Celebrating Earth Day with Polarn O. Pyret’s Clean Out Via thredUP

Today marks the 40th celebration of Earth Day and it’s my hope that Lucia and Adrian stay interested and invested in one of the most important issues of our time. I do like to believe that our small, everyday steps will contribute to a much larger collective difference.

When it comes to clothing, we always pass on garments to cousins, friends and various organizations – and I love a great upcycle sewing project.  However, the kiddo growth-trajectory always necessitates new clothing and I’ve wanted to look into some sort of barter system for quite some time.  Polarn O. Pyret, a premium children’s wear brand from Sweden recently reached out to me in regards to their partnership with thredUP, an online consignment store.  Participating in their “Clean Out” by sending pre-owned clothes to thredUP in exchange for PO.P credits, provided the perfect family activity in preparation for Earth Day.


Our small closets are literally exploding and sadly we have a lot of clothing from quality brands that have gone unworn.  The kiddos turned out to be great sorters and bag suffers before we sent our gently worn and new clothes off to find a new home.
Polarn O Pyret ThredUP35

The process is straightforward and simple!

  • First request free thredUp bags from Polarn O. Pyret at thredup@polarnopyretusa.com or look for the big polka-dot bag in your Polarn O. Pyret order.  They will send as many bags as needed free of charge to any US domestic address.
  • Fill the bag (up to 10 pounds!) with freshly-laundered women’s and children’s, good quality, name-brand clothing.  Please check out thredUp’s standards for detailed guidelines.
  • Make sure to register your bag online! Look for the link and detailed registration info on the bag.
  • Bring your filled bag to your local UPS or leave it outside your door for USPS to pick up.  The bag’s prepaid shipping label covers all shipping costs!
  • Accepted clothing will be resold on thredUp, and customers can earn 10-40% of the resale value of accepted clothing as Polarn O. Pyret shopping credits.


I fell for Polarn O. Pyret’s signature stripes as soon as I set foot in their Tribeca store here in NYC, and I’ll never get enough of my boy in their suspenders!  The children have recently been wearing outfits from Polarn O. Pyret (pictured above) and I can’t say enough great things about their well-structured, comfortable, easy to coordinate pieces. The soft materials are designed to withstand the test of time allowing each piece to be passed down.  I’ve found the non-fussy clothing to be suitable for everyday play and school, and put together enough for special events.  Functional adjustable waistbands and generous sizing allow the clothing to last more than one season.  Many of their pieces are unisex, and I’ve found all of their garments to be incredibly practical.

I love that Polarn O. Pyret doesn’t want to “feed the throw-away culture with a $5 T-shirt” and is committed to environmental and social responsibility.  The shopping credits received back from thredUP will allow us to invest in new PO.P clothes that are designed to be worn and washed with longevity – and passed down or recycled on the second hand market.  My family is happy to be a part of this continuous cycle.

Visit Polarn O. Pyret to learn more about their thredUp partnership.

This post is sponsored by Polarn O. Pyret.  Opinions, as always, are my own.



  1. I like that you get shopping credits in return. That’s more fun that money because you know right away you’re going to be shopping for kiddo clothes (one of my most favorite things to do!).

  2. I love getting kids clothes and it makes it more fun when you get shopping credits in exchange.
    Your kids are always so well dressed

  3. That is a cool program. I usually just Freecycle my kids clothing or give it to family if they need it, but it’s good to know this is another option.

    • We do the same Robin – I think it’s important to pass down to family and friends and others in need. I think that this option is a good one though. I’m excited to test it out!

  4. I have been going through my closets and cleaning out also. I am amazed at how many clothes I have that I don’t wear. My Daughter, Grandkids and I swap clothing and what we don’t use, we give away. I need to check out Polarn O. Pyret.

  5. What a great program! So glad to see clothes being passed to someone else that would enjoy them.

  6. I have heard of thredup and I think next time we have a bunch of clothing I’m going to do this!

  7. Great way to recycle used clothes and your kids looked like they enjoyed doing it! I never let any of my kids things go to waste, I have so many babies in our “extended family” so I pass everything to them.

  8. This sounds like a fantastic program! I really love thoughtful retailers such as this one.

  9. I love Thread up and the POP brand sounds like sturdy clothes for the kids. Your photos are so cute!

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