Work and Play with Intel’s 2 in 1 HP Pavilion

#spon: I’m required to disclose a sponsored relationship between Marino Bambinos and Intel.

Things have been a bit slower around here for good reason.  There are new playgrounds to discover, beaches to visit and otherwise congested children’s museums to explore.  Our weekend adventures indicate that our favorite season is officially in full swing.  Little ones have been staying up way past their bedtimes enjoying fun family barbecues and we’ve all been relishing in the flexibility that comes with our children getting older.

Spontaneous fun is a must for childhood summers, but I always welcome great work partnerships as they come my way.  A collaboration with Intel 2 in 1 serendipitously appeared just in time for summer – and the innovative HP Pavilion convertible hybrid laptop has proven to be the perfect companion for work and play.

Intel Pentium Processor

At a mere 3.23 pounds, my HP Pavilion doesn’t way me down and the flexible 360-degree hinge is one of my favorite features.  I use it as a notebook to work or search for those summer party recipes and convert it into tablet mode to read on the go.  Intel’s Beats Audio technology and dual speakers optimized for use in any position make it a solid party enhancer blasting rich audio during outdoor hangouts.

Hp Pavilion x360

I even picked up my 2 in 1 to snap last week’s barbecue photos without missing a beat to grab my camera.  And when the collective kiddo-crank factor set in, I simply rotated it into a stand to play a movie inside the kiddie clubhouse without disrupting the adult outdoor fun.

Hp Pavilion Review

We’re definitely busy collecting memories and I’ve been making the most of my versatile convertible PC.  Although I excepted to use it solely for work purposes it has the flexibility to keep up with our on the go lifestyle.

This post is sponsored by Intel.  Opinions, as always are my own.



  1. I love my HP. It is almost 3 years old, so I expect that I will be shopping around for a new laptop soon enough. I love this review…I will definitely check it out when I am ready to get a new one.

  2. I had a HP and mine did me bad, i returned it and don’t think I will ever buy anything HP again

  3. That is cool that you can situate it any which way and it still works like a dream! I think you’re right, this would be great for summer partying (or even dancing in the yard with the kids). I also think you’re right that summertime is for spontaneous play, woot!

  4. Ooh, I love this! I have a pc and an iPad but this seems to be the perfect “in between” item that I now NEED! lol!

  5. Gabriella says

    I always thought of a tablet or notebook as either or. I think I would like having both in one And it sounds useful as a mom of 6. But I don’t like to share my devices! Love your vacation blog by he way。

  6. Saw this on Facebook. Looks like a versatile one!


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