Family Movie Night with MARS Ice Cream {Giveaway}

I try my best to not make promises to the kids that can’t be fulfilled because there is so much childhood hope in meeting your new friend at the beach – in the exact spot that you played in the previous weekend.  And at four and six-years-old, every summer day brings dreams of running in the ocean, basking in sprinkler parks, creating art with exploding glitter everywhere (everywhere!) or venturing to favorite museums.

Sometimes, things get in the way and disappointment abounds.  And although I want my kids to be resilient and understand that life will never always give them what they want – It was fun to remedy a downward spiral of despair with something that I’ve been hoarding in my freezer for a special day:


The glorious, real deal kind of ice cream, oozing with the “good stuff” like caramel, rich chocolate and M&Ms.

the best ice cream

In a perfect world, I would be an avid ice-cream consumer – but since that’s not in my cards, when I do indulge, I want it to be amazingly awesome.  Thanks to MARS, we had every possible kind of magnificent ice cream for our recent rainy family movie night.

Mars Ice Cream  the best ice cream

My plan to chop up the splendid selections into a delectable smörgåsbord didn’t go over so well.  Instead, my crew chose to inhale an entire bar, sandwich or cone of choice.

M&Ms ice cream cookies

It was so much better than standard movie night popcorn.


And everyone was happy. Even Mary Poppins.


WIN IT! I’m excited to give away 5 boxes of  ice cream! One winner, U.S only, will win five full value coupons for Mars Ice Cream products.  To enter, simply leave a comment below telling my something ice-creamy.  A winner will be selected at random in one week and announced below.

This post is sponsored by Mars Ice Cream via One2One Network.  Opinions, as always, are my own. 



  1. Sarah Elston Yurga says

    I love mint chocolate chip ice cream, always have!

  2. Ahhhh I need more ice cream in my life. Enzo eats too much of it and quite frankly it can be expensive, LOL. Seriously, the kid can eat. And Mars Ice cream? that might just be the best thing ever. Hubby loves Snickers ice cream bars. I like everything! We all scream for ICE CREAM!!!

  3. It is always such a special treat to have ice cream on a warm summer night!

  4. Elizabeth Smillie says

    All of our kids LOVE icecream, and our littlest (20 months) will stand by the freezer, banging on it and yelling “keem! Keem!” until my husband or I offer her something else. She loves her ice “keem” something fierce!

  5. I love having ice cream after dinner especially in the summer time.

  6. I LOVE Ice Cream! Especially with rainbow sprinkles.

  7. I love ice cream any time of day and pretty much any flavor. Eek. I may have a problem.

  8. Heather Browning says

    Ice cream is definitely my weakness. It’s the one treat I’d always choose over any other.

  9. Yummy Ice cream is my weakness, my hubby knows if he wants to get on my good side, all he has to do is bring home some chocolate chip ice cream of cookies and cream and I’m a happy lady.

  10. Jane Ritz says

    I LOVE ice cream. It’s one food that agrees with me. Sometimes I eat it for dinner-Any flavoe is a wonderful treat.

  11. My kids love making their own ice cream sundaes! It’s fun to watch them in their creative mode!

  12. Yum!! I love ice cream!!!

  13. Kelly Faber says

    Ice cream is such a fun treat! I wish we could have it every night for dessert!!

  14. I like hot fudge ice cream sundaes.

  15. Liz Meyer says

    Ice cream is the best family treat on these warm summer days! Especially when you’re pregnant. Anything to cool off in Washington with no a.c.

  16. I get it!!! If I, going to have ice cream it better be the amazing kind! The real stuff with no fake low fat stuff. Your photos make this look like the best idea ever! Enter me in her giveaway please!

  17. Would have to say that I love ice cream cakes on my birthday

  18. Mary Beth Elderton says

    we love ice cream on these hot summer days.

  19. We LOVE ice cream at our house and on vacation and really anywhere, anytime! Moose tracks, mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream and ice cream sandwiches top the list with my daughter. Yummmmmm.

  20. I LOVE Ice Cream! Even in the winter!

  21. Andre and I love ice cream. Any kind any flavor. We are ice cream junkies

  22. I love ice cream — it’s so dangerous when I have a gallon in my freezer!

  23. Lauren Smith says

    Hi I’ve been reading for years. I really love your writing but never comment. Until now! Ice cream? I’d love to enjoy this with my boys.

  24. We love the M&M Ice Cream Sandwiches!

  25. Ana Reyes says

    Any ice cream, any flavor. I’m sooo not choosy! I have to only get it when we’re having company now though, or I will literally eat ice cream 5 times a day.

  26. Aww…my son wants his friends to be at the park when he goes, so I can relate to the beach scene.

    I love the idea of mixing up movie night with some ice cream instead of popcorn!

  27. I’ve never had them before, but those Milky Way ice cream bars look like they are delicious!

  28. My daughter’s favorite food group is Ice cream! We discovered this week while she was eating it that she can lick her nose.

  29. My kids would love this contest..unfortunately not (seeing I’m dairy intolerant, lol!). Looks pretty good though! By the way, your pics are getting better and better all the time…have you taken a photography course?!

  30. amanda whitley says

    my favorite ice cream bars are the snickers!!

  31. I saw Dove bars *floats into ice cream heaven* I LOVE THEM!! If I won would it be wrong if I asked for just 5 boxes of Dove? LOL! I love snickers ice cream too but Dove is heaven. My 3yr old loves the ice pops but I know if she had that ice cream cookie she’d have a new love.

  32. I love havung ice cream especially in the Summer.

  33. Love the photos on this article. Gorgeous.

  34. Ice cream with sprinkles makes my little boy’s heart sing – can’t imagine summer without ice cream!!!

  35. My children love ice cream and it brings back so many childhood memories for me!

  36. Ice cream sandwiches. Nothing better in the summer but my waistline disagrees. lol

  37. We enjoy ice cream during family get togethers.

  38. Ice cream is a huge hit at my house. We always have at least 3 flavors in the freezer 🙂

  39. I just discovered Buko Fruit Salad Ice Cream by Magnolia in an Oriental store. It’s coconut flavored with fruit bits in it and is to die for!

  40. We are not big sugar eaters at our house but ice cream is the one treat that we indulge ourselves with….especially in the summers!

  41. Lynda Lederer Natale says

    I just love butter pecan, but in the summer nothing screams summer like a soft serve or candy coated anything

  42. christine j says

    Snicker Ice Cream shake sounds amazing right now

  43. We always have ice cream sandwiches in our fridge, but I have never even seen the m&m ice cream sandwiches. That would definitely be at the top of my list.

  44. The snickers ice cream bars

  45. I love cotton candy ice cream 🙂

  46. Dorrie Turner says

    Two flavors of ice cream, Vanilla and Chocolate go into freezer wild west, only one to stay in there alive. Sherbert enough, they thought about it and pushed Strawberry out the door.

  47. Julie Wood says

    I could eat ice cream every night! I love Cookie Dough Ice Cream the Best!!

  48. Veronica V says

    My favorite ice cream is cookies and cream.

  49. Who does not love ice cream- my family is a big fan of cookies & cream.

  50. snickers or M&ms

  51. I love eating ice cream and adding toppings to my ice cream!

  52. I craved ice cream during my pregnancy. Now that it’s summer, well, still a good idea to have some. 😉

  53. I love ice cream and eat it everyday, especially this hot summer! My favorite flavor is coconut!
    Thank You for the chance

  54. Oh those all look so good! We love to have family movie nights here, and always seem to do the popcorn! Would be perfect to change and do ice cream! Maybe watch Frozen…haha…for about the 100th time! 🙂 Those M&M Ice Cream Sandwiches look so good! Carter would go nuts!

  55. Susan Christy says

    I love ice cream in any form – ice cream bars, milkshakes, scoops. Butter Brickle is my all time favorite, but it’s hard to find.

  56. Ice cream is my kids’ favorite treat – especially now in the summer.

  57. Pierre Mosbey says

    I can’t lie, I shouldn’t even been on this post seeing how I am an extreme diet before my wedding in October. BUT, it’s ice cream…and it’s like my favorite candy bars fused with ice cream! lol All bad, but I need this!!!

  58. Terra Heck says

    My teen son would eat ice cream all day, every day if he could. His favorite is strawberry. Thanks.

  59. shelly peterson says

    Oh how I love ice cream! but who doesn’t right? My favorite is chocolate with peanut butter.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  60. I love making ice cream sundaes yummy

  61. All day I dream about ICE CREAM!!

  62. Michelle J. says

    Our favorite dessert is ice cream sandwiches!

  63. vanessa richard says

    mmm yummy my kids love ice cream

  64. Jessica To says

    We love to treat ourselves with ice cream during the summer. I like the M&M sandwiches!

  65. alena svetelska says

    me and my whole family we love ice cream anytime,specially during hot summer days,my 3 kids sure do.

  66. I love ice cream too

  67. Nice content and those snacks looks delicious that parents can follow through it.

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