The Sunday Swoon Featuring Hiho Batik

Welcome back to the Sunday Swoon!  I was just introduced to a unique retail store/art space, Hiho Batik, located on Park Slope’s vibrant 5th Avenue.  The store features cheerful, handmade clothing created through the process of batiking  – which involves creating a design with hot wax, dye painting, waxing to seal the colors and then dying the cloth.  The end result is a bright design, somewhat reminiscent (but much cooler than) my own mid-’90s tye-dye phase.

I ventured to Brooklyn with my daughter last weekend and she jumped right into the fun in-store event going on.  While Lucia was busy making art, I was quickly drawn to the designs that reflect the everyday joys of childhood and the truly inviting atmosphere of the space.

Hiho Batik Brooklyn hiho batikbatik, hiho batik

We left with some adorable, colorful pieces that the children absolutely adore.  The Love Candy Tank and Love Candy Pants for Lucia and the Gummy Bears T for Adrian.  If your kiddos are at all texture conscious like mine are, they will love the ultra softness of the 100% cotton, dreamy materials.  The fact that Lucia wants to wear their sweats every day is pretty revolutionary – as she insisted on wearing thin leggings throughout the polar vortex freeze because they were the only pants deemed comfortable. 123I’ll definitely be back to try out their make-your-own process and purchase clothing for the kiddos – Hiho Batik is their new favorite!

Be sure to check out the other swoon worthy kids items featured in the below websites and link up your posts on Stroller In The City.  Happy Sunday!

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 Special thanks to Hiho Batik for the fun clothes.  Opinions, as always, are my own. 



  1. I love love love that idea!!! I wish we had something like that where I live but unfortunately, I live in a big city with a SMALL town mentality! That place is on my to-do list the next time I go to New York! 😉

  2. We are absolute fans of Hiho Batik! Love it there!

  3. That’s a store I would love in an instant. And you’re right the clothes are cute!

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