A Modern Day Superhero Birthday Bash

 This post is part of the #PartyReddi campaign sponsored by Reddi-wip.  Opinions, as always are my own.  Thanks for reading!

Our little guy is approaching his fifth birthday and desperately needs to know “HOW MANY MORE DAYS?!!!”. While one month may not be soon enough for him, I have enough time to plan his summer bash.  We’re all for simple and fun kids’ birthday parties – and in that spirit we styled a cool monochrome-themed birthday dessert bar, fit for the modern day superhero.


With a cost-conscious focus on minimal prep time,  I grabbed all of the food, toppings, Reddi-wip® and some needed supplies at our local Walmart.  Here’s how the desert bar was set-up in a hot-after-school-matter-of-minutes.

  • Go for individual cake bowls. In lieu of baking a birthday cake, serve mini strawberry angel food cake bowls.  Simply follow these easy steps:
  1. Prepare macerated strawberries by washing and slicing strawberries, and then sprinkling with sugar.  Cover in a bowl and refrigerate overnight.
  2. layer Reddi-wip, macerated strawberries, a slice of angel food cake and repeat.
  3. Celebrate with Reddi-wip by adding delicious dollops! Have fun helping the kids select toppings.
  • Go for premade! Picking up an angel food cake at the Walmart bakery cuts party prep time in half.  And right now, Walmart is offering a free smash cake with any bakery purchase of $14.98.

#partyreddi reddi-whip simple kids birthday party dessert bar

  • Serve no-fuss desserts.  In addition to the individual cakes – serve no fuss options like mini chilled chocolate milk jugs. Simply stick the milk in the freezer to chill a few minutes ahead of time for a frosty taste.  Also, go for options like pudding served in mini bowls.
  • Set up a toppings bar with options like blueberries, raspberries, granola, sprinkles and Reddi-wip.  Use this coupon to grab a $1.00 savings on any two Reddi-wip whipped topping products 6.5oz or larger with the purchase of fresh berries.
  • Personalize the party theme. Our little guy dreams of developing his own super powers!  Adding unique superhero masks to the dessert bar helps to pull the monochrome theme together.  And this age group will love morphing into superheroes while enjoying tasty treats!
  • Stick to the plan.  A fantastic budget friendly party is absolutely possible with the right preparations! Stick to your budget and enjoy the festivities and togetherness that will live on in your little ones’ memories.


This simple kids birthday bash is easy and fun with a Reddi-wip party staple offering more birthday party for less!  We like the fact that it’s a healthier alternative to the food-colored options typically served to this age group, and a delicious, creamy alternative to other oil-based toppings.  With real dairy cream as the #1 ingredient, it’s a great party treat – even when the kids are caught red handed!


WIN IT! We’re excited to offer one lucky reader a $50 Walmart gift card to get #PartyReddi for that spring or summer birthday bash!  To enter, simply visit the rafflecopter below.  US only and best of luck!

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  1. I usually pay someone else to host my parties but these ideas are just so cute that I could definitely pull it off!

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  3. Stephanie Phelps says

    Oh these are awesome and yes our kids parties usually consist of things we really do not want them to have. I love Reddi-wip. I will be using these ideas real soon at my 2 sons birthday parties!

  4. Tracey byram says

    I love throwing themed parties. Everyone’s favorite was my ’70s party.

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    • I like that the food is a big part of the decoration and color. So few added decorations are needed.

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  16. My kids are teenagers but I used to love having birthday parties for them when they were little.

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    The mini chilled chocolate milk jugs are just an awesome idea!! I will definitely be using that one for my boys’ parties.

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    Such A Fun Super Hero Party! And Great Tips!

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    Now that my son is grown, we are having more simple parties at home. I like no fuss ideas and options.

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    I love these tips & ideas so that everyone can enjoy! This would be a great way to celebrate the end of a very long, harsh winter for us here in the East!, and welcome the Spring!

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  235. Alicia Webster says

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    kport207 at gmail dot com

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  546. christine j says

    I love this party idea. How fun!


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