On Sibling Closeness

Recently, a comment on social media {how do you get your kids to do that?!} left me thinking about the sort of bond that my children share.

photo 1(18)

Sure, I thought about a comforting response  – (Lollipops! Bribery!) – but the truth is, when I pull out my phone to capture a bit of the everyday, I’m typically sneaking up on natural settings.  And the incredible cohesiveness that my children share is unlike anything that I have ever known.  Although they have their moments of angst, “I WON”, and “YOUR TOY IS SMELLY!” –  their positive and loving interactions far outnumber the discord.

photo 4(2)

We often wake to sounds of their made up stories and games, with characters and words that only exist in their sibling bubble of incredible imaginativeness.  They are determined to complete their little made-up-missions together.  Recently booby-trapping their bedroom and taping handmade Halloween decorations in every corner of our home.

photo 2(20)

And on most nights, I have to remove a flashlight and book and send one little back to their own bed.

photo 3(7)

When big sister is scolded, little brother typically spits out words about kindness to his mama, while offering toys and hugs to comfort his sister.  They are a quite a team and sometimes, when I look at them, I believe that their souls have been connected for far longer than I can possibly fathom.


They are natural hand-holders, fierce comrades and loyally loving to one another. And unlike so many transient things in life, their siblinghood will remain a reassuring constant.  They have taught me that their unique bond should never be diminished.  It should be celebrating for the color and beauty and reassurance in love as the ultimate antidote that it undoubtedly is.




  1. What is their age difference? I love their bond…all the photos…and especially this post! I hope when I have my second that their bond is like this. And, of course, I think a parent influences and helps this friendship succeed. xo

  2. You are so lucky to have children with such a close bond. It shines through in all of your beautiful pictures too.

  3. Agreed with Karen! This is a beautiful post… Especially the part about their souls! Such a great relationship that will surely help them throughout their lives. My sibling and I fought a lot when we were younger… Just little kid stuff, but now they are my closest and longest friend. I can only imagine the support these two will offer each other throughout their lives with such a great start.

  4. And you capture there incredible bond so beautifully…your pictures of L and A are incredible.

  5. I love this! They are so sweet together. Beautiful images AND words.

  6. So wonderful! I have a 3 year old daughter and 1 year old son (23 months apart) and I hope they continue to bond as yours have! Thank you for sharing!


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