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Give her some homemade goodness this Valentine’s Day! Our DIY felt heart necklaces are super easy to make and are a great basic sewing project to work on with kids.


Just gather some ribbons or trimmings, felt, stuffing, and basic sewing supplies.

felt valentines day necklace


  • Sketch heart patterns in various sizes.  Trace the hearts on felt and cut out pairs. I prefer small teeth pinking shears.
  • Cut ribbon to desired necklace length and stitch both ends to the inside of one heart.
  • Sandwich both hearts in between a bit of stuffing to form a mini heart pillow.  Be sure to conceal the stitched ribbon-ends on the inside and pin together.
  • Sew your mini heart pillow shut with contrasting thread.  I love the look of a hand-stitch for this project – but if pressed for time whip em’ out on your machine.

How to make felt heart necklaces

Get the kiddos involved! Our newly minted 7-year old felt pretty amazing about threading a needle on her first try.  Guess who made her thread all subsequent needles?!

sewing project for kids

Those blue-chipped fingers were hard at work mastering the mini pillow.  She got the hang of it after practicing stitch position on heart pillows that I sewed for her as guides.

teaching kids how to sew

How sweet is little piggy’s bed? Handmade by a proud second grader.

red felt heart

Don’t forget to fill your hearts up with hand-blown kisses before you sew them shut!

DIY felt heart necklace

So she can keep her mama love close to her heart all day long.

felt heart necklaces DIYheart necklace how to



  1. Adore these! Definitely making them with my kids. Thank you. Pinned and shared

  2. These necklaces are adorable and not all that difficult to make. Can I borrow your daughter to thread the needle (only kidding)-My eyesight is not what it used to be!

  3. How precious! If I could get the parents to assist, I’d so love to do something like this with my class. The little pillow is just adorable.

  4. These are so adorable and I love that your daughter made that pillow herself! You have such brilliant ideas when it comes to do-it-yourself articles of clothing!!

  5. These necklaces look so sweet! And they’re so perfect for kids.

  6. Oh Monica what a sweet post. You’re so creative and so patient …your little girl is going to have such amazing memories. Well actually both of them are.

  7. Perfect timing as we are preparing our Valentines inspired crafts. These are cute!

  8. So fun and so cute. Kiddo would love to make these as she is really into hand sewing projects. We have a lot of leftover pieces that would work great for this project.

  9. LOVE this!! Just pinned it!

  10. awww – I love! I like making anything with hearts, and this is a good beginner project, and it is something kids would like to use!

  11. Lisa Brown says

    Aw, love the hearts. The little piggy is so darling and yes, it is the perfect piggy bed.

  12. Barbara Montag says

    I like this post!
    Great things to do when the grand kids visit.
    thank you

  13. These DIY Heart Necklaces are really cute. This would be a fun make and take activity for a slumber party or a small group birthday party.

  14. Sally Wilsey says

    What a great way to start a child on the love of sewing. My granddaughter is just turning 6 and wants to learn to sew like Gramma. I am going to start her out with this.

  15. I love the heart necklaces. It helps children express their creativity, they learn how to do hands on projects.

  16. What cute necklaces. These are absolutely adorable!

  17. Julie Waldron says

    This looks like a fun & cute project! My girls would’ve loved it when they were younger.

  18. Karen Propes says

    I came across these necklaces and they are great. I can’t wait to get the materials together so my Granddaughter can share with her friends next time I visit and help them. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Tandi Cortez says

    These are so adorable! My daughter and I would have fun making these!

  20. Laurie Nykaza says

    These necklaces are so cute and such great projects for kids in teaching them how to sew too.


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