Coffee Love and a Keurig {Giveaway}

If coffee exists in one’s bloodline, I believe it’s in mine:

photo 4 Colombian Coffee Finca Cafe de Colombia, Coffee Farm Colombian coffee fincas (farms) overseen by my uncle.

Colnobian Coffee bean processFrom Coffee Cherry to Ground Coffee

I dream of bringing my little family back to see their relatives someday soon.

I started drinking coffee shortly after graduating from college, and my trips to my mother’s country, Colombia, always involved tinto (a small serving of black coffee in the evenings).  Suffice to say, I love coffee.

I love good coffee.

delicious coffee #JustBrewIt

My mother-in-law gifted me a Keurig Single Cup Brewing System shortly after I had my daughter.  She said that it would change my coffee experience and it certainly did.  I love the ease of a perfectly brewed cup, in under one minute – especially with the morning hustle that accompanies motherhood.  I’ve since given Keurig brewing systems to my parents and most recently my sister-in-law, who happens to be due with her second child tomorrow (TOMORROW!!).  I happen to think it’s the perfect gift to help streamline a busy morning.

We’ve recently upgraded to a Keurig Special Edition Brewing System, complete with digital clock, programmable temperature, charcoal filter, and a bonus 12-count Keurig variety sampler.  Once you try it, you will always want fresh!

Keurig review, Keurig coffee maker, #Justbrewit

WIN IT: Keurig is giving away one Keurig Special Edition Brewing System to one lucky M.B. reader ($149.99 value).  To enter, simply visit the rafflecopter below.  U.S. only please and all entries are verified.  The winner will be announced on the below widget in one week.  Best of luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is sponsored by Keurig via One2One Network.  Opinions, as always, are my own.



  1. I’m a sucker for iced coffee! Love your photos!

  2. Nichol Perez says

    I’ve always wanted to own a Keurig. I want to try all the different flavors. Coffee and tea holic.

  3. My husband is a coffee addict. He’d love this.

  4. Oooooh I’d love one!!! Great giveaway! Fingers crossed!!

  5. Who doesn’t love coffee?! I can drink a cup and go right to sleep (seriously). I’m also an avid tea drinker as well. So this is right up my alley. I’ve been debwtinninnwhich Keurig to get and hopefully I’ll win and you choose for me lol

  6. I look forward to a good cup of coffee every morning! Beautiful photos!

  7. I enjoy coffee every morning, this would be great.

  8. Your photos remind me of a beautiful trip I took to Ecuador – I have all these closeups of coffee beans growing in the wild. I am mildly obsessed with coffee. And Keurig.

  9. This would make a fantastic Mother’s Day and Fathers Day present to me and my husband! I have always wanted to have my own Keurig! .

  10. I had a keurig and I let my son take it to college because it met all the rules for dorm room coffee pots. Greater love hath no mom…

  11. Jessie C. says

    I like Green Mountain breakfast blend.

  12. your photos are beautiful…I cant live without at least 4 cups of coffee each day

  13. This is an awesome Keurig giveaway! It would make me soooo happy to win this!!!!!

  14. What beautiful photos! We are definitely addicted to coffee in our house. I just dedicated an entire nook in our kitchen to use as a coffee bar. 🙂

  15. I love the Keurig system! Such a fab gift!

  16. Danielle says

    Mmmm, I could go for a nice cuppa now 🙂

  17. Joshua L. says

    love keureg machines. my personal fav before riding my bike in the morning is Revv by Green Mtn. my machine lives at work now though. oh how i miss it

  18. Mary Mitchell says

    Coffee saves me when I’m on call and have to head in to work at any given hour of the night. It would be great to be able to just be a cup and go instead of making a pot.

  19. Amberlee says

    Practically instant great coffee is a must to function in our home!

  20. Keruigs are the best! Hope I win!!

  21. Elizabeth Jalbert says

    This is something I would make room for on my counter!

  22. This is the best for lazy people like me that love coffee!

  23. Your pictures are stunning. Looks like a little piece of heaven of earth. I also love coffee. Drinking a cup now.

  24. Elizabeth says

    I am a coffee lover and have wanted a one of these FOREVER!

  25. Your pictures of Colombia are absolutely beautiful. One of my friends from my overseas college exchange was from Colombia originally (she moved to New Jersey) and always talked about Colombia. I’d love to go one day.

  26. Amanda Sakovitz says

    Every coffee lover needs one of these!

  27. I would love to own Keurig

  28. Thomas Murphy says

    I would love to win this!

  29. Tabitha P. says

    i think i’m the only person that doesn’t own a keurig.
    i want one so bad!

  30. Cassandra Eastman says

    I absolutely love my Keurig, we wasted so much coffee with our other coffee machine because I only drink 1 or 2 cups a day! I’d love to gift one to my sister in law, she’s getting married next month.

  31. Elizabeth Naiman says

    I am a major coffee lover! Would love to win this Keurig

  32. Margaret Smith says

    When I visit my Dad’s house, I use his Keurig and love it. Coffee is perfect each time and it’s so easy to use. Would love to have one of our own.

  33. The first photo showing the mountains is just breathtaking! So beautiful!

  34. I’d love to win this for my best friend – she raves about the Keurig at work, and always talks about how she wants one of her own, so it would be a nice surprise to gift her one of her own!

  35. This would be awesome to win~I have wanted a Keurig forever!

  36. angela cunningham says

    everyone in my family has one but me I would love to have one.

  37. alyce poalillo says

    Have had my small Keurig for over 5 years now but would love to trade up for this bigger newer model.

  38. I’ve been wanting a Keurig for a while now!

  39. I love coffee. I love the keurig because it gives you an opportunity to try different kinds of coffees without buying a large quantity.

  40. Colleen Boudreau says

    I couldn’t live without my Keurig! I’d love to be able to win this for my mom.

  41. May I come and visit too? Great pics! A Keurig is a great way to bring great tasting coffee into the home.

  42. Shannon Baas says

    I have been wanting one of these for tea.

  43. Jenn Smith Jackson says

    Love the pictures on your blog.Beautiful. Just absolutely beautiful.Personally I am not a coffee drinker but my husband is. He use to think that a pot of coffee was the way to go until we went a friends house and he tried a cup made by the Keurig.Now he’s hooked. And so am I because I can make some of my favorite drinks besides coffee.

  44. Adrienne Gordon says

    I would love to make single cups of coffee.

  45. heather s says

    I have wanted one for awhile for tea and cider

  46. Thanks for the chance to win, this would definitely come in handy for my coffee loving self!

  47. KELLY MCGREW says

    i think it’s crazy how much Keurig has grown in like 4 years. everyone talks about it like its an iPhone!

  48. i’ve been on the fence with whether to get one or not – winning one would be awesome!

  49. I spend at least $5 a day on coffee sometimes more, so having a Keurig will save my family a ton of money and time.

  50. Mya Murphy says

    As a coffee-aholic, this would rock my world!!

  51. I LOVE coffee…especially homemade coffee! I prefer Illy or Lavazza and usually go old-school (with my Moka express coffee maker) but these are so convenient! I’ve only heard positive things about Keurig machines 😉

  52. Ann Fantom says

    I’m a coffee fanatic, but still don’t own a Keurig. I’d love to win. Thanks for the chance!

  53. beautiful pictures! i would love a keurig!

  54. WANT!!

  55. i think making one cup of coffee at a time would be awesome.

  56. Sue Barney says

    I Love flavored coffees and I have wanted a Keurig for a really long time! Thx for the chance! If I won this It will get tons of use!

  57. I love the variety of all the K-Cups. From Hot Chocolate to Coffee and Tea. I love that I could have something different all the time.

  58. I love coffee, too, and drink it every day. There are many good brands in the US but I miss the coffee I used to drink when we were in Germany with the US Army. That’s where I really developed a passion for it!

  59. Heather Dawn says

    I love coffee! I so need a new coffee maker. My power button is almost broke 🙁

  60. This would be great to entertain guests!

  61. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I LOVE Coffee, A Keurig Is On My Wishlist For Sure!

  62. wild orchid says

    Those are awesome pictures! I would love to own a Keurig!

    Entered the rafflecopter form as “Wild Orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  63. Keurig makes it so easy to brew a small serving of coffee, especially when you live alone.

  64. I would post something witty but I haven’t had my coffee yet this morning. Sure would be nice to have something that could make a quick cup.

  65. I have wanted one of these forever. There’s time I want a cup of coffee but don’t get one because it would be a waste to make a whole pot and only drink one cup. thank you!

  66. Melissa Troyer says

    I like the teas and ciders that are offered in Kcups.

  67. Kimmy Ripley says

    I am a coffee addict! I even have a shirt that says “Death Before Decaf”!

  68. April Brenay says

    I would love to update my coffee machine, i’m still using a basic

  69. christine says

    Love coffee!!! I can not start my day without my coffee…I would really love to win a Keurig…

  70. I like the idea that the Keurig let’s everyone customize their beverage to what fits them. There are so many choices

  71. Deborah Wellenstein says

    I’ve been wanting a Keurig for a long time. Thanks for the opportunity!

  72. Mary Beth Elderton says

    We are coffee lovers. I love the Coffee Cherry to Ground Coffee pic! Interesting!

  73. Sue Ellison says

    I love that Keurig is not only for coffee, I’m a tea lover too!

  74. Keurig, Keurig, Keurig! Love to win one! What more needs to be said…

  75. Sharon Kaminski says

    I have tried coffee from a Keurig coffee maker and would love to own one.

  76. Jimmy Rector says

    always wanted a keurig

  77. Brandy Fisk says

    I would like to win this for my mother who would love this!!

  78. My Keurig just broke about a week ago! I’m broken hearted. 🙁

  79. What gorgeous photos! Thank you for the chance to win <3

  80. Kathleen S. says

    A Keurig is on my wishlist! I do enjoy the first cup of coffee out of the pot in the mornings, but by the time I go back for the third cup, it has a slightly bitter burnt taste. I have to cover that up with some half and half. A Keurig system would mean, fresh, fresh coffee, each and every time. 🙂 Thank you.

  81. I just decided I need to get a Keurig for my morning coffee. (and my afternoon coffee. And my evening coffee.)

  82. Bridget Merker says

    We love our inlaws Keurig and now we would love one for us!

  83. Our daughter has a Keurig she adores and I’d like to have one too! What a super invention it is!

  84. Ronda Patrick says

    Love my Keurig! My sister in law uses it every once in a while, she keeps hoping I will win one for her! 😉

  85. mechele johnson says

    I am a coffee fanatic! I grew up in Hawaii on the Big Island. I was spoiled with fantastic coffee!
    A Keurig would be amazing due to the fact that in my home, everyone knows not to talk to mom untill she’s had her coffee. This way they could talk to me sooner…
    RC name: Mechele JOhnson

  86. debbie miller says

    want,,,want…saving for a keurig brewer, for months…will get one someway, someday…everyone I have spoken with….loves theirs

  87. Denise Anderson says

    I think I may have blood in my coffee stream….WAITRESS!!!

  88. I love the idea of everyone getting the type of coffee they want (I’m a medium-roast girl and my BF loves a dark bitter roast.)

  89. i would love to win this keurig!

  90. Laura Kathleen says

    My mom has this system and I love it! I’d love one for my apartment. I really like the refillable K-Cups so you can choose any type of coffee. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  91. I have wanted a Keurig forever! Thanks for the giveaway! I am a coffee lover!

  92. Natalie Brown says

    Hi! I have seen and heard so much about the coffee machines I’d love to have one. These photographs are beautiful. Was there a certain filter used on them? Thank-you

  93. RICHARD HICKS says

    I have always wanted a Keurig. Such great features on it!

  94. My grown daughter has a Keurig. After trying hers, I’d love to have one.

  95. Mary Casper says

    I have wanted a keurig for a long time. Coffee is my favorite drink

  96. I’d be giving the Keurig system to mother as an early Mother’s Day gift! She deserves to have something very special as a way to show my appreciation for her hard work she has done, since well forever! =D I’ve heard so many good things about the wonderful product that is the Keurig system. It’s faster than normal coffee makers, which would work wonders for my mother, who is always on a busy schedule. With different varieties of flavors and aromas to choose from, I think the hardest part would be selecting the right flavor for the day! XD Thanks for hosting this giveaway, good luck and take care! =D

  97. Arik Issan says

    I love coffee – hazelnut, vanilla, lots of sugar.

  98. Whitney Butler says

    It’s unspeakable the amount of difference there is between one cup of regular coffee and one cup of coffee from a Keurig! GO KEURIG! I definitely need one of these so I can stop using the one at the office!

  99. I would love to win a Keurig Special Edition Brewing System so I can make myself some tea, some cocoa, and some cider, and so that my mother can make herself some coffee, she is the coffee lover in the house.

  100. Not a coffee drinker myself, but I would love this as a gift for a dear friend

  101. Linda Kish says

    Keurig’s make great coffee. I’d love to win one for my sister.

  102. I love coffee and would love to win.

  103. I love iced coffee and I hear they have Keiurg iced cofee

  104. Marsha Hinton says

    My daughter got one for Christmas and just loves it.

  105. sarah jerome says

    awesome giveaway… have wanted one for a very long time…. love the thought that u can have fresh coffee brewed in a minute… get for on the go or just for a nightly cup or if u have company stop…. thanks for the chance..

  106. Wow! What gorgeous photographs! I hope someday you get to take your family to visit Columbia. It looks like it would be an amazing experience. And imagine drinking that coffee! Mmmm.. Thanks for sharing your photos and for having this giveaway.

  107. This would be great because I live alone and don’t have to make a big pot

  108. I have wanted a Keurig for awhile now, I just haven’t been able to justify spending the money! Winning this would be awesome!

  109. tracy davis says

    I would love to win a Keurig!

  110. ELIZABETH C. says

    I drink coffee several times a day. This would Definately come in handy. It’s quick and easy.

  111. I would love to make coffee in this brewer.

  112. Kyl Neusch says

    love using keurigs

  113. I LOVE coffee~A day does not start in my house,up until I have my coffee.
    There is nothing that I want more than to have a Keurig coffee maker.
    I so love your pictures of where the coffee farms.A real eye opener,that I watched on
    t.v.was a television show my husband and I watched,about a coffee person that went into
    Columbia~it was a excellent show to see these poor farmers growing coffee beans.Was an
    excellent show and we did not know the name~but it sure was very interesting.It made me really
    appreciate my morning cup of coffee.

  114. I love my Keurig for coffee or great teas. This is the best coffee maker I have ever owned and has been a great Christmas present!

  115. Sandy Cain says

    Coffee is a major food group, isn’t it? Oh, yeah!

  116. mickeyfan says

    We’re a household divided. He wants his dark and unflavored. For me? Gotta be flavored. And preferably with some cream. Keurig? Answer to prayers.

  117. This brings back some great memories of the time that I have spent in Cali, Colombia and San Jose de Heredia, Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

  118. Tabathia B says

    I like the Cinnabon® Classic Cinnamon Roll Coffee

  119. Corey Olomon says

    I’ve always wanted to get a Keurig.

  120. ken smith says

    I would love one of these I love coffee!

  121. Gotta have the go-go juice in the morning if I want to get anything done!

  122. Ken Cooper says

    I would love a Keurig for my camper I just bought.

  123. Stephen Saunders says

    I’ve been trying for the longest time now to win a Keurig, and this is exactly the model I’d like to win — the special edition. ^_^

  124. Jessica Menster says

    How lucky for you to have such a connection to another country! I have not had the chance to try a Keurig before, but I would so love to! I can’t imagine having a delicious drink in such a short amount of time!

  125. I want to own a Keurig.

  126. Alana Vester says

    I would love to win this! I work overnights and go to school after work. There are days that I need coffee to keep me going. My regular coffee pot just died on me and unfortunately I can’t afford another one right now because of my job cutting my hours.

  127. jose benavides says

    I would love this..i have an old coffee maker and have always wanted this machine..

  128. I do so want to be able to make a single cup of coffee for myself! Great giveaway!

  129. Marty Musser says

    I LOVE our Keurig. This one would definitely be an upgrade, and I could move our “old” one to the guest room!

  130. Molly Hearn says

    I am hoping to win one of these someday because I believe hubby and my teens would love it.

  131. christine jessamine says

    I would love to own a keurig! I love how fast and convenient they are to use.

  132. kelly Nicholson says

    Please leave a relevant comment.

    i have an old keurig…give me a new one!..thank

  133. any machine that makes me a good cup of hot chocolate or tea is a-okay in my book.

  134. I would love to have a Keurig….right now I don’t have a coffee maker!!!

  135. Rebecca Graham says

    Would love to win this. I am the only coffee drinker in the house.

  136. Laurie Nykaza says

    My sister has one of these and just loves it for coffee or making tea as well quick and easy.

  137. As a serious a coffee and tea addict as everyone in my house is, I have no idea why we don’t already have a Keurig. Definitely behind on times! 🙂

  138. joe armstrong says

    with two girls in the house and a little boy on the way this would make the morning rush of waking up easier

  139. Kathie Craig says

    I have been trying to win a Keurig for months. I would love to make hot chocolate and tea with a Keurig.

  140. Crystal Gibson says

    Congrats to your sister in law and your family with the new addition. Our new addition is expected in July, Im sure the morning rush is about to get much worse and our morning cup might be compromised! LOL.. Ive been trying to get a Keurig for years, and with 2 lil ones they will always take priority in this house. I love the pics you have shared with us, they are gorgeous! Would love to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the scenery!

  141. Jara Christensen says

    I actually just started my love of coffee and am currently using a loaned old coffee maker! :/ So a Keurig would be amazing!

  142. Lynda Del says

    I’ve been wanting one of these Keurig brewers for so long now! Fingers crossed!!

  143. My husband swore he’d never drink coffee from a Keurig, he’s too picky about his coffee, and he thought that it wouldn’t have good flavor. Then he tried a cup made with one of those non-consumable filter pod thingies. I couldn’t believe it, but it passed the test.

  144. Dianne Hahn says

    As someone in the modern world who has not tried a Keurig I would like the opportunity to have my morning coffee made by a machine that everyone claims is so fabulous. I like the flavored coffees so I have a few to work my way through and share a cup with my mother and sisters when we all get together.

  145. Elizabeth says

    I’ve used Keurigs before and really enjoyed it. It’s really nice when everyone can choose their own beverage and flavor.

  146. jennifer aikens says

    We own a Keruig right now but I would love one for upstairs too! I have a perfect spot in my bathroom for it!

  147. Lisa Konieczke says

    Wouldn’t it be great to get coffee via IV? Haha, just kidding. I love the fresh brew from a Keurig. And speaking of gifting, if I won this Keurig I would gift it to my Mother, I believe she deserves the fresh brew as well.

  148. Kim Pinch says

    I love coffee anytime of day. I didn’t know there was a Keurig with programmable temperature, that would be great for us as my husband likes his coffee cooler than I do.

  149. I have wanted one for so long! Thanks for the opportunity!

  150. I Love the Smell of fresh brewed coffee in the Morning!
    Love My Keurig!
    This would Make a Great Shower Gift!

  151. Tari Lawson says

    I would love a Keurig to share with my coworkers.

  152. I really enjoyed the photos of your uncle’s coffee farms. My husband has always told me stories of how his grandfather grew coffee years ago in Puerto Rico and how, even as a child, he helped with all the processes. And, like you, he is a SERIOUS coffee lover!

  153. I would love a Keurig. Thanks for the chance!

  154. Donna Quarles says

    My husband is a coffee addict & this would be perfect for him.

  155. gayle gildehaus says

    I would love to have a Keurig,thanks for the giveaway

  156. Taylor Schell says

    I too used to have a single serving keurig and while it was much easier than brewing a pot of coffee I much prefer the reservoir keurig systems.

  157. Rocking pics!!

  158. Robert Shank says

    I have never had a high quality coffee maker.

  159. My MIL got a Keurig for Christmas and I’m so jealous! My SO doesn’t drink coffee, so it seems wasteful to make a pot just for me (and I can never get the smaller proportions right if I try to brew less). This would be an awesome addition to my kitchen!

  160. Tom Bellamy says

    I would love to own one of these.

  161. Emily Morelli says

    My husband is a coffee addict but I prefer tea. When I learned that a Keurig can brew both, I was sold! I agree that they make great gifts and plan to get one for my in-laws to keep in their RV.

  162. Oohh….. I really want to try the Keurig!

  163. heather eg kaufman says

    I would love to win this. We love our coffee!

  164. I love coffee and would love to have a new coffee maker my is getting old now.

  165. It’d be great to win a Keurig b/c I love (good) coffee and have 3 different ways to make it at home but alas no cup-at-a-time method (aka keurig). I enjoyed your article and the pics esp the ones of coffee from cherry to ground and the fincas. Thank you for providing such a wonderful giveaway oppty for us. 🙂

  166. I am a huge coffee lover! My day always starts out with 1-2 cups of hot black coffee.

  167. Sents Saver says

    I’ve always wanted a keurig!! coffee is my favorite thing to drink!

  168. Lily Sheng says

    Just heard Keurig revealed Donut Shop is America’s favorite K-cup brand, can’t wait to try it, thanks so much for the giveaway!

  169. Can I just say, it’s so pretty! Would love to have this on my counter!

  170. Great giveaway! Almost everyone in my house wants a Kuerig. Thanks for the chance

  171. I feel like I am the last person on earth to get a Keurig. So want one!!!

  172. I absolutely love my coffee in the morning and a Keurig would make it better!

  173. Cathy Philipps says

    i would love to try this brewer!

  174. courtney b says

    our keurig just broke so we really need a new one!

  175. I love coffee and would love to win this giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  176. wow! those photos are beautiful! enjoying it over my morning cup o joe … !

  177. I have wanted one forever! Fingers crossed and thank you for the giveaway!

  178. Rachael Ashcraft says

    I’ve only ever used a Keurig at my dentist’s office. He had about 20 different drinks to chose from! It was really good and I’ve been meaning to get one ever since.

  179. I love my Keurig machine. I would love to give this to my parents.

  180. tanya holland says

    I have been wanting a keuring for a while now. This would be great for my family.

  181. amanda whiltey says

    i am obsessed with coffee.. i love the look of this keurig! so fancy

  182. love keurigs, the coffee tastes amazing from it!

  183. I would love a Keurig! I’m addicted to coffee 🙂

  184. Can’t live without my coffee

  185. Thanks for the FAB giveaway! I totally love your photos! Great quality, makes me feel as though I’m there 🙂

  186. I have been wanting a Keurig for years now but simply can’t afford to spend that much on one.

  187. Leslie Rodriguez says

    I would love this for my husband and kids. I don’t drink coffee but I do love hot chocolate.

  188. I know my son wants one of these cause he spends a lot of money buying coffee every day instead of making a pot of coffee for one person

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  189. follow u? I would stalk you if I thought it would help me win, LOL

  190. Thomas Chappell says

    My fiancee loves coffee it’s too bad every time someone makes a pot at her office it taste terrible. This would solve that problem

  191. rebeka deleon says

    I used this all the time when visiting my dad. I love it. I like that you can make iced coffee or tea because I would rather drink it cold! yum

  192. Katherine says

    I loved the pics and a little of your background with coffee

  193. Elizabeth says

    Such beautiful pictures! I would love to win this for my dad.

  194. Nesca Crespo says

    My boyfriend and I have always wanted a Keurig to try out. I think it’s an amazing little machine!

  195. I rarely have coffee cause I’m one of those that has a black thumb when it comes to fixing coffee! I usually get coffee through a drive-thru. I think these machines are brilliant for someone like me!

  196. Hubby would love this! Thank you for the chance!

  197. Joanna Allison says

    A charcoal filter on the Keurig sounds great.

  198. I would love to win this Keurig!! I love my coffee and a fresh cup every time?! I’m IN!! Thank you for the chance.

  199. Tiffany Greene Elliott says

    First I want to say beautiful photos!!
    You couldn’t get me to drink coffee until I met my husband about 15 yrs ago! I love drinking coffee hot or cold and so does he!!
    We have always wanted a Keurig!! I read that it also does hot chocolate, and tea!! How awesome!!
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win!!

  200. Missy Marie says


  201. This would be great for iced coffee with a splash of liquer

  202. John Hutchens says

    I love coffee and the keurig would save me lots of time in the morning

  203. nancy munson says

    would love to win a Keurig-brewing 1 cup at a time fast would save me money from buying it at the gas station

  204. When the Keurig machines first came out I thought it was a silly idea. But I’m slowly coming around to the idea. I love the idea of having variety at your fingertips. And it would be great for when I have company.

  205. Robin Abrams says

    Start the coffee IV now. I live on coffee. I love the Keurig makers. Crossing my fingers

  206. Kathy Davis says

    My son uses the Keurig Machine at his school. I would love to win this for him to have one at home.

  207. Would love to win this!

  208. Kathy Hanley says

    I do not own a Keurig but I think I would love one. I like to drink a stronger coffee in the morning and I know my family would love hot chocolate and ice coffee drinks.

  209. Annmarie W. says

    A lot of my friends have a Keurig, and they all love it! Thanks for sharing the great pics…I especially love that one of your uncle.

  210. Helen Keeler says

    Keurig makes the best coffee each time. I love that I can serve a verity of flavors even hot chocolate.

  211. Great giveaway. I could really use a much better tasting cup of coffee in the mornings.

  212. kathy dalton says

    id love a keurig. What an awesome product

  213. Kelley Galyen says

    Keurig Keurig please come to me, so I can make some coffee and tea!! Thanks for the great giveaway!!

  214. My sister loves her keurig; I’ve been jealous of it for a while.

  215. Coffee is the most important start to my day. Now if I only had a Keurig!

  216. Marilyn Nawara says

    Sounds like it brews an excellent cup of coffee — would love to try it!

  217. Katie Bellamy says

    I need this so bad!! 🙂

  218. Would love to win!

  219. Jeremy Johnson says

    I probably drink more coffee than I should, but it’s actually calming for me.

  220. soha molina says

    I;d love to win this for my mom.

  221. Crytstal Blood says

    Would love to win this to replace my keurig that kicked the bucket

  222. I remember when I had coffee from a Keurig for the first time at my sisters house. It was so good! I like a light roast hazelnut coffee. Now I can’t even drink instant like I used to. It’s so strange how it does that to our taste buds. Thank you for the awesome giveaway 🙂
    This has nothing to do with the giveaway, but I’m going to be a grandma for the first time. My granddaughter Chloe is due in 3 wks and I’m so excited! Can you tell LOL!!

  223. Kelly Greenwood says

    I love a good strong cup of coffee everyday. Keurig machines are amazing.

  224. Melissa Benson says

    I’m not big on coffee but I love tea and hot chocolate. If I had one of those Keurig machines I would drink tea more.

  225. I would love to win a Kuerig~thank you

  226. susan smoaks says

    coffee is in my blood too and i would love to win a keurig because i want to try all the different k cups. i am tony l smoaks on rafflecopter.

  227. There’s a keurig at work. I’d love to have one at home, too.

  228. Melissa Teears says

    Love the pics. What a great story. I done own a Keurig so thank you so much for the opportunity.

  229. I’ve always wanted a Keurig! I see all the delicious K-cups in the stores, but I can’t ever buy them!

  230. Who wouldn’t love to have coffee in less than a minute I hate waiting for the coffee pot in the morning

  231. I love my Keurig, I have had it for 3 years. I need one for my workspace:)

  232. alena svetelska says

    love keurig,i drink coffee every morning and my kids their tea and hot chocolate in the morning,Would love to win this.

  233. Kelli Taylor says

    Keurig makes a good cup of coffee

  234. Beanybopp says

    My husband has been asking me for one of these for a year now! I would love to win one for him for a surprise!! I think that he is getting bored of just plain coffee. 🙂

  235. Teresa Thompson says

    Keurig makes a perfect cup of coffee.

  236. Your photos are incredible. I would love to win this and give it to my husband. He would be thrilled.

  237. Denise A. says

    I’ve wanted a Keurig for quite a while… just haven’t been able to justify the cost. Everyone else in the house drinks regular coffee, I prefer flavored. Being able to make a single cup while still having a pot of regular for the rest of my family would be IDEAL.

  238. I love coffee and I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the Keurig Brewers – I would love to try one! 🙂

  239. I have always wanted a keurig but couldnt afford one. thanks for the chance

  240. I believe in my home would probably fade away and disappear if it were not from the daily intake of Coffee… to say that we are avid fans of coffee is putting it lightly.

  241. I have wanted a Keurig ever since they came out. Thanks for this chance.

  242. Peter Jones says

    Javajavajavajava………..keeps me focused

  243. I agree! Coffee is in the bloodlines. Great coffee makes any day better. Love your photos…I’m glad I found your blog.

  244. maleficent m says

    my espresso machine is about to break. i could really use this

  245. Erica Saldivar says

    I dont own a Keurig yet, Ive heard nothing but good things!

  246. I’d love to have this new brewing system

  247. Sarah Hirsch says

    Keurigs seem like they would make having coffee or any other hot beverages so much easier

  248. I want one of these so bad. Thank you for the chance!

  249. To win a Kuerig would be a dream come true for me.Thank-you for the opportunity to win one.
    To think you can have all the different flavors would be so delightful. 🙂

  250. Dericka Buckels says

    I would love to have a Keurig for my morning coffee.

  251. Your photos are stunning! Plus I LOVE coffee so thank you for the chance to win

  252. steve weber says

    my family drinks a ton of coffee.. they would love this!

  253. Brandi Price says

    We have a Keurig and love it and my mom wants one now! Would love to win it for her Mother’s Day present!!

  254. Brenda Robinson says

    I would luv to win this; I heard its the best coffee maker.

  255. keurig makes it so easy to have a cup of coffee in the morning

  256. Tara Liebing says

    I would love to try the Keurig machine. I have never tried any of their products. Thanks

  257. Tara Braun says

    This would be great to have.

  258. Melissa Cunningham says

    Can’t live w/out my coffee!

  259. I would love to have one of these coffee makers. I have tried it only once while staying in a motel. Love it!

  260. I love Kuerig, I don’t know how anyone lives without one.

  261. Ahhhh, the perfect gadget for my daily coffee habit!

  262. Nancy Loring says

    I like the pride you have for your heritage. What a beautiful country your mother is from.


  264. Katie Klein says

    Columbia looks gorgeous! I LOVE coffee. The taste, the smell it is all just so good.

  265. sara giresi says

    I need coffee to function!! This would be great! So fast and efficient!

  266. Tasha Hudgeons says

    I am also a coffee addict. It’s quite bad actually… If I don’t have a cup within 20 minutes of waking up I get a crazy headache! Can’t function without lots of coffee! Love keurigs also! Would love to win this! Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  267. Christy H says

    I love our keurig! I’d love to win one to gift to a friend that doesn’t have one yet.

  268. Victoria Carlson says

    Having a Keurig in our home would make it so easy for my husband and I as coffee lovers to make our coffee the way we like when we want it!

  269. We have something like this at work and I love it… I need one for home on the weekends, now!

  270. I would so love to own one of these! Keurigs have always been out of the budget but maybe someday. 🙂

  271. Brittney House says

    This would be a great gift for my mother. She loves coffee.

  272. I love trying out different Keurig K-Cups. This machine comes in handy when I need a quick cup of coffee. The brews are very tasty.

  273. My co-workers and I were just discussing the option of buying a Keurig for the office. I would love to win this and surprise them all.

  274. Still sleepy…need more coffee…a Keurig would be so handy!!

  275. I love a good cup of coffee. I want one of these badly. Been begging the husband for one for my birthday for a couple of years.

  276. Oh how I would LOVE to have my very own Keurig and not have to go to my mom’s for a cup everyday!!

  277. Miranda MCCallister says

    Keurigs are freaking amazing invention. Save money by not wasting coffee, each person can have the flavor they want. I love them!

  278. Cheryl Rogers says

    The photos of the countryside where the delectable Coffee beans grow were inspiring, and makes me love my java even more!

  279. I love vanilla iced coffee topped with whipped cream I could not live without it!

  280. Lisa Garland says

    I have to have my coffee every morning! Have been wanting to try a Keurig!!

  281. I have really wanted a Keurig.

  282. Karen Martin says

    I love making myself a personalized cup of coffee. My husband and I have different coffee tastes so this would be perfect. Thanks

  283. I’ve been really wanting to try one of this. I have an old 4 cup coffee maker.

  284. I resisted the idea of Keurigs for a long time but I think it’s time to give in!

  285. D Schmidt says

    I have tried a couple of different coffee machines but never a Keurig, sounds like something I should try.

  286. natalie yeoman says

    i have always wanted a keurig fingers crossed

  287. Katherine Donovan says

    My good friend lived in Columbia for about 10 years. She speaks of the beauty of the land and the coffee. She said the coffee is out of this world!!

  288. Your article was so interesting!!! I am a huge coffee lover
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  289. Your photos are great and I am a coffee lover. I love coffee all day, It tastes wonderful.

  290. Thank-You so much for this giveaway and being so kind to share the beautiful pictures.
    I would love to win a Kuerig,because I love coffee and I think I would so enjoy the
    different kinds I would be able to make

  291. courtneyi31 says

    I have always wanted a keurig.

  292. Linda Heng says

    Awesome read, love your blog! My fiancé and I are big coffee fans and are getting married in 3mths we would love a keurig. My sister has one and she raves about it all the time. Thank you for being so generous to give one away to a random fan 🙂

  293. Kyle Pierce says

    Love your photos! I have viewed your blog before – very nice. I expecially like the sewing projects, they inspire me. The Keurig is a lovely giveaway. I work at home alone and making one cup of fresh coffee is a luxury. Many thanks!

  294. Me and my boyfriend just got out first apartment and this would be amazing to have this

  295. My husband is from Venezuela, and when we moved here it was something for him to find coffee good enough. Coffee is definitely in his blood!

    I loved the photo from coffee cherry to ground coffee. I’d never seen all those stages together in this way.

  296. I love the story and the pictures of the coffee, I never knew there was a coffee “cherry” that is really neat. I have drank coffee for many, many years it is my drink of choice but I never realized the different stages of the coffee bean. Your pictures are beautiful. Thanks so much.

  297. Thank-You for a chance to win the Kuerig Special Edition.
    It would be a dream come true to own one.
    Looking at your pictures is truly delightful and peaceful~would be wonderful
    looking at this with my coffee in the morning.

  298. Luv ur photo’s the views are breath taking,
    Thanks 4 the chance to win this amazing giveaway, luv luv coffeeee

  299. Coffee + Family = Smiles! I’d love to gift this to my mom, who has always wanted one!

  300. Raychelle says

    I don’t have kids but a Keurig sure would help speed up my mornings as well!

  301. PHYLLIS JOYCE says

    I LOVE COFFEE !!!!!!!

  302. Ceinwyn R says

    We’d really like to try a Keurig not just because it brews coffee but also tea and cocoa! Plus, this would hopefully stop my husband from microwaving yesterday’s old coffee. EWWW!

  303. I love Keurig products

  304. Kristy Thiel says

    I love keurig – it’s so easy for everyone to get what they want!

  305. I always thought those keurigs were cool looking.

  306. Carl Cederlund says

    I love iced coffee when it is warm. Summer is coming up.

  307. I would love to win a Keurig! I only drink one cup of coffee at a time so I always end up wasting some, even in a small coffee pot!

  308. tracy webb says

    Coffee makes everyday great.

  309. Priscilla P. says

    I love my coffee.

  310. Would be so wonderful to finally have a Keurig!

  311. candice foster says

    I love the mugs in the pic. Mmmm coffee looks delish

  312. I love the single cup brewer I have now but it is having issues. I would really love a new one.

  313. I would love to have a keurig…I’ve never had one!

  314. I’d love a Keurig!

  315. jennifer walker says

    i love coffee and tea

  316. DailyWoman (Lacey) says

    I have wanted one of these forever and have tried to win so many times. I love my coffee.

  317. Dawn Monroe says

    I drink coffee morning, noon and night but because of that alot goes to waste. Id like to have a Keurig to be ableto indivindividual cups, eliminate waste and try all the amazing flavors available.

  318. Wonderful post, Monica. Love your photos!

    I use my Keirig every morning. My mom is visiting. She has been using mine every morning as well. I would love to win one for her.

  319. Amanda Phillips says

    Coffee is my bestest friend!

  320. I am a tea (iced mainly) drinker, hubby is a coffee drinker and loves his iced coffee I see they have some great over ice choices, this would be perfect for us, we can each brew what we like separately

  321. I have an addiction to iced coffee, this would be perfect.

  322. Cassie Korando says

    First off, your photographs are gorgeous! I love the convenience of a Keurig and the availability of so many different coffees and teas.

  323. I always love cafecitos and especiallly un cortadito! I am part Cuban, and there is something speacial about having a cup with family after lunch or even the 3 o’clock slump with a sweet snack! I love Keurigs, and this one is super awesome! I want:)


  324. I like good coffee. I always add a dash of sugar and cream. Thanks for the chance!

  325. tina reynolds says

    I would love this and surprising hubby too so many favors I want to try!

  326. cylina williams says

    I love coffee..if I didn’t have any I think I would sleep all day:) Thanks for the chance!

  327. I’ve had Keurig envy for awhile now, would love to win!

  328. One of the few things missing in my kitchen.
    It sure would be nice!

  329. would love to win this for my sister for Christmas!

  330. The photos of Columbia are gorgeous. My mom loves coffee and this would make it easier then making a full pot.

  331. I love coffee every morning.

  332. Denise Welch says

    Sure could use this my coffee maker broke and I have been using instant coffee

  333. Cálaeb Temple says

    i’ve cut down oncoffee so this would be good to have around!

  334. Mary Jacobowitz says

    I want to win this for a good friend.

  335. always wanted a keurig

  336. I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile now

  337. Dorrie Turner says

    I think a terrifically made hot beverage can totally relax or wake you up (depending what you are making) and can make you feel terrific! I think Keurig makes it very simple to make a delicious beverage when you want, what you want is almost a necessity to keep you balanced and sane!!!!

  338. I sooooo need a new coffee maker!!

  339. Nothing like a good cup of Joe on a cold morning!

  340. Crossing my fingers! LOVE LOVE LOVE Iced Coffee

  341. janet aycock says

    i would love to win a keurig brewer

  342. Christina T says

    The photos you provided were all beautiful. I too especially love a good strong small cup of coffee after dinner and for me it brings back a lot of childhood memories. All the holidays my family spent together and how after the dinners the adults would all sit around the table again and play dominoes, while drinking coffee. It was my abuela that gave me my first taste and who laughed at me when I made face. Now I can’t get enough. 🙂

  343. Best part of waking up is coffee in my cup

  344. Marissa Lynette (@imahappymess) says

    I need one of these in my life so bad! You have wonderful pictures also! Good job.

  345. Nadine Piskorowski says

    Beautiful pictures, I would love to win this one for my family. Ours just broke and was an older model. I so miss a good cup of coffee, in my mornings, afternoons, and evening. 🙁 The best and favorite appliance I ever owned.. I loved it!! Good Luck to all.

  346. Donna Bivens says

    I have been wanting one of these since they first came out. This would be wonderful to have when all my children visit on holidays. They all love coffee, but all have different tastes. That makes if really hard to get a brew that they all would enjoy. This would be a real problem solver. I would love to have this.
    By the way, the photos are absolutely breathtaking!

  347. kaitlin collins says

    I love visiting my parents because they have one of these Keurig coffee makers and I’ve always been so jealous! I make coffee every morning, but grinding the beans and cleaning the filter is so time consuming. I’d love to be able to enjoy coffee more quickly and deliciously! Thanks for hosting this giveaway 🙂

  348. rose paden says

    My hubby would love to have a Keurig! I would use it for tea but my husband loves his coffee!

  349. I am hoping to win the Kuerig~it would be something I would be able to
    cross off my Wishlist.I so enjoyed looking at all of your pictures,it looks

  350. joe gersch says

    i love coffe and this would be an easy way to make it

  351. McKenzie McClanahan says

    We have a yellow Keurig, but I had no idea that they had a special edition keurig… Wow, thats neat!

  352. Danielle Johnson says

    This would be great for myself and my husband. I would love to win. Thanks so much for the opportunity

  353. I am so entranced by all the K-Cup varieties. I badly want a Keurig so I can sample many of them, especially the hot chocolates.

  354. Brenda Robinson says

    This is the best coffee maker around!

  355. Danielle Jones says

    My best friend has been wanting one of these for awhile.

  356. Angela Ash says

    I’ve currently have a Tassimo but know people with Keurigs that love them. I’m most jealous of the pods you can fill with your own coffee. It’s great for flavors they don’t make. I’m definitely interested in a Keurig and would love to win the Keurig Special Edition Brewing System.

  357. It would make an excellent wedding present for my friends who are getting hitched soon.

  358. This is such a great coffeemaker and we are big coffee drinkers! Perfect match!

  359. Paula Michele Hafner says

    I love coffee especially flavored coffee or strong coffee with a nutty under tone to it. This would be awesome to have!

  360. ESTELA KLEMP says

    Mine desperately needs replacing! Please upgrade me! 🙂

  361. Your photos are beautiful, and I have heard so many great things about the keurigs. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  362. I love the Keurig my sis has one and it is so easy to use esp when you only need one cup.

  363. My husband would love this! Thanks for the giveaway!

  364. I’d love to try the Keurig and be able to try all the different flavors out there without making a whole pot!

  365. This would be an ideal item for our household. My fiancé drinks coffee all day and this would be perfect!

  366. Vikki Billings says

    I would love to win this for my daughter, her coffee maker broke and she loves flavored coffee’s. I love The Keurig, it is so easy to use and I know she would love it.

  367. Amy Honious says

    I would love to win one of these. I was hesitant, but found the re-usable cups 🙂 Sometimes, I like a cup of coffee in the afternoon, but do not because I do not want a whole pot. Thanks for the very useful giveaway!

  368. I love to use Keurig! It so easy to use and not a lot to clean up!

  369. Huge coffee drinker here!

  370. Tara Woods says

    We all enjoy different coffee. This would really come in handy for making different individual cups.

  371. Monique Rizzo says

    I drink 1-4 cups of coffee daily. I LOVE IT.

  372. I would love a Keurig-the flavored coffees look delicious.

  373. Nancy Meyer says

    This is so perfect! I love how it makes a variety of drinks and so quickly!

  374. Karen Drake says

    I have really been wanting a Kuerig, I love all the flavors of coffee and teas available.

  375. wen budro says

    I’ve always wanted a Keurig….I love their assortment of coffees. I could go for a caffeine infusion right now.

  376. I would love love LOVE to win this! I love my moms keurig!!

  377. Francine Anchondo says

    Thanks for the chance

  378. I’ve been longing for a Keurig coffee machine for a while now. I <3 coffee!!!

  379. Michael W Perkins says

    Been on my wish list for a while now.

  380. There is one of these at my office and I’d love to have one at home!

  381. Allyson Bossie says

    Those pics of Columbia are amazing! Such a beautiful place~!

  382. Wendy Rozema says

    I’d love to win this Keurig Coffee, I love to drink coffee, and I like the variety of K-cups that Keurig makes!

  383. I love to have a sweet flavored coffee on the night shift I work at the hospital!

  384. Sylvia White says

    This would be so handy

  385. amy williams says

    I would love to have one of these i tried talking my husband into getting one but he said no 🙁 because no one besides me would be using it.

  386. My uncle has one of these and loves it. I think I want one now.

  387. I love good coffee and I like your photos.

  388. Ive always wanted a Keurig! I currently have an off brand single cup maker. I love the Starbucks Blonde Roast K Cups. Would love to have a real Keurig to use them in!!

  389. Karrie Millheim says

    I have always wanted a Keurig. The kcups have so many different flavored coffees, teas and hot y um

  390. Blessie Nelson says

    I love how wonderful and easy keurig makes coffee everyday! It would be a dream to win one for life!

  391. I went to Costa Rica years back and had some fantastic local coffee. I brought some home for everyone. I wish I could find it here. Ordering online would take forever because of customs.

  392. Peggy Rydzewski says

    It is springtime here and it is so nice to sit on the deck with a cup and French vanilla cappuccino.

  393. Dawn Sterner says

    I cannot start my day without coffee! This would be amazing to have! Thanks 🙂

  394. Cheryl B. says

    I really enjoy creating iced coffee in my Keurig.

  395. I don’t have a coffee machine, so this would be a great first one!

  396. Michelle S says

    I would love to have a new Keurig!

  397. I’d love to win this for my parents

  398. Big coffee drinkers here in my family would lvoe to win this for my mom .This is the best machine..

  399. Ashley Fryer says

    That is such a beautiful picture of your uncle. I have been wanting a Keurig for the past year.

  400. CJ Godfrey says

    I would really like to have one of these. This post was very informative! I really like the coffee cup you selected as part of the photos. I would like to have a set of that as well. Who is the manufacturer?

  401. I live on coffee- in fact, my tagline is powered by caffeine and fun. My daughters have wanted one of these forever. 😉

  402. Rebecca Lock says

    My son would like to take a Keurig with him to college.

  403. Those are beautiful pictures! I’m a total coffee addict (I think I drink coffee from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m…. I just switch to decaf at some point ha). I’d love to win 🙂

  404. MARIA simon says


  405. Felicia Peters says

    This would be a wonderful gift for my grandfather…he is addicted to coffee! 🙂 I swear he drinks about 3 pots a day..

  406. Laurie Emerson says

    I love drinking coffee and have always wanted a Keurig. Thank you so much for the giveaway and beautiful pictures.

  407. Angela Cash says

    I have read so many great reviews about the Keurig brewing systems. My current brewer is almost 10 years old. It is definitely time for an upgrade.

  408. I love that this Keurig machine is not only functional but would look great on the kitchen counter!

  409. janna johnson says

    I would love to have a Kuerig to put in the new office I am expecting!~

  410. I am hoping to win the Keurig.I sure had fun every night looking at your pictures.

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