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Four and six have meshed together well – perhaps better than any age combinations thus far.  I love to watch the kids from a bit of a distance while they play and chat – catching pieces of their conversations while they run wild and free.


We try to spend as much time as we can outdoors and I recently photographed the kids in some of our favorite summer clothes – comfortable, stylish and beautifully structured pieces from the Appaman SS 14 collections.  We’re soaking in summer for as long as we possibly can and these clothes will carry well into the first few weeks of September warmth.  And then it’s on to Appaman’s fresh fall collections featuring cozy sherpa hoodies, fly mod suits for boys and incredible moto jackets for girls.

Swoon-worthy indeed!

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Cheers to a beautiful Sunday!



  1. We love Appaman in our house! Great pics! xx

  2. Great images and I love how you capture them doing their own thing. They, and you, will treasure these moments in the future:)

  3. Clara Belle says

    May they always remain so close.

  4. The photo of your kids running in the open field is my favorite. I have always eyed the appaman boys winter jackets in a nearby children’s boutique. Maybe this year I will spring for one.

  5. Can your kids be any more adorable??!! Btw, you son is all you husband and your daughter is all you! I love that pic of them running through the fields too!

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