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This post is sponsored by Brain Chase via The Motherhood.  Opinions, as always are my own. Thanks for reading!

We’re big proponents of preserving our children’s unstructured play time – during the school year and throughout the fluid summer months.  We also understand that many kids lose academic ground over the summer.  Meshing magical childhood freedom with the sort of proper support to help our kids thrive academically, and as growing individuals can be challenging.

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Last summer, we put our soon to be second-grader in a supplemental summer math program.  It was a phenomenal experience, but with spontaneous plans and weekend getaways – we missed a bunch of sessions, resulting in a hefty loss of funds. That’s why we’re thrilled to be working with an exciting, online summer enrichment program called Brain ChaseThis flexible, five-week, summer learning challenge is suitable for grades 2 through 8 and has an incredibly fun and adventurous theme.  Think massive global treasure hunt powered by reading, writing and math.

Supplimental summer learning for kids

Brain Chase partners with resources that we know and trust including MyON Digital Library and Khan Academy.  As participants complete an hour of engaging online work each day, they unlock an original animated adventure series with puzzles and clues to uncover actual golden, buried treasure. The first child to identify the location of the treasure wins a trip with their family to dig it up – and reveal a $10,000 college scholarship.  Last year’s winner traveled to Spain!

Brain Chase online summer learning

Brain Chase is personalized and customized to every student’s academic level.  Participants even receive writing feedback from credentialed teachers.  Kids will love receiving adventure tools in the mail to help solve bonus challenges (check out the compass, seeds and decoder ring above!) alongside the fun and exciting curriculum.  The 2015 Brain Chase challenge is set to find the Sunstone of Cortés, a mysterious calendar stolen from the Aztec empire by Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortés in the 1500s.  Our second grader is pumped to participate this summer, and we’re thrilled that Brain Chase is extending a special 15% off discount code for readers of Marino Bambinos.  Enter MARINOBAMBINOS15 at checkout to claim this great offer!



  1. As a teacher (and a mom, of course) you know I LOVE this!!! The beginning of the school always seems to be a write-off because students tend to forget everything they’ve learned over the summer! I think it’s so refreshing that you feel it’s a necessity to continue to educate and stimulate your kids during the summer months!

  2. Couldn’t agree with Lisa more. Here in Trinidad, we only have two months of summer holidays, but those two months are crucial for little ones. When they return to us in September, it feels like they have taken a step back. We spend the first three months of the new school year going over work from the previous year. It would be beneficial to all if children kept some sort of study program during the holidays. It helps a great deal.

  3. This sounds like a really good alternative to a summer program where your child is required to physically attend. Summer is meant to have spontaneous and fun activities and it is kind of hard to do that if you are in a scheduled class.

  4. Hum–I wonder why children lose a bit of their prior knowledge over the summer break–could it be they are memorizing instead of truly learning? Whatever–I am glad there is something that they can enjoy while keeping their brains occupied.


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