Homemade Holiday

I want my kids to always believe in the value of homemade and see the meaning in the art and trinkets that they create for others.  I’m clearly colored by the things made by my own mother’s hands.  Memories of the hum of her sewing machine, the homemade bread for neighbors, and the crafts and goodness overflowing in her kitchen are a part of my forever holiday story.

And so we make things together, and year after year, there is so much joy in giving to others while finding a bit of my own peace in the creative process. We make mountains of fudge to give to our neighbors, and my husband has proven to be the gingerbread house-assisting master.  And the unboxing of our homemade Christmas always has a way of transporting me back in time.  My homemade stockings mark baby Adrian’s first Christmas, and the re-purposed clothes for the kiddos are among the special things to be saved.

ginger bread house making

It’s lovely to give gifts that spark creativity and Jo-Ann Fabric recently sent me some goodies to get excited about Holiday baking.  They packed it all in one of their special totes – currently only $9.99 with a minimum $30 in-store purchase.  With long straps and a zipper. I’ll definitely use it to deliver our homemade goodies to the neighbors and school.  Don’t forget to pick one up with your holiday supplies and fill with crafty goodness to gift to a friend!

JoAnn Fabric Bag with Purchase

Special thanks to Jo-Ann Fabric for sponsoring this post. Opinions as always are my own.




  1. Homemade is one of my favorite things about the holiday. I can’t wait to start crafting and sewing for Christmas.

  2. I love home made gifts, they are the ones that my mom has tucked away from me in kindergarten 25 years later, those ones our poor teachers spent countless hours trying to make it readable for our parents, I want to have Brooke’s home made gifts when she is 25, 30 etc!
    They find a lasting place in the heart

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