A Call To Action: Child Hunger Ends Here

Just a few weeks ago during the Polar Vortex single-digit freeze, I gratefully schlepped my kiddos to school in inclement weather upon learning about the disproportionate amount of NYC students that would go without a meal if the school systems were closed.  On a national level, more than one in five children (and more than one in four Latino children), may not know where their next meal is coming from.  The prevalence of food insecurity among U.S. children is profound and the numbers are truly eye-opening.  Nearly 16 million children do not have enough food to fuel the promise of an active, healthy childhood. 

That’s equivalent to 8,000 playgrounds full of food insecure children.

I couldn’t be more honored to be a Child Hunger Ends Here Ambassador and lend a voice to sharing simple ways to help end child hunger.  Through a partnership with ConAgra Foods and P&G up to seven million meals will be donated via the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign.


How To Help:

  • It’s easy to make a difference! Simply look for the red pushpin and locate the code found on specially indicated ConAgra Foods and P&G Products.  Enter the 8-digit code at www.ChildHungerEndsHere.com (through August 2014) and ConAgra Foods or P&G, respectively, will donate the monetary equivalent of one meal to the nation’s leading hunger-relief charity, Feeding America.
  • Through a partnership with Grammy-nominated Country Artist Hunter Hayes, Child Hunger Ends Here will donate the monetary equivalent of one meal to Feeding America (up to 1 million meals), for every download of Hunter’s new single “Invisible” on iTunes.
  • Share a favorite family photo on Instagram with the hashtag #HunterGramPromo, and Child Hunger Ends here will donate one meal towards eradicating child hunger. In addition, the instagram photo will give you a chance to win entry into an exclusive Hutger Hayes event, courtesy of Child Hunger Ends here.

One of the easiest ways to help spread the word and get involved is by joining the Child Hunger Ends Here Facebook community.  Also follow their mission of ending child hunger on Twitter, Instagram, and under the hashtag #childhunger.

Additionally, please take a moment to fill out this quick reader survey to help ConAgra Foods and The Child Hunger Ends Here campaign gauge awareness.

As a child Huger Ends Here ambassador, I was compensated for this post.  I’m honored to be a small part of this important campaign.



  1. I started this a few weeks ago! Any time I see the code on the food items I buy, I enter it in. I like that I can choose my zip code and they send money for kids meals to my zip code! Its so great they are doing this!

  2. Fantastic thanks for sharing this imporant and easy way to help the hungry kids in our own country. And entering codes…I can do that!

  3. I just joined them on Facebook and Twitter. Congrats on being the ambassador, what a wonderful message to help send!

  4. Such an important message for people to hear. Our schools are providing so much more than education for so many of our children. Food security is a concern that should be at the front of our minds, especially for children in need. Can’t wait to hear more from you on this!

  5. Yes, poverty and hunger are a huge problem in the US! Thank you for doing this. I learned ways that I can hlep and we all must act. No kid should know what it’s like to go hungry.


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