl adorned herself in a tattered nightgown, with a vintage shawl, and a half-broken floral crown that I made her years ago. And when she looked in the mirror, ever so pleased with herself – I was reminded of everything that I hope to preserve.  Disney shows give us the chance to celebrate childhood – even without a trip to the park.  We all  leave feeling happy – and imagine that that these sorts of experiences will live on in our children’s earliest memories.


In Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales, the time-honored tales of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella are told in ways that kept my 4 year-old-boy and 7 year-old-girl at the edges of their seats.  The audience is encouraged to participate, and the costumes, massive venue, and special effects make everything feel so grand and exciting.

If you’re thinking about a Disney Live or Disney On Ice Show for your family – we can’t encourage it enough.  We’re filled up with quintessential childhood magic every single time.  Look for tickets in your area here.

As brand ambassadors, my family received complimentary tickets.  Opinions, as always, are my own.



  1. we love disney movies, we just went to see Cinderella, will see the others as soon as they come out here

  2. We also love Disney moves but we’ve yet to see a who live! My kids would love this! I need to check out venues in and around our area to see if something is coming up!

  3. Awe that sounds so fun and entertaining! We have nothing like this entertainment wise where I live and I grew up doing theatre. I really want my kids to have an appreciation for it.

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