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I vividly remember putting on my first pair of glasses in the fifth grade.  The crispness and clarity in which I could newly see was remarkable and literally life-changing.  Subtle details of my surroundings stood out as my life came into focus and I proudly wore my pink-plastic frames until I soon moved on to contact lenses.  I was detected at an in-school vision check and remember my mother hustling me to her eye-doctor that same day for a proper examination.

I assumed that my children were being properly assessed for vision issues by their remarkable pediatrician and school vision checks.  Then I met with the senior director of eye care at LensCrafters, Dr. Mark Jacquot O.D., and learned that 1 in 4 children have undiagnosed vision problems.  I had no idea that all children should have an annual comprehensive eye-examination beginning at their first birthday.

So, along with my family we headed to LensCrafters to have our vision checked out; just in time for back-to-school.  It was the children’s first proper eye-examination under the patient and informative care of Lara Mendelssohn, O.D.

Lens Crafters back to school

As I saw both of my children struggle with a few letters and numbers, my increasing-uneasiness was unexpected.  Should I have brought them in earlier?  As their mother, how could I not have know that they may have vision problems?  The kids ended up not needing glasses but need to be monitored as they grow.  Their highly specialized exam certainly reinforced the importance of annual eye-care.

As a contact lens wearer, I’m required to receive regular check-ups to purchase lenses.  Since my husband was in-need of an exam I was glad that he decided to get checked out as well.  We all received Optomap-assisted examinations including retinal images to check for issues that may be indicators of other general health problems.

I was the only one in the family who left with a corrective lens prescription and selected a fun and funky pair with the assistance of myLook which allows the customer to view four different images in prospective frames.  After selection, I went through the AccuFit Digital Measurement System, which is exclusive to LensCrafters.  The frames were fitted to the unique contours of my face, mapping the ideal placement of my prescription, down to a tenth of a millimeter, insuring a perfect fit.  FitSensors were also attached to my frames to provide clear guiding points for my specific pupil-to-frame measurements.  My glasses were made with ultra-light lenses and anti-glare coating.  They are absolutely the crispest and clearest glasses that I have ever owned.

LensCrafters fitting

We’ve spent more time on the beach then we ever have as a family and the kids’ eyes have been protected from harmful sun exposure with 100 percent UVA and UVB blocking frames by Ray-Ban Junior from their LensCrafters visit. I’m definitely nutty about careful care of such nice sunglasses and I do think it’s great that the kids are learning the importance of proper eye-protection.


Thank you LensCrafters for the excellent care and exam/product coverage.  Opinions, as always are my own.



  1. L and A look so cool with their sun glasses. And you look great with glasses. I wear them as well…I didn’t like them at first, but have gotten used to it.

  2. I didn’t know that I should bring my kids in.. I assumed they were checked at school! Love your frames too!

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