Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that I’m no longer the mother of a tiny little girl.  This one continues to surprise me with her wisdom and foresight and endless questions.  Questions that leave me constantly searching for answers – so that I can answer her with truths and assure her that she will be forever loved just as she is.  I have adored the shape of six – in its curiosity, playfulness and optimistic eagerness.

photo 1(6)Sweet T-shirt c/o: The Printed Palette

My wish for her is that she always holds onto the unabashed  joy that she so freely spreads.



  1. Oh my word, what a lil beauty!!

  2. This is lovely Monica…short, simple, but so sweet and heart-warming! Makes me think about my little girl and watching her grow up. It’s such a mix of emotions, one day happy, one day sad…

  3. I love your posts that are dedicated solely to your children. You have a beautiful way with words and the way you describe your children takes my breath away. Very beautiful Monica. 🙂

  4. 6 is an awesome age, and I get the ‘how’s come?’ ‘why’ ‘what does this mean?’ questions too. Thank goodness for Google, yes?. 🙂

  5. Oh yes I love this curious age, its frightening, yet so sweet at the same time. She always seems so peacefully joyful.

  6. what a beautiful age, so young and innocent. She is a beautiful little lady

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