The Leaf Pile

It’s amazing how a scent can evoke the sharpest, deepest memories. Violet reminds me of my great aunt Nina, and pungent autumn leaves have a way of catapulting me back to my New England childhood.   My brother and I would spend hours constructing mountains of leaves and equal amounts of time diving in said mountains.  I was recently thinking about how I longed for my kids to experience some elements of a suburban childhood – but then realized that many organic experiences take place spontaneously, amongst little friends, instead of in isolated yards.

Both are beautiful. Different, but beautiful. 

Every day at nursery school pick-up, Adrian, his peers and big sister Lucia are drawn like magnets to the leaf piles on the church lawns.  The children eventually all emerge with grass-stained knees, leaves in every crevice and giant smiles.  We have a bit of a walk home from school which sometimes seems to take forever.  Adrian loves the satisfying crunch of a huge, crisp leaf beneath his feet.  Lucia walks in circles, creating a perfect bouquet of crimson red, burnt orange and bright yellow leaves.

Like most children, my kids have a natural connection to the earth.  Their infectious enthusiasm and desire to explore serve as reminders to slow down and celebrate each season.  Once again, my kiddos (and their beloved leaves) remind me that right now is what matters most




  1. I grew up in New England too and to me there’s nothing that says Fall like a pile of leaves. I think the joy of the leaves on the ground are our consolation prize for knowing we have to look at the bare trees for the next few months.

  2. Kids are the best example of how to live in the moment. I watch our little guy and it brings me joy that at that moment in time he is absorbing everything around him with beauty and love.

  3. Live int he moment and enjoy the memories 🙂

  4. Kids make it so easy, don’t they? When do we outgrow that???

  5. A couple of years ago my cousins and I had a great time with leaf piles…as grown adults! It’s still fun! I need to try to slow down and enjoy the moment more. I feel so busy that I rush to get everything done without appreciating what is happening right now.

  6. So so good. I like your personal accounts of motherhood (and craft posts) the most.

  7. I’m sure you can imagine how hard I’m trying to appreciate EVERY moment with my kids as well as appreciating the TIME I have with them…considering I’ll be back at work in 2 weeks! ;-(

  8. Oh Monica, I adore this post. Right now is certainly what matters most. I have to admit that this is something I struggle with regularly. I often spend so much energy on my future that I forget about living for today. This is one of the reasons why I LOVE blogging so much, I come across posts like these…pure gems that I think everyone should read and suddenly everything is right in my world and I am once again inspired and ready to take on anything that comes at me. Thank you for the reminder and the inspiration.


  9. My kids are great for reminding me of that too…love these adorable pics. I miss you and the kiddos (and Gemma does too!)

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! I love this one.

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