Winter Wonderland

We were just beginning to feel like we’ve officially had it with winter….

NYC snow, Winter wonderland, polar vortex

When we were pleasantly surprised with pretty glorious weather.  Temperatures warm enough to lure us to the playground.  Air that hinted of warm seasons to come.

The slush and forgotten snow boots didn’t seem to bother the children, and we all enjoyed soaking in the late-winter sun.

nyc playground winter sun at the playground

The return to our local playground was so refreshing – I felt myself truly seeing my children and joining them in the wonder inherent in being a kid.



  1. LOVE your pictures. When does winter officially over?

  2. It’s not really the snow that bothers me, it’s the freezing cold. But how beautiful the snow is when it’s warm enough to go out and enjoy it. Your pictures are beautiful, as always.

  3. Yes, it was gorge! I couldn’t believe it. Totally nice to not rush in and out of shelter, but kind of scary because my body is so not ready for the summer!! Gotta get rid of the chunk! LOL!

  4. Your pics are stunning!!! I can’t remember…have you taken photography lessons??!

  5. Way to make the most of NYC winter. Your photos are beautiful!

  6. Tell me about it! I am so over Winter, but this weekend was a VERY pleasant break from the cold. Aiden and I really enjoyed being outdoors this weekend. And now… I can’t WAIT till Spring gets here! LOL.

  7. There’s a park next to my son’s school and he asks even on the coldest of days to go play. We haven’t been able to do it yet though…way too cold here still. :/

  8. Beautiful blog. I just sent you and email and hope that you will consider collaborating with my company.

  9. It’s pretty but I’ve had it with this cold already!

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