LeapFrog Letter Factory Adventures – The Letter Machine Rescue Team

We had a  long weekend at Granny and Poppy’s house.  Two full days of time well spent with family always serve as a reminder of what is truly important.  With plenty of little ones frolicking around, we certainly kept the Grandparents on their toes.  Kiddie-spazz-attack hour never ceases to emerge during our big family gatherings. I often find myself worrying that little co-conspirators will ride a double-stuffed coaster car into a wall propelling something lovely or fragile into ultimate destruction.

Our LeapFrog viewing party arrived at a perfect hour, and little ones were thrilled to stay up late. Whoo Hoo! I think we all appreciated a bit of evening calm as the kids enjoyed watching  LeapFrog Letter Factory Adventures, The Letter Machine Rescue Team DVD.


Through adorable animated characters and catchy songs, the Letter Machine Rescue Team takes viewers on a problem-solving quest to make the Letter Factory ready for its grand opening.

The fun characters:  Leap, Tad, Lilly and friends, utilize science, math, creativity and problem solving to fix problems that they face along the ways.  As they become “junior engineers” they explore, design, build, test and improve several Letter Factory issues in captivating ways.  The kids enjoyed the  fun demonstration of adjectives and consonant blends as animated letters work together as a team to make up words.  The entire kiddie-clan was hooked for the 35 minute running time – and the educational rich content helps me do away with the “mommy guilt” I seem to associate with TV.  Although this DVD is recommended for ages 4-7 – I found it helpful for the younger set as well – as it reinforces colors, letter recognition and comparisons.

The Letter Machine Rescue Team is now available at LeapFrog.com and amazon.com.

LeapFrog provided products.  Opinions, as always, are my own. 



  1. My Grandson would love this, and so would I since it would help to entertain him while he is at our house. I will be checking into the Leapf Frog letter factory adventures.

  2. My son is a little too old for this now (he’s six), but when he was a little younger he really enjoyed the LeapFrog DVD’s – and they are super educational, too.

  3. lol at your Kiddie Spaz description. 🙂 LeapFrog to the rescue. 🙂

  4. I did not even realize they had these DVDs. I love the LeapFrog products they are so helpful so this would be perfect, my three year old would love this!

  5. This would be very entertaining for my little ones. I am going to have to check it out for sure.

  6. I actually recommended a Leap Frog product to an ex boss for his son who was having a tiny bit of trouble–Leap Frog–problem solved. His son began to learn in leaps and bounds!!

  7. I love leapfrog DVDs!! My kids learned their ABCs in an hour thanks to those videos!

  8. The kids are looking like they are loving it! Great and fun graphics for kids to follow and learn from.

  9. We love Leapfrog in our house! we have it on Netflix and my kids watch it daily!

  10. Looks like your kids were very interested. Leap is such a cute little character. 🙂

  11. We have a variety of Leapfrog products. This looks nice as well.

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