Tangible Ties to The Past & Photography Tips for Parents

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It’s amazing how photography has the power to bring us back, even momentarily.  Through images, I can recall my Aunt Nina’s violet perfume.  I can feel my father’s embrace upon returning home from work.  And I’m able to hear my mother murmur “mi amor, mi vida, mi ceilo, mi corazón ” over and over and over again while cradled in her arms.

A photograph can evoke the feeling of pulling my babies up to my chest for the first time.  Vividly recalling those two moments of time being wrapped in the most overwhelming sense of joy.

born a mother every mother counts #Every2

As cliché as it sounds – childhood is indeed fleeting.  So I photograph and document with passion and determination – because these small vignettes with tangible ties to the past have the incredible power of allowing us to revisit what once was.

And relish in the beauty of all that has followed.

I’m by no means a photography expert. I’m simply a mama behind a lens with a creative interest fueled by my loves – and a passion to documenting the everyday in the most organic way possible.  Here are a few of my top photography tips for parents:

  • Parents – Get In Those Photos!  Pregnancy and parenthood come with a whirlwind of change – and sometimes being photographed is not on the agenda. Belly photos turn into incredible pieces of history as little ones grow, as do photographs of those special early days of bonding with baby.

photo 2(8)

  •  Capture the details.  Document the natural fetal curl that newborns have during the first two weeks.  Capture the dimples and those sweet napping faces.  Encapsulate the memory of a tiny hand wrapped around your finger.  And don’t forget the sweet feet. How yummy are my nephew’s?

stokke steps baby feet

  • Go Natural.  Capture children as they naturally are while avoiding requests to “look here!” or “say cheese!”.  My favorite photographs of my children were captured by sneaking up on them and acting as a quiet observer.


  •  Look for clean backgrounds. I’m a big fan of uncluttered backgrounds. A clean, symmetrical background helps to keep the focus on the subjects.

#kidsgotstyle Target

  • Follow basic photography principles.  Shoot in natural light and learn fundamental concepts like the rule of thirds.  And lastly – throw out my suggestions! Remember that photographs are part of your story.  Please capture however you see fit!

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  1. I wish I had more photos of my belly when I was pregnant! I remember taking so many pics of them when they were born there are not many with me in them. I try now to jump in every once and a while even if its not the best photo its the memory.

  2. I wish I had more pictures of my son when I was pregnant with him and at the hospital. Unfortunately he was born early and no cameras were allowed in NICU.

  3. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I actually wasn’t in any photos until the past few years. I have trying to be better, though!

  4. I took weekly photos during my pregnancy, and compiled a scrapbook the days before my son was born. It’s so cool to look back on that time! (I also took weekly photos of him the first year – mainly in the same chair each week.)

  5. I love that tip about capturing your kids as they are naturally. I’ve found that some of my favorite pics are of my toddler being silly. She hates being in front of the camera so I have to catch her however I can. Great tips!

  6. I love taking pictures of my kids all day long. Thanks for the tip of the natural light. I go a little “flash” crazy a lot of the times.

  7. I’m really bad about not being in photos. I am also bad about not putting digital photos in the printer and making an album.

  8. I really do not like taking pictures or having them taken of me. I should try to take them more constantly.

  9. These are great tips. I just started attempting to take better photos AND our baby is due in January so this will be great to keep in mind! Thank you!

  10. This is one thing that I am so adamant about keeping up with! Pictures tell a thousand words! My husband gets quite lazy when it comes to picture taking and videos…if it weren’t for me we wouldn’t have much in regards to the kids first years. I grew up in a household with an amateur photographer so we have a TON of photographs. I feel so fortunate that he instilled that in me. This post is a great reminder for those who forget to capture those precious moments!

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