Unicorns & Pom-Poms || A Homemade Dress

One of the things that I’ll certainly remember about Lucia’s fifth year of life is her love of drawing.  Most days typically begin and end with art – and this past year was filled with mountains of unicorn and pony creations.

More masterpieces that I know what to do with…

child's unicorn drawing

Her creativity inspired me to whip up a homemade unicorn themed dress.  I was on the hunt for the perfect fabric for quite some time and fell in love with this print by Pond Ripple on Spoonflower.  The pattern is a hacked up version of Mary Abreu’s Classic Peasant Top pattern from her book Little Girls Big Style.  I love the simple look of dress-tunics on Lucia and began sewing them for her a few years ago.  I decided to add our signature Pom-Pom trim because Pom-Poms make everything a bit more fun!


Although unicorns are now often replaced with girl-ninja sketches (how cool is that?!) – Lucia enjoyed wearing this little dress on our recent vacation to Florida.

I think It’s perfect for spring and ponying around!



  1. The drawing is adorable! Beautiful dress and sweet story too!

  2. I love how you just “Whip up” awesome clothes I’d expect to see hanging on a rack in a store somewhere. So cute! She looks happy in it! Go Ninjas!!

  3. It’s just as cute as can be, and I like the added touch of the poms!

  4. What a creative and fun idea and accomplishment, love it! Simple or not, I couldn’t do it.

  5. wow, you are so talented, what a memory for her

  6. wow so cute and the picture was very well drawn

  7. That dress is literally soooo cute! I honestly would wear that myself. It’s unique! Great post. 🙂

  8. Gosh it seems like forever since I have been here – I really need to do a catch up – Lucia seems to have grown so much. Seems like she has a huge artist flare going on there love the drawing. x

  9. I love that dress# I remember the days when my mom used to make my dresses. I wish that I knew how to sew. I can see my own Madison wearing this dress.

  10. Your daughter is a pretty talented little artist there. I love how you just whipped a little dress up. Go you! It is very pretty.

  11. That is amazing. I love how the sketch has come to life in the fabric.

  12. That is too adorable! I love her drawings!

  13. Oh Monica, you are a ‘rock-star mama’. LOL

    Lucia’s drawing is adorable. I have tons from the children in my class. I have never gotten a unicorn before, but I do have snakes, insects, lizards, trucks, ninjas, spiderman and batman and one little boy drew a lovely heart and next to it wrote in the neatest penmanship, ‘I love you like I love frogs.’ His mom was like, ‘That’s love right there! Because he LOVES frogs. He catches them all the time.’ I almost choked. 😀

  14. Fantastic art! The drawing and the act of making a dress, it is all art! Love!

  15. Katie Lynn says

    I LOVE this.
    Pure talent.
    Both of you.

  16. Obsessed with this dress, your precious daughter, and her beautiful art!!!! Xo


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