Holiday Experiences and Savings {Cricket Wireless Giveaway}

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Cricket Wireless and Latina Bloggers Connect.  Opinions as always are my own.

New York City at Christmastime is a dream.  Little ones stare in wonder at twinkling lights, elaborate window displays and special productions. The overall holiday goodness injects the city with a specific sort of magic that I imagine my kiddos will always remember.  With two believers at home, we’re determined to take in as much as possible.

Barneys-BazDazzled-BazLuhrman-Holiday-Window-NYCRadio City Music Hall

That said; December can bring a financial strain on families – even while being cognizant of spending. In our family, we don’t let the kiddo-gifting get out of control, but we do like to focus on the family experience that will someday fill-up childhood memories.  Below are a few of our Holiday saving tips:

  • Set Spending Limits With Family: A huge part of the Holiday magic is gifting to the little ones. It’s helpful to sent spending limits that everyone is comfortable with – especially in large families.
  • Gift Homemade: Homemade gifts are doused in love and thoughtfulness.  Whip up those special recipes and homemade projects – and get crafty with child-made art and gift wrapping.
  • Develop a Budget: Develop a budget that is right for your family and stick to it.

The Holiday season is also a great time to actively seek out the incredible deals that pop up during this time of year.  Cricket Wireless has an amazing line-up of devices and plans to make keeping in touch with loved ones affordable.  Check out Cricket’s Holiday Promotions here – with plans starting as low as $35.

Saving in one area allows us to grab extra ornaments from the giving tree at church to donate toys to local families in need.  It’s a great way to tangibly teach children about the spirit of giving to others and a meaningful part of our Holidays.  Holiday savings also allows us to focus on the family experiences that make Christmastime so incredible.

tree farm

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Stay in touch with Cricket Wireless on Facebook and Twitter.  We hope your holidays are beautiful!



  1. Suzanne Robinson says

    Take my daughter some where fun!

  2. Lilia Kharabora says

    Def use it on my family. 🙂 Due with a baby any day and savings I could really use!!

  3. Put it away for a rainy day and do something together as a family, maybe a trip to the movies, or roller skating or just a nice lunch out!

  4. I would treat myself to a spa day!

  5. Aerabella Marie says

    Buy blanket to donate

  6. I think I might do some home remodeling.. I would love a new rug and Dyl would love some new paintings!

  7. Shirley Martinez says

    I’d use my savings to create a rainy day fund.

  8. I would continue to save my savings for a rainy day.

  9. I would continue to save my savings for a rainy day

  10. Cherie Sward says

    With the savings I could get off my ex’s buddy plan!

  11. Buy some Christmas presents! Would be nice!

  12. tammy kratzer says

    Buy new tires for my car.

  13. Brandon Richter says

    Christmas Present for my sister!

  14. Anitha Kuppuswamy says

    Buy some books and clothes for my family who is in India!

  15. Buy a gift for someone I usually don’t gv a gift to!

  16. I know it sounds hokey, but I would send gifts to some friends in need.

  17. buy some new athletic shoes and clothes.

  18. I would make a fancy dinner!

  19. Saving up for a family cruise. We’re a total of six and a cruise is beyond expensive. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime trip, well worth the price.

  20. Annmarie W. says

    I’d put our savings towards our 2015 vacation expenses!

  21. Save so i can take my kids to Disney World!

  22. I would probably buy stuff from the thrift store. 😀

  23. Danielle Porter says

    I would keep the savings in savings! 🙂 Ours is getting pretty low. 🙁

  24. Angela Simmons says

    buy some stuff for my husbands care package he is deployed right now. I would also keep the smart phone myself because Im the only one in the house without a cellphone. I work at home so i felt like i didn’t need one but now that my husband is away I need one in case im out running errands. Thanks for the opportunity

  25. Nicole Tackett says

    I would use it to buy food for a homeless shelter

  26. Jodi Kershuk says

    We will take the kids to have some fun.

  27. I have a big birthday coming up so I’d use it to get together with my loved ones to celebrate!

  28. Nicole Huckins says

    Enroll my daughter in her first gymnastics class that she been wanting for so long.

  29. JD Northwest says

    Buy a nice case and take it for a nice lunch. 🙂

  30. I would take my kids for a day out.

  31. Gabrielle W. says

    Buy family gifts

  32. I’d stash it right back into my savings account.

  33. Ghassan Alsaleh says

    Buy some winter clothes

  34. Melissa George says

    with my savings i would save more and more so that some day i can retire and have a relaxed lifestyle.

  35. Elizabeth Higbie says

    This would be a blessing to receive. Ty for the chance to win

  36. I’d treat myself to a special day with a hair stylist, then get a massage 🙂

  37. CARMEN NAVAR says

    I would probably buy stuff for our new house 😀

  38. I would get my daughter glasses

  39. judy maharrey says

    I would save it for emergencies.

  40. Tiffany Steele says

    get a massage!

  41. Molly Hearn says

    pay a bill…lol

  42. I would be so grateful – buy the family something special for holidays

  43. Lil’ winter vacation!

  44. Yovanna Guerra says

    Buy gifts for my family and maybe save a little more for the future

  45. Nicole Dziedzic says

    I would use the savings to take a day for myself and go to the spa for a manicure & massage.

  46. I would save it for the next good buy or sale.

  47. I’d pay off some Christmas bills.

  48. I would save it for a rainy day! Pay some bills down!

  49. rainy day

  50. Put it in the bank for later.

  51. It would go towards bills and school supplies.

  52. Bridgett Wilbur says

    I would buy stocking stuffers and I still need to get a ham.

  53. I would def get my mom something!

  54. Give this to my 14 yr old daughter and savings would buy my other kids presents!!♥♥♥♥

  55. eyshon salahuddin says

    More pocket money

  56. pay utilities

  57. I’d spay a few more of the neighborhood stray cats.

  58. Colleen Boudreau says

    I would buy new shoes.

  59. i would use the money saved on xmas gifts! every little bit helps this time of year!

  60. I would like to say I would save it, but might not workout.

  61. I wish my savings continue caring for the month of January is always lower cash inflows

  62. give to my beautiful wife

  63. Daniela Tapia says

    Extra money sounds good, would save it in our piggy bank !

  64. I would use it toward a plane ticket for my daughter to come home from college.

  65. Save it for a trip with my family.

  66. I adore your pics. That last one made me smile. I would love to be there in that snow with L and A. 🙂

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