Party Like A Ten Year Old

Lucia and I recently headed to the Pink Elephant to party well into the wee hours of the afternoon to celebrate two amazing ten-year-olds – our friends – Tristin + Tyler.

DIESELTTBDAY Tristin and Tyler

Their special FUZIPOP! glow in the dark dance party was filled with beats spun by nine-year-old DJ Kai Song, hip-hop dance lessons, DJ lessons, and kiddie club gear (A.K.A. light up trinkets galore!).

Fuzipop Pink Elephant Kids Dance Party NYCCupckaes tenth birthday Pink ElephantFuzipop Pink Elephant Kids Dance Birthday PartyDiesel presents TEN Fuzipop Pink Elephant NYC

This was no ordinary bash with sponsors including Diesel Kids, Kids Foot Locker, Babiekins Magazine, New York Family Magazine, among others – but most importantly the event celebrated kids with big dreams and endless possibilities.  We’ve had the pleasure of being behind the scenes with this amazing duo on several occasions and they are kind, articulate, little powerhouses.  We can’t wait to see what their next year holds!



  1. Looks better then any adult party I’ve been to!

  2. I need to get me a life. These kids have a more active social life than mine. 🙂 Lucia looks so cute with them. I bet in ten years you won’t be jumping at the chance to have her take pics with boys. ;D

  3. Katie Lynn says

    Gotta love that kitty headband. Perfect club wear!

  4. Looks like they could teach me a thing or two about throwing a party, and I’m four times their age!! 🙂 Great night out, great sponsors, great reason to celebrate!!

  5. Monica, you ROCK for this post and for coming out and celebrating on YOUR day. Mwah! Thx again!!! And again!!!!

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