Convenient Family Cooking With Blue Apron

I find great  joy in preparing a meal that my family happily devours.  It doesn’t happen all the time – and I often find myself sticking to recipes that are family favorites.  Even in the midst of the super busy after-school/work-deadline hustle, I find a bit of peace in prep work and cooking.  But if I don’t have a meal planned or am missing ingredients, dinner preparation can feel like an absolute scramble.  I’m always looking for new recipes and gladly welcomed Blue Apron into my Kitchen last week.

Blue Apron is a weekly meal delivery service that provides everything needed to make delicious, perfectly portioned meals for your family.  And by everything – I mean all of the necessary ingredients, with an accompanying recipe sheet containing detailed instructions and photos.  Last week happened to be an incredibly hectic week and my Blue Apron delivery truly felt like a lifesaver.

Blue Apron Fresh DeliveryFresh ingredients to prepare three meals for four people.

The children love to help cook and I find that they are more inclined to try new things when they are invested in the process. I enlisted their help in unpacking – and before I knew it all of the ingredients were mixed together on the counter (thanks for the help kids!).  Luckily, the resorting of ingredients turned out to be a fun teachable moment.

blue apron ingredients

My helpers were eager to assist in every step of our first Blue Apron meal. And we were all exposed to cooking with something unfamiliar –  ramps!

family cooking

The Chicken Supremes with Sautéed Ramps, Sugar Snap Peas and Mashed Sweet Potatoes were simply delicious! Lucia said that the chicken was the best that she ever tasted and I have since replicated the simple recipe.

chicken supremes with sauteed ramps, sugar sanp peas and mashed sweet potatoes

Next up were the Fried Green Tomatoes with Cajun Rémoulade Sauce and Boston Red Leaf Salad.  The whole family enjoyed this meal and my husband thought that the zesty Cajun rémoulade was the perfect compliment.

Blue Apron Meal delivery discount code

My husband and I prepared the final Blue Apron meal, The Salmon Roll Sandwiches with Baby Beet and Pea Shoot Salad together.  We had a fun mini-date at home cooking after the kids went to bed.  I was reminded of my childhood love of beets!

salmon roll sandwiches

Perhaps my favorite part of my Blue Apron experience was the learning process with each meal preparation – and having the convenience of  being able to whip up delectable dinners without recipe research and walking to the market.  The step by step photos on the meal cards made the process a breeze and I was able to prepare each meal in under 40 minutes.  I really loved sharing this experience with my family and was reminded of the importance of family cooking and mealtime.

Exclusive Discount: I’m thrilled that Blue Apron is offering MB readers an exclusive 30% off discount code (equivalent to two free meals!)  to the first 250 people who claim the unique offer here.  If you test it out, please come back and let me know how your experience was!

This post is brought to you by Blue Apron and The Motherhood.  Opinions, as always, are my own.



  1. I wish we had something like this in Trinidad. I’m awful in the kitchen…but I do try every once in awhile. If not, I’d probably starve. 🙂

    The meals look so good and healthy. And I love how you got your whole family involved.

  2. I love how this encourages the whole family to cook together! AND takes the guesswork out of what to make for dinner, which seems to be an issue I have weekly. Will have to look at their site… thanks for sharing!

  3. I love that your children helped you cook — such a great way to teach measurement, literacy, and bond!

  4. I love love love this idea!! I only recently about this (in Toronto and New York) but we’ve yet to have something like it where I live…hmm, maybe I could be the first to offer it?! For babies and kids, at least! lol!

  5. I absolutely love Blue Apron and the meals you prepared look so yummy!

  6. This is a fantastic service! I’m using your link!


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