Phone Juice on The Go {Giveaway}

I have a hard time deleting the monstrous amounts of everyday images on my phone. They string together like a silent family movie, and despite backing them up, I’m afraid that they’ll somehow become lost forever if I hit that trash button.  Most of us know what it’s like to suffer through a phone going dead during an important time – or even tap that blank screen in hopes of finding an ounce of juice left.

I’ve learned the importance of investing in a portable charger and rarely leave home without one.  PureGear recently sent me the PureGear Powerbank 10,000 mAh.  At $59.99 it’s $20 less than the external battery charger sold to me at my local Verizon, and it offers more than double the mAh.  With dual USB ports to accommodate charging two phones or 1 tablet for up to 40 additional hours of talk time.

I like the fact that it’s small enough to fit into the palm of my hand and powerful enough to get the job done efficiently.

phone charger phone charger

PureGear’s Powerbank 10,00 mAh has proven to be capable of firing up my drained phone a few times and even have juice left to share with my husband or a friend.  You’ll like the fact that it comes pre-charged, and the LED lights give an idea of how much power is left.  It’s a lifesaver for commuters and multi-tasking parents on the go like me!

Win It: We like PureGear’s Powerbank 10,000 mAh so much that we’ve teamed up with PureGear to give one away.  Simply enter via the rafflecopter below and the winner will be displayed on the widget next week.  Entry methods are verified –  Best of luck!

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  1. This sounds effective. I have can small one that hardly works.

    • teresa sulyok says

      I am looking for years for charger to fit my old Samsung cellphone that I adore and am not ready to replace yet.

  2. meghan bruce says

    I need this. my iphone always goes dead and I have no way to charge it.

  3. German Lopez says

    I love these things. So effective and handy. I have one that i keep in my car incase i need to charge my phone or tablet or whatever but i would love a second one for my office.

  4. This is so awesome – I need it in my life!

  5. CarolynH says

    It would be great to have this on hand when on the go.

  6. A must have, especially when you’re always on the go.

  7. Barbara gruner says

    This would be so awsome

  8. BillJude56 says

    The capacity and size seem ideal. Nice to have some extra oomph to recharge an additional device.

  9. Starla B says

    This seems like such a great product. I find myself keeping a low battery right when I need not to. This would be great especially with working two jobs and also being in school!

  10. What a great device. This would be so beneficial for our family with all of our devices.

  11. corinne watson says

    I love using these when I travel!

  12. Looks like it could charge both mine and my husband’s phones at once, which is good as I can think of several times we’ve been in that situation!

  13. I am SO in need of a portable charger- great to know about this brand, and on a purely superficial level, I love the way it looks, too! 🙂

  14. Gabrielle says

    This would be so very, very handy. It’s awful when the gadgets run out of gas!

  15. This is sure a great product, gotta have some spare when traveling

  16. michal kovac says

    Lately i have to recharge my phone 3 times a day (if possible) i recalibrated the battery,and using power saver mode,but it seems it is not helping,need a portable powerbank like this one,that is the way to go.I have heard about the PureGear brand before,and with 10k mah power, you can’t go wrong with that.Hope to win,thank you.

  17. Denise Elliott says

    I really need this with an 11,10,5 and 3 year old my phone is always dead in the car.

  18. This is an awesome giveaway, it would be extremely useful for my mobile devices! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  19. Thanks for this giveaway. These are really useful, my brother has one. I would love to get one for myself!

  20. Brigitte B says

    I enjoyed reading your very informative review. I think the PureGear’s Powerbank would make a good portable charger for my family.

  21. Denise Anderson says

    This would come in so handy with spring and summer storms coming!

  22. David Fellows says

    need this

  23. I would use this all the time since the kids’ run down my battery

  24. anthony ciofani says

    I need this. my galaxyalways goes dead and I have no way to charge it.

  25. Sara Theissen says

    Thank you for the giveaway! I would love to try this. It seems super handy.

  26. Dustin smith says

    This looks great. Very handy!

  27. Ken Haggerty says

    10,000 mAh is exactly the size I wish to have.

  28. I could really use one of these. It seems like it could really come in handy.

  29. I would love this for my phone and iPad mini, thanks for the chance.

  30. Carole Resnick says

    Thanks for the nice giveaway.

  31. Holly Thomas says

    I could use something like this, it is nearly impossible to keep track of all the chargers!

  32. Hargow Wong says

    How did they pack so much in such small package? Plus it can charge 2 devices at the same time. Great product.

  33. Colleen Maurina a says

    we are always on the go and traveling. This would be wonderful for a very frequent problem of running out of batteries!

  34. Benjamin Kendall says

    more chargers around the house means we can leave our gadgets anywhere in the home

  35. Rachel Mauffray says

    With all of my daughter’s devices this external charger would be a huge help.

  36. I’ve been looking at chargers and just have made the plunge to buy one as I’d like a good one with a fairly low cost. I just have one phone. This looks like a great option.

  37. Linda Kish says

    I was on my tablet last night and discovered (when I was done) that it was too. This would have been handy if I would have needed to do more.

  38. Michelle K says

    This would be really handy

  39. sara hauser says

    This sounds like an awesome device–would love to win or I’ll have to save my money and purchase.

  40. Elizabeth Curry says

    I am on my phone all day for work so I truly need this please!

  41. Brandon Overton says

    This is great! Love that it can charge multiple devices as well. So useful!

  42. Laurie F says

    I would really love to have this

  43. heather eg kaufman says

    This would be great for my husband on his deployment.

  44. velder dixon says

    nice product

  45. This is exactly what I need. I had a similar product but it was heavy and bulky. I would love to carry this small charger around with me.

  46. Cassie Korando says

    I’m always looking for an easy and effective way to charge my phone on the go. I use it so much the battery drains quickly.

  47. If I were to get something like this everyone would want to use it in my family.

  48. I like that it can charge more than one phone. This would be great for camping.

  49. Ive done tons of research on this charger, there is really no other like it . Definitely on my wishlist

  50. My mom truly needs this charger because her phone is never charged.

  51. Very nice! I could really use one of these.

  52. Vicky Watkins says

    This device would make things so much easier

  53. Heather Stokes says

    I’m looking for an extra one to take to Disney.

  54. Marilyn Nawara says

    This is exactly what I need — I am always forgetting to charge up my phone, camera etc…

  55. really nice definite keeper, could use

  56. Very portable and convenient.

  57. Daniel G. says

    I love powerbanks, they make amazing gifts

  58. Carolsue says

    Wow, I could SO use this! I have two ipads and an iPhone that constantly need charging! This would be so convenient!

  59. Faye Boss says

    looks like and sounds like a great product

  60. Jenny Shirin says

    Would love one, great idea. Nice to have if power ever goes out and you need to charge your device

  61. This is perfect for road trips or traveling !

  62. Laura Ari says

    These chargers are great, especially for my kids who always forget to charge their phones!!

  63. Sharon Kaminski says

    I like the idea that the puregear external charger comes pre-charged, and the LED lights give an idea of how much power is left.

  64. My charger is not as good as this one.

  65. Darlene Carbajal says

    I would take this with me everywhere. I can charge my iPad and phone in an instant!

  66. Pamela Sloss says

    These make using my phone a little bit less stressful. Always have a Plan B!!

  67. I’d be able to stop having to sit in the halls to charge my phone while at school

  68. Ria Andrews says

    Would love to win this for my hubby, thanks for the chance 🙂

  69. Thank you for the giveaway! We regularly attend trade shows so having something like this to keep our phone from dying would be fantastic!!

  70. Karla Sceviour says

    Sounds awesome,chargers and powerbanks are always great to have!

  71. Marlene V (Enelram) says

    I would really love this for when we go camping.

  72. This would be awesome for travel and for charging camera batteries on the go.

  73. Aline Boutz says

    A portable charge would be AWESOME!!!

  74. stacey s says

    This would be so helpful in my everyday charging needs!

  75. Lori Bazan says

    PureGear’s Powerbank sounds like a fantastic portable charger which would be so appreciated as my phone always dies in the car on me!

  76. kathy decicco says

    This is a great prize! I could really use it ( unless my daughter hijacks it, like she does all neat things I get. Thinks I’m too old and dumb for tech things!)

  77. This would be so perfect for traveling and camping.

  78. Nancy Marcho says

    I could use several to keep in a few different places.

  79. Kelsea Nixon says

    I need this for traveling so bad!

  80. JANY FRY says

    This would be so useful during the day.

  81. This would be so useful for traveling, especially on long car trips!

  82. Mary Pitman says

    A great thing to have when you are on the go and forgot to charge your phone or tablet.

  83. I need something like this because I always run out of charge when I’m out somewhere.

  84. I would love to win this, my phone battery is always very low! 😀

  85. Sandy Bonesteel says

    This would be really helpful for my husband and me.

  86. It would certainly come in handy

  87. With three teenage daughters and a husband, we are desperate to win this! 😉

  88. I have a small, and not very powerful one. Could definitely use a better one

  89. so cool to live with all of this. Our Grandchildren know more about this
    than us. Thanks for a sweet web page and sweeps !

  90. It sure would be nice to be able to charge more than one device for a change!

  91. I could really use this; I travel a lot for work and with my iPhone, iPad and multiple other devices I am always running out of power. Or stuck sitting on the airport terminal floor looking like a dork, plugged into a wall somewhere. This would be perfect.

  92. Can always use more power!

  93. allyson tice says

    this is awesome! we always have a phone in need of charging and nor enough chargers! this would be awesome to own!

  94. Wow, what a great product. My husband and I are always traveling in the car and listening to music on our iPhone. The battery is constantly dying! It’s so annoying; I need this!

  95. Dumitrache Jenica says

    This would be awesome for travel and for charging camera batteries on the go.

  96. So handy , the capacity would surely do for me and plus 2 USB ports ,great!

  97. DANIEL REED says

    Would l,ove having the security of this back up power source.

  98. Awesome looking unit!

  99. John Sweeney says


  100. D.Johnson says

    I would love to win this giveaway,nice prizes.

  101. Soha MOlina says

    It is nice that it comes in pre-charged.

  102. Need it for travelling.

  103. Mary Lynn Hayes says

    I have a smaller charger that works OK, this one would be great.

  104. roger simmons says

    I would love to win this. I drive a truck and I always need to charge my phone and my iPad

  105. aarone mawdsley says

    i would love to win this! it would come in so very handy!

  106. keith james says

    Thanks Again.

  107. I wish I had invented these portable chargers!

  108. VC Nguyen says

    That’s a sleek design for a power bank.

  109. Karen G. says

    Lost my car charger. This would be perfect!

  110. Sauroun Mak says

    Nice prize!

  111. 10,000 MAh is a good size charger.

  112. Kermit Crissey says

    This would make my life much more simpler.

  113. Sounds like a handy little device to have for those emergency situations that may arise. Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful prize!

  114. Gail Rosenstrom says

    My family could definitely use one of these! It never fails that we are out and someones device goes dead! Thank you for the great giveaway

  115. This would be perfect for work. Never have an open plug available when you need it.

  116. Jessica Rose says

    This sounds so convenient! I hate having dead batteries when Im out and can’t get to a wall charger.

  117. colleen lonh says

    this would be so useful for my boyfriend and I

  118. this would be awesome to have, especially when you’re out for long periods and always paranoid your phone will die!

  119. This is a great prize. It would really come in handy on trips out of town.

  120. Victor Galbraith says

    It’s about time 🙂

  121. Debbie E Johnson says

    I need one of these. Thanks for the chance to win.

  122. heather crowder says

    I could really use a backup charger. It’s so frustrating when your on the go an need to charge your device. Nothing like frantically looking for an outlet to use been there done that

  123. Geralyn Janczak says

    this would be very helpful

  124. Richard Martin says

    I need this my phone never holds a charge.

  125. Bill Ryan says

    This would be so good when travelling

  126. I would love to carry this small charger around with me for my phone

  127. peggy greco says

    This powerful charger would be a big help charging phones/tablets. Thanks for very good, useful giveaway!

  128. Nariman Nazirov says

    This is what you need to save my energy. Good luck to all.

  129. stephanie collucci says

    what an amazing and generous offer thanks soo much for the chance to win good luck to everyone 🙂 WOOOT WOOT

  130. ebony hocutt says

    this would be great if the power was to go out

  131. mintpearls says

    Would love to win this! My iphone seems to always be dead. Thanks for the chance!

  132. Matthew Saunders says

    Definitely a very useful prize!

  133. Sian-Hoe Cheong says

    I travel a lot with my phone so this would be really useful!

  134. With the world becoming so mobile, power banks have become almost essential!

  135. stephanie macdonald says

    when you’re always on the go this is needed

  136. Justin James says


  137. Philip Nguyen says

    I didn’t hear about the PureGear brand before but it looks great!

  138. Vanessa Dalton says

    This would be so helpful to my family with having multiple things that has an internal battery

  139. I would love one of these for my old iPad! I could keep it on me rather than charge it in the car when need! 😉

  140. I use my phone for EVERYTHING and always panic when the low battery screen pops up! This would be a great item to have in my purse lol

  141. Cheryl Rahkonen says

    I would use this to keep my phone charged to record the ATV races that my grandson particpates in. My phone always goes dead in the middle of a race and I can never record the whole event. This would be invaluable for me.

  142. Seyma Shabbir says

    This would be great for when we are traveling! Great for keeping our iphone, ipads, etc charged up for photos!

  143. Candice N says

    This would be great for all out outings with Cub Scouts so my husband can keep in touch with the other parents.

  144. Su Yin Lim says

    With 10,000 mAh, that’s pretty good capacity for a Power Bank.

  145. amy williams says

    I would love this everyone in my house always needs something charged!

  146. Mao Nguyen says

    This is a great and useful prize to win!

  147. Raymond Lee says

    I like the design of this PureGear power bank!

  148. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    We definitely need TWO of these wonderful gadget ~ and frankly – just about everyone I know would love one of these. Frankly, they would make a great gift. Just make sure the packaging is gift-giving friendly (attractive and easy to wrap.)

  149. Erwin Ketterer says

    I’ve got an iPad, an iPhone and an iPod Touch. This would be perfect for me.

  150. This is a great item to have and I think my husband could really use it

  151. Mark Saunders says

    This seems to be a straightforward product that even I could use!

  152. Rebecca Nguyen says

    With this PureGear power bank, I’d worry so much less about my phone running out of battery!

  153. Kenny Wong says

    Thanks for the contest. It’s a useful prize.

  154. adrienne z says

    my sons would be fighting over this. they have smartphones and tablets and I don’t so I would give it to them

  155. Anh Nguyen says

    Looks like a top notch Power Bank with a lot of capacity!

  156. Farrah Fossey says

    Fingers crossed! Would love to win this.

  157. Raine Yeung says

    Nice! I have a ton of mobile devices that I can use this power bank with.

  158. This is going to be perfect for all the people living here.thanks so very much for sharing.

  159. Kim Heintz says

    This is a really cool prize and product. I can’t tell you how often my cell phone dies… this would be so handy!

  160. Cheryl Larimer says

    We have been looking for something to bring on our long motorcycle trips and this looks like a good solution. We listen to music and sometimes use GPS function that saps the energy fast. This looks small and convenient to keep our phones alive.

  161. Mary Songer says

    These are so useful. My husband has one and now I want one for me!

  162. Hilary Gerten says

    This would be so helpful 🙂

  163. This sounds like a handy gadget to have

  164. need for when the power goes out

  165. I love taking pictures but it kills my battery. This would be so useful.

  166. Birdiebee says

    Wow, our family sure could use this gadget as we have so many electronic devices.

  167. anyone with kids needs this! 🙂

  168. love to win this – an absolute “MUST HAVE” in this HI tech world

  169. leticia zepeda says

    Id love this for my daughters iphone, in fact she needs something like this for emergencies.

  170. Lacey Schubert says

    This is useful in the car with kids needing to charge their iPads constantly.

  171. erik bryant says

    id give this to my girls so they can charge their phones up while camping

  172. Amelia Swank says

    These things make great gifts. All your recipients would likely be able to really use one of these!

  173. Beth Wright says

    I could really use this.

  174. Beth Hill says

    My teenage son would love to have one of these for his samsung phone. His phone sometimes is dead from it roaming while in school all day.

  175. Such a great little gadget — especially when traveling!

  176. Alexander van Citters says

    Lovely powerbank!

  177. This would be so cool.

  178. Jill Rivera says

    Nothing is worst then a dead cell phone in an emergency.

  179. This would be a lifesaver to have away from home.

  180. Thanks for the giveaway

  181. handy

  182. Brenda Penton says

    Thanks for the giveaway. This would be perfect for keeping in my car for charging my phone

  183. Julie Waldron says

    I like the fact that you can charge two phones at once.

  184. Just what I need for some portable electronics projects I’m working on!

  185. Thomas Robson says

    I’m always running out of battery on the go, but its difficult to bakance value with performance with these things 🙁

  186. J Richards says

    This would be really useful when traveling!

  187. This would be wonderful for traveling. No worries.

  188. My husband would find this so useful

  189. Denise Malia says

    I’ve already needed something like this more than once and this would have really helped out when I needed it!

  190. Jennifer Herman says

    I would love to win this! I could really use it.

  191. Great for emergencies!

  192. The power bank i have is pretty good. Its a 9000 mAH trident with 2 usb port and a charger.

  193. philip halter says

    great prize very usefull

  194. This would come in so handy. It would give a lot more talk time

  195. james jenkins says

    I face absolute out-the-door times and nothing is so frustrating as finding that some vital device is running on empty at that time; this will let me charge-up as I run to my stop!

  196. Shakeia Rieux says

    I would love to have this because I have too many things that needs to be charged and I don’t have a charger for them all,this would really come in handy

  197. Leah Shumack says

    I’m slowly realizing that I need a charger like this and not my car charger for a backup!

  198. Oooo my husband needs this!

  199. Emma Sumi says

    What a great prize and sleek design!

  200. I love that the capacity of this power bank is 10,000mAh. That’s a lot of charge!

  201. Katriona Yang says

    10,000 mAh – that could charge my Galaxy several times!

  202. shea balentine says

    This is great! And with all the many gadgets we have in our house, this would be nice to have on hand!

  203. Shad Wanless says

    This is Ti*S

  204. this would be awesome when im on the go !

  205. John Herman says

    What an awesome device! This would be perfect for road trips!

  206. great device

  207. Melissa Mazzur says

    My family is constantly complaining because my phone is dead. This would keep me out of the doghouse!

  208. Brian Vent says

    My whole family could use this.

  209. I would love to take one of these with me when I travel.

  210. Would be nice to have a portable back up.

  211. Angela Cash says

    I generally keep my tablet and phone with me when I am away from home. I like that this Powerbank has dual USB ports so that I can charge both.

  212. Joe cormier says

    Looks great! I’d love to charge on the go as I play Ingress.

  213. Patrick Morgan says

    big things comes in small packages

  214. Kelley Moore says

    would love to have my cell is used so much for everything it always runs out when I don’t have my charger

  215. Nice Charger, good for on the go.

  216. Melinda Stephens says

    I am always running out of battery, but i end up having to take two or three chargers when I know I will be gone all day. I would love to have something that lasted all day.

  217. This would be awesome when we go camping

  218. Giselle Cobb says

    We are stationed in a base where at least a 2 hour drive is needed for any form of civilization. This would definitely come in handy to be able to keep the kindles and phone charged on and during our trips.

    Thank you for the opportunity

  219. This seems like it would be a very good investment.

  220. I’d love to have this on the go.

  221. james jenkins says

    Nothing worse than racing out the door and discovering some vital gadget is drained; this cures that woe!

  222. This would be great! I go on two hour walks using an app that uses GPS, so my battery goes south fast! If I could bring this along, I would be able to extend my walk. 🙂

  223. Javier Ruiz says

    I like how they can fit 10,000mAh of juice into that nice form factor!

  224. Annis Polley says

    Looks like the size of an iPhone so it’ll be easy to carry about in my pockets.

  225. Terry Cover says

    This charger appears to be able to take care of my needs here.

  226. Thanks for the chance to win!

  227. A friend introduced me to these the other day, and I’d love to have one of my own!

  228. Ron Miller says

    Wife desperately needs this… I’d throw it in her Easter basket under the grass!

  229. Laurie Strebe says

    I can’t count how many times this would have come in handy in the past. Great device!!!

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