Disney Kids Preschool Playdate

I’ve previously mentioned that if each stage of littlehood weren’t so exciting and new, I’d feel paralyzed in the babyhood and toddlerhood left behind.  My goodness, how our little people change and become their own in their brilliant ideas, play and specific interests.  And I suppose that I never anticipated how poignant pre-school would be for my sweet son.  He forged true friendships, proudly scribbled his name and colored with passion.  He developed first best friends who appeared in nearly every single hand-sketched family-portrait.  It was heartwarming to see these new connections and important people come into his world.  He even stepped out of his big sister’s shadows – trading in his adoration of Disney Princesses for characters like Buzz and Jake.

My sweet little boy inspired a homemade costume.  I can’t even begin to count the amount of times that he slept in his beloved Jake vest.  And I’ll never forget his concern when a shinny gold button felt off, despite my reassuring promises to simply sew it back on.

jake costumeView my DIY Jake costume tutorial here.

Naturally, I was thrilled to host a Dinsey preschool playdate. We had great fun at our previous Disney Side party, and couldn’t wait to celebrate our amazing boy and the friends that are so special to him – with the excitement of a Jake and the Never Land Pirates themed box of goodies from Disney.

Last Saturday, we had a magnificent group of four-year-olds and their mamas come over.  Although I had plans of crafty and baking goodness – preparations shifted as they sometimes do.   I ventured on a press trip to LA involving Disney’s Frozen; we hosted Thanksgiving;  friends came to visit, mama got sick and so much more!  But there is always a lesson in the unexpected, and the great box of Disney goodies provided a perfect little party, without striving to be the Pinterest valedictorian!  The setting was fun with Jake themed supplies, yummy snacks, pizza, salad, and a Jake boat filled with veggies.  I set up a side of the table for the mamas with great supplies from Cheeky. The fun blue chevron coordinated perfectly, and we love that every Cheeky purchase donates a meal to someone who needs it in the U.S. Amazing – right?

Disney Preschool Playdate

Our Disney Preschool playdate was great fun – and preschoolers always have a way of organizing themselves!  The Kinetic sand was a tremendous hit – as were the activities covering the floors with toys, Disney matching games, and themed coloring pages. And when everyone decided to hide under the Christmas tree we suggested testing out the LeapFrog Leap TV.  The Jake Leap TV game was a massive hit!

preschool party games

Naturally we swapped Disney stories – and the big guy declared that he was now tall enough to hop on the rides with his big sister.  Mamas left with travel tags and Disney parks info and hopefully full bellies too!

I’m so happy for our little guy and am committed to bringing the entire gaggle of preschoolers over more often. For amazing party inspiration check out Disney Side Celebrations and also view other parties on social media with the hashtag #DisneyKids.

Special thanks to Disney for having us host and for the fun box of party supplies.



  1. Hurrah for Disney parties! Sorry to hear you got sick for a bit. That doesn’t put a snag in things, always. Looks like everything turned out wonderful just the same. And LOL at the diversion away from hiding under the tree (smart thinking). 😉

    • I meant to say that ‘does’ put a snag in things always. Sheesh, never mind me. 😉

      • It was super fun for the kiddos and I suppose important for me to remember that fun supplies, pre-packaged supplies and pizza alone can be perfect! And yes – I tried to ignore being sick for as long as possible – but it doesn’t always work out that way!! 🙂

  2. Looks so fun! We just got some Kinetic sand and I never thought about doing buried treasure in it (brilliant)!

    • The Kinetic sand is a favorite among the kiddos. Even the big ones. I think it’s therapeutic and absolutely brilliant that it doesn’t dry out!

  3. You make a valid point. Kids are happy to be together and themed favors can make things really fun without going all out and being wasteful. Great party!

  4. What a fun day! I remember when Adrian was a wee little one sporting two different shoes and going with you to pick up his sister from pre-school. Now the little guy is having his own themed parties and graduating from nursery. How time flies!

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