On Not Giving Up – Lessons In Motherhood

She barrels into the indoor gym, slapping her legs, bolting forward with a look of determination.  Sometimes, her nervousness is palpable. Manifested in the flip of her braids, the tug of her jersey. Tell-tale mannerisms that only a mother would know.  She’s the only girl at Saturday soccer.

And she never gives up.

What my daughter taught me about not giving up

Even if she rarely has a go at the ball, she runs and gives her all.  Flushed cheeks, dramatically squirting her waterbottle over her head during breaks – always excited to return the following week.

This sort of 7-year-old determination makes me think about my own metaphorical playing field, and the countless times that I’ve been complacent, paralyzed or held-back in some way.  She has no idea that she’s made me revisit the words strewn in draft form that weren’t quite good enough. Questioning my recent risk-taking or lack thereof.

Only time will tell if this sport will stick.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to cheer inwardly and from the sidelines for my girl.  And as of now – it looks like she’ll continue to show up and bring her best.



  1. Fantastic! You just have to learn from and love children for their determination and willingness to learn.

  2. I love that girls can now play the sports that in my day were only for the boys–and I mean only!

  3. I love her determination! I hope she keeps that through her entire life! Good luck with soccer this year 🙂

  4. I love that your daughter is the only girl at Saturday soccer. I love her determination and wish her nothing but the best and lots of fun!

  5. I hope this is something she will always remember. She is already pushing through barriers. Hopefully, other moms will see and their daughters will become interested, too.

  6. What a determined and strong girl you have!! I think that’s amazing how she continues on and perseveres…that’s such a great quality to have. You’ve taught her well 😉

  7. My middle daughter is just like this. I wish I had just an ounce of her determination.

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