SIX – A Birthday Letter

To My Darling Daughter,

A few evenings ago, while you were sleeping, your father and I quickly de-Christmased the house to celebrate six glorious years of you.  I gathered a bunch of your well-loved toys and arranged them on the mantel – My Little Pony’s and unicorns, farm animals and plastic insects, trolls and aliens, and a few odds and ends.  The arrangement was joyful and bizarre.  And peculiar.  And 100% you.

You were thrilled.

We celebrated you with a surprise trip to 5th Avenue to visit the American Girl Place – a doll store mecca I wasn’t sure we’d ever enter.  My, how time changes things.  We waited in line outside for quite some time, and when we finally walked through the doors, you intently studied the dolls enclosed in the glass casing.  As I watched your little hands press up against your reflection, searching for the doll that looked most like you – I couldn’t help but think about your growing sense of self, and increasing awareness for the world around you.

You vacillate between big and little.  Between wanting to identify common ground with your peers, and being 100% unabashedly you.  Between donning costumes and more accessories than a Christmas tree, to removing a prop in certain situations.  I can easily recall the familiar feeling of searching through metaphorical glass for something similar – something just like me.  Affirmation in a bigger girl’s voice.  A nod of approval.

Sometimes when I find myself worrying about the complexities of growing up – you remind me that you are navigating this ever-changing terrain just fine.  Like when you purchased the rock collection book at your school book fair, despite the fact that your friends told you to get the princess one.  Sometimes I still inwardly stress about you being the youngest (and littlest) in your grade, but I know that there is NOTHING small about you.  Just recently, a mother told me that when her daughter was taunted after a new haircut, you walked past unkind words, looked at your friend and said “You know what?  You are beautiful”.  

You make your mama’s heart swell. 


My darling,  your name means light, and you undoubtedly personify that. Your magic is found in letting your light shine.  It is spread through your optimism, and eagerness to participate.  It is seen in the mountain of artwork that your feverishly create.   It is felt through your loving empathy and ability to quickly fill a tub with your toys to giveaway.  It is displayed in the shrines of acorn fairy homes (with accompanying stories) that you constantly construct in unexpected corners of our home.  And I now see it in a coveted 18″doll, ornately decorated and adorned with toys – wrapped in extraordinary childhood creativity.

Happy sixth birthday my love – you are truly coming into your own.  Please don’t ever be afraid to let your light shine because your presence continues to lift your family up in love…

…more love than I ever knew my heart could hold,





  1. My little guy turned six over the summer and it’s such a fun age. Enjoy every second because it goes by way too fast.

  2. I am so happy to see you don’t let you Daughters Birthday get lost in all the Christmas celebration. How loved she must feel. Very cute picture of her. You should enter that somewhere.

  3. What a sweet post about your daughter for her birthday. The picture of her with balloons is just precious!

  4. What a beautiful and obviously heart felt letter to your daughter who sounds like she is doing just fine!!

  5. Oh Monica, there are so many words to describe this letter…but I’ll go with beautiful, heartfelt and touching. I think the real gift to Lucia (and Adrian) is this blog. The beauty and warmth in your writing as you describe these precious memories and moments of their lives is priceless.

  6. What a sweet post, and I love the picture of her with the balloons!

  7. aw what a lovely letter my son will be 14 this year where does the time go

  8. Beautiful letter to a beautiful daughter! I am sure she will really cherish reading your thoughts on her 6th birthday in the years to come!

  9. What a precious and sweet post about her!

  10. What a loving post! I love it! Lucia is such a beautiful name just like the girl she is 🙂 God Bless!

  11. So touching and beautifully written. I feel like I know little Lucia even though I’ve only seen pictures of her. I think she must personify you and her light comes from you. 🙂 Happy Birthday Lucia!

  12. Beautiful post and thank you for sharing.. So touching

  13. What a sweet letter to your daughter. She is precious. That picture is beautiful.

  14. Your daught looks very happy and much more mature than my almost seven years old boy. I like your beautiful posting as well.

  15. Happy Birthday lovely girl <3

  16. My little one turned 6 almost a year ago. It’s a wonderful age and they really do come into their personalities!

  17. Wonderful letter to your precious one, loved reading it. And what a cute picture 🙂

  18. amanda @attachedmoms says

    thank you for sharing this with us. i hope you print it out and save it for her!

  19. I can never get tired of birthday letters…and this one is especially sweet and thoughtful! Your daughter is going to LOVE reading these letters are she gets older! I can’t wait to share the letters I write to my children once they get old enough to understand 😉

  20. Woah! You write too. What a gorgeous letter. Best wishes to your light for many years to come! Can’t wait to see her next weekend. She will have a ball!

  21. I always love reading your posts to your children, so easy to relate to as a mom, and they make me so happy for you as a bloggy friend (knowing you appreciate all of the wonderful kids bring into our lives). Happy Birthday to your little/big girl,. : )

  22. What a sweet letter to your little princess! I too have a holiday baby and it is a struggle every year to make it his own and special not that its wrapped together with Thanksgiving. I try to make his day a special day and thankfully we can move Thanksgiving if we have to.

  23. This letter is beyond beautiful. You are an amazing mother and Lucia is following in your footsteps. Wishing LP the best birthday ever. She truly is the sweetest girl ever!

  24. This is beautiful! She sounds like such an incredible little girl…. I hope she loves her American Girl doll. We got Ellery one for Christmas and she’s having a ball dressing her up! :). Happy Birthday Lucia!

  25. Fred Macri says

    Beautiful letter. Happy Birthday to a truly amazing little girl!!!!

  26. I am a Mum with a 9 year old daughter and I hear your fears, and my own, for our precious girls as they navigate the world. More importantly I hear your pride, and awareness of your daughters strengths and the beauty she brings to this world, to your everyday, through her art, her actions and her words.

  27. Katie Lynn says

    Absolutely touching words! Tears!

  28. Beautiful. Touching. Heartfelt words. Enjoy your light!!!!!


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