Father’s Day Gifting – Original Stitch

Father’s Day is almost upon us and I’m incredibly excited for my husband’s personalized gift to arrive.  Together we designed a unique button-down shirt via our home computer through the amazing customizable service – Original Stitch.

The online design process allows for custom tailoring and the 3D technology displays the shirt as it is created.  Every element is personalized as the customer inputs measurement and selects fabrics, sleeve length, collar style, pockets, pleats, button styles and even custom monograms.  Would you believe that there are over a trillion possibilities?  The shirt is then made in Japan with Italian fabrics through embedded software with integrated fabric cutting machines.

custom mens shirt

Original Stitch prices range from $75 to about $135 which makes for a unique Father’s Day Gift and one of a kind garment.  With purple buttons, custom monogramming, and contrasting cuff and inner collar material – my husband’s shirt has a kookie flair that suits him perfectly.

This is a sponsored post.  Opinions, as always, are my own.



  1. Ooh!! I love this!! I love the idea of being able to customize your clothing. My husband would love these designs too…he’s a sucker for a nice shirt! Too bad I won’t have time this year to get this to him on time…maybe next year!

    • My husband doesn’t get excited about clothes..and he is really excited for his shirt to arrive! I love the gift potential in this.

  2. This is such an awesome idea!! Do let us know how it looks/holds up when it arrives.

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