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With a moderate obsession of all things ’80s pop culture, I’m usually pretty fascinated with the reinvention of things reminiscent of my childhood.

Simon game 80s memory gamesource

So when Skechers sent our little guy their latest invention – an electronic sneaker with a fully-functional, interactive game feature stitched to the side – the whole family was pinning for turns to play.

skechers simon game kicks sneaker

The Skechers Boys’ Damager Game Kicks’ Simon-like memory game, flashes lights and actually sounds just like I remember.

Skechers game shoe

It’s been built in memory-matching entertainment while waiting at the bus stop, or schlepping (and waiting) at big sister’s after school activities.  Equipped with 68,000 different possible combinations – and described by my four-year-old as the coolest thing ever.

skechers game kicks memory

Yes – there’s a girls’ version and a mute button too.



  1. The shoe that will occupy a child anytime 🙂 Love it so much

  2. Omg…SIMON! I used to LOVE that!! Holy flashback! Those shoes are awesome too…cute and fun for kids!

  3. This is so cool! I’m obsessed w 80/90s pop culture too, I bought him the new Simon for Christmas I may or May not have played more than him lol

  4. My friends and family have always said that I should have been a teenager in the 80’s. I am pretty much obsessed with the 80’s. The music, the way of life, the dress…and yes, the gadgets. Loved Simon as well. I remember spending hours trying to ‘beat’ it. LOL Ah..the memories. 🙂

  5. My son is 8 and a size 4.5. He is at the perfect age for these sneakers and they don’t make them in his size. I can’t tell you how disappointed he was about not being able to get them. Yet I can get them for a toddler that does not have the motor skills to even play the game. I feel that they targeted the wrong market. They should have started at size 1-10.

    • Hi Beverly – So sorry to hear that they aren’t available in your son’s size! I think that your feedback is helpful and I hope that you received my email with info from Skechers customer service.


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