Work and Summertime

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As back-to-school photos fire up everywhere, it’s hard to believe that the last weeks of summer are upon us.  This season has been so incredible and in some ways, there is a bit of newfound ease that comes with little ones growing older.  On our feet, scooters and trains, I’ve been trying to consciously say “yes” to parks, playgrounds and beaches whenever remotely possible.  I hope that the children will remember their days woven with adventure and the sibling togetherness that summertime allows. 

Packed schedules and mama-duty make work-time efficiency all the more important.  A stolen hour here or there is basically how I’ve been meeting deadlines for the past few weeks.   I previously shunned lugging around my cumbersome laptop for those what-if  moments until a collaboration with Intel 2 in 1 HP Pavilion made work-on-the-go possible.  I shared specifics on my HP Pavilion last month and the versatility and mobility have quickly become the features that I most appreciate.

At a mere 3.23 pounds, it fits nicely into my bags and a simple flip from laptop to tablet makes it a great family device.

Intel 2in1 HP Pavillion Review Lily Jade Designer Diaper Bag

It has proven to meet the needs of my on-the-go lifestyle enabling me to say “yes” to both work and play.

Intel 2in1 HP Pavillion Computer Tablet Laptop review



  1. I love your description of the summer…especially the “sibling togetherness that summertime allows.” I feel the same way and I consider myself to be SO lucky to have my summers off so I can spend all of my time with the kids! I can’t imagine getting only a few weeks here and there (while the kids are still in school) like a lot of jobs only offer! I try to think of this positive aspect of summer vacations rather than the “end” of them, otherwise it saddens me too much!!!

    • As much as we need a bit more of a consistent schedule – I’m really going to miss summer! The kids have been really incredible together and are just so happy to experience things together. Thanks for visiting and hope your summer is great!

  2. Oh it looks great!! I really like the red shell! So when you work like from a park, do you use a mobile hot-spot, or do you have an air-card? I’d love to do the same as you. I know the kids love getting to the park, but I totally understand those deadlines and I’d love to not have to say no, if I can.

    • Hi Heather. When I work on the go in public areas, I usually just work in Microsoft word. If I can fit in time alone at a coffee shop (sans kiddos) that’s when I get the online stuff done.

  3. This is one of the reasons or perks I love about teaching…summers off! I had a great summer…so many amazing things happened. The best being…I finally got my degree! 🙂

    I am thinking that sooner rather than later I am going to need a new computer. Mine is already 3 years old, so I have to start saving. I love the look of your HP.

  4. I hope you had a great summer! That tablet looks awesome.

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