Finding My Center

I love that you’re always so happy to see me at school pick-up.  When I’m up on the ramp, looking down at all the grown-ups, some are mad or sad or looking at their phones.  But you, you’re happy and silly and I love when you put your sunglasses on upside down.  I love seeing your face too mom”.

My first-grade daughter had no idea of how poignant her tender words were a few months ago. She had no idea how it felt to hear her clearly articulate something that I already knew about parent/child relationships on that fall afternoon.  Something as simple as looking into my loved ones eyes and being fully present in that moment is what truly matters.

Little ones are observers by nature.  They want to watch our pet fish devour their food after each feeding.   They want to feel the crunch of fresh leaves or touch each mound of snow on our daily walks home from school.  And it’s typically these sort of subtle gestures that stop me in my tracks and pull me to reflect on the sort of intentional life that I want to live. being present in motherhood I’ve made a concerted effort to identify when I’m feeling rushed or distracted at times when I shouldn’t be.  Realistically, I know that there will still be frantic school mornings in our future.  As a work-from-home mother, I know that there will be moments when electronic screens have my attention when I’d rather give it to my family.

I think that we all need moments to find our center and re-focus on the present moment.  And as mothers, we often need to be reminded of self-care so we can better care for our loved ones.  Over the past few years, I’ve identified certain things that I can do to help live a more authentic life.

    • Reflect on gratitude: This one is simple.  A few moments to reflect on the positive can work wonders.
    • Nurture relationships and authentic friendships: I’m grateful for partnership in marriage and steadfast friendships.  Taking time to nurture these special relationship is crucial.
    • Exercise: Taking care of my body physically helps to nourish my mind.
    • Eat well: Fueling my body with healthy food is important to my overall well being.  I believe in the power of breakfast and beginning each day with a solid start – Kellogg’s Special K is one of my morning favorites.
    • Pursue a special interest: Cultivating my creative interests is important to me.  I find pleasure in seeing a sewing or handmade project come to life.  I also enjoy learning about photography.

I’m grateful to wrap up this series with Team Kellogg’s with a helpful meditation tip that I’ve started to implement into my own daily life:

Albeit challenging days, motherhood continually calls me to be fully present.

Motherhood reminds me that right now is what matters most.

For more helpful tips from Team Kellogg’s visit:

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  1. I do feel like sometimes I take things for granted. My boys are only going to be little once and I think I really need to sit back and enjoy them more.

    • Somedays are definitely harder than others. I often remind myself that I can’t get these early childhood years back and when I feel better and take better care of myself – It really reflects in my love ones.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I have an added challenge, as someone who finds her center and expresses creativity through baking, I really need to be vigilant when it comes to my stance on health and healthy eating.

  3. Beautiful pics! And I love your tips on living better, too!

  4. What a great post! I agree….life goes far too fast!! You need to hold onto every moment of your children’s life because before you know it, it will be gone!!

  5. So much of this post rings true for me. I realised I was not regularly and whole heartedly practising gratitude recently and we all now spend a few moments at dinner as a family talking about what each of us are grateful for that day. I am also trying to end multi tasking. I realise now I have been short changing myself and those around me when I am dividing my attention. A wonderful post reminding me of what is important in my world.

    • I struggle with the same things Karen. I multi-task so much that I don’t even realize it sometimes. I also catch my self remembering to be present in thought and not focusing on the next “thing”.

  6. I really really enjoyed reading this and makes ya realize what you have that is important

  7. This is definitely good food for thought! As a stay at home mom, these are some wonderful tips!

  8. what an observant daughter you have she is very smart to notice so much around her.

  9. Matthew chapter 6 so beautifully reminds us not to worry. Like you, I have finally accepted that the precious present moment is what we are to focus on. God bless! 🙂

  10. You’ve posted this at the perfect time for me! I’ve been really struggling lately being back at work and trying to find balance in it all! I teach too so I feel like ALL day I’m telling kids what to do, what not to do (and so on) and then I come home to mine with NO patience left and have to do it all over again! I almost feel like it’s not rewarding at the moment…as bad as it sounds!! I need to relax, take a breath, be grateful, all the things you mentioned!! 😉

  11. I agree that the kids appreciate us being fully present. Our spouses do too, come to think of it. 🙂

    I like your positive posts all of the time, in fact, I like your blog (but I know you already knew that). Sharing the post.

  12. I love that she said that to you, I know how much it would mean to me <3

    Whenever I pick up Mason from preschool I make sure that when he starts coming down the hall he knows and sees how excited I am!

    Great tips! I especially like the gratitude one. I really need to do that, perhaps a gratitude journal is in order?

  13. What an important reminder to slow down a little and really enjoy the little moments! I need to focus on that more and it’s been a goal of mine in the new year.

  14. Such beautiful words. Sometimes we think our kids don’t see the little things, but they really do notice everything and perceive whether or not we’re fully present. Such a good reminder and great tips. Love this post Monica. xoxo.

  15. I can really relate to what you say here. As moms we often spend so much time taking care of others that we forget to take care of ourselves… and that is never good, because being happy makes us better moms, so that’s a downer all around! It’s good to take a moment to find our center and find what makes us happy and what makes us feel good and helps us recharge. Thank you for the reminder 🙂

  16. After a long day at work I just want to sleep but I remind myself that I have to spend those few hours from after school pick till bedtime with Andre. In these few hours we try to talk, eat dinner together & just unwind. oh how time is flying by!

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