Family Art

I’m always searching for ways to cure the collective crank-factor.  Especially when polar-vortex induced cabin fever sets in.  When the kids were babies, water-play worked wonders as did anything involving an epic mess.

Thankfully, we always have art on our side.  Over the past few years, I’ve seen the kids express things through art before even having the means to articulate their feelings.  There’s nothing quite like watching little ones immersed in smearing cool finger paint, or proudly describe their latest creation.  The children have a pretty amazing example in their father too.

Instead of setting the kids up with supplies, we’ve been stretching a roll of paper across the floor to make something that we all contribute to.


Family art night has worked wonders on all of our spirits.

Art absolutely = peace for everyone



  1. Seeing your husband right there on the floor with the kids makes me happy. I am always encouraging the parents in my class to get involved with their children…whatever it may be. Children become so much more engrossed in their activities when adults are involved. Their little eyes light up and they give 100%. They love it even more when they see us acting goofy…more parents need to do this with and for their children.

    • It’s funny because I set the paper roll across the floor to help brighten a major case of evening crankiness. I was thinking of the children! Family art night really makes us all feel better (grown-ups included!).

  2. So true! This allows them to express their own individualistic creative ideas on section parts, incorporate their artistic abilities with siblings and parents and also develops quite a nice bond during some family time structure! Must have been a nice treat!

  3. Please tell me about your home decor. I love the artwork!

  4. I love this, looks like so much fun. I love it when parents let kids draw how they want to and yet they make something so beautiful and so unique.

  5. Arts and crafts saved us this winter.

    • I really feel like we’ve spent more time cooped up indoors than any other winter I can remember! Thanks goodness for activities that make us all feel good.


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