Six-Year-Old Fashion || Featuring Monster Coats

At six-years-old, I often see Lucia wanting to engage with the world in grown-up ways.  Yet there is still so much fancifulness within her.  Albeit time consuming, I imagine that I will mourn the day when she doesn’t try to sneak off to school in a partial costume – representative of an elaborate story she conjured up.  Her sense of style reflects her creativity.  It is truly little girl imagination at its finest.

Although she doesn’t have the freedom to adorn herself exactly how she sees fit for the first-grade, every now and then she becomes smitten with something that she can wear to school.  Enter Monster Coats:

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If Lucia had the opportunity to design a winter coat, I believe that it would look exactly like this.  I think that Lucia’s Monster Coat speaks for itself.  Designed with the intention of “never loosing your child on a ski slope”, I can easily spot her in the school pick-up line. Whether uptown, downtown or visiting Grandparents in the suburbs –  we can’t go anywhere without smiles, comments and requests for more information.  These furry, colorful coats are available in a variety of colors, and we have found them to be Polar Vortex suitable.  Best of all, they are on substantial end of season markdown!

As the founders say:

Don’t be cold, be cool!

I participate in a compensated program with Monster Coats and received a sample to facilitate this review.  Opinions, as always, are my own. 



  1. I love the “don’t be cold, be cool”. And Lucia definitely is cool in that coat. If you have to wear a coat you may as well look great in it.

  2. I’m a grown woman. Is it odd for me to want one for myself? Beautiful photos!

    • Seriously, I wore something similar (raspberry color) is college! I think they may have a market for the college-on group! And I just saw that their new collection includes doggie-wear!

  3. I LOVE Lucia’s imagination, creativity, style and awesomeness…move over Gloria, I have a new idol. 😉

    • Ha! Thanks for the kind words. Her stories seriously never stop – just yesterday my MIL and I were cracking up while trying to have her try on a new dress. She needed to pause to stand in front of the mirror as “the naked statue of liberty”. 🙂

  4. You have paired it with the perfect hat. I can see every kid everywhere (well, everywhere cold that is) LOVING this coat!!

  5. Soooo cute! My son saw your daughter’s coat as we were leaving the Swiffer event and was obsessed with it!

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