The Holiday Card {Paper Culture Giveaway & 30% Discount & The Children’s Place Giveaway}

We always look forward to the collection of cards that adorn our home every Christmas season.  Each envelope  feels like a little gift, and the collective faces and thoughtful words are tangible reminders of what the Holiday Season is all about.  We’ll soon be placing our Holiday card order with Paper Culture and have been swooning over their fresh modern designs, rounded corners, bold typography and jumbo size options.  I’m determined to take advantage of their free mail-and-address service (a true time saving gift during this busy time of year!).  I especially love their Eco-friendly model.  Every paper product is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper and a tree is planted with every single order.  They even offer their customers the opportunity to dedicate the tree.  How awesome is that?

All of Paper Culture’s modern designs are clean and beautiful:

happy-everything.T1692A-X.651.20130103 holiday-block-photo-cards.1969A-X.651.201309260009 holiday-card-of-circles-confetti-ornaments-or-snow.2014A-BT.651.201309260009 holiday-newsletter-holiday-photo-cards.1334A-X.651.20121015 modern-picture-new-years-cards.1803A-UR.651.20121126 collage-of-joy-multi-photo-holiday-cards.1985A-HO.651.201309260009 - Copycwang_ho_h_type-hand-drawn-flourish_n_multi_1289A-UR_y.651

I can’t wait to add our special family photo to one of their designs. I also want to test out their Wall Decals – which are fabric based unlike most of the vinyl decals that are made of PVC’s.

Clearly, we’re still working on that family photo…..

photo 1

Thankfully, I also have the kid’s holiday clothing all sorted out.  I recently went to The Children’s Place to stock up on winter basics and fell in love with this year’s Holiday collection.  The options for boys and girls (little and big) are fantastic.  I especially love Lucia’s dress with embellished peter-pan collar and matching cardigan, and I can’t wait to add a bow tie to my little guy’s holiday look.

WIN IT:  One lucky winner will win $150 to Paper Culture and $100 to The Children’s Place to make their Holiday Cards incredibly memorable!   Enter to win via the below Rafflecopter and a winner (US only) will be selected next week.

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Thanks so much for visiting and good luck!

Thank you Paper Culture and the Children’s Place for partnering with me on this fun post.  Opinions, as always, are my own.



  1. I love this! I’ve always loved the holidays season and love to capture sweet moments with my 2 boys – can’t wait to finalize our Christmas card. The Children’s Place is one of my favorite stores to buy my son’s clothes:)

  2. I try and take candid pics! When I try to get a posed one of my toddler it always looks terrible.

  3. I would love to be able to put together a card that would be as awesome as these are 🙂

  4. Love this. We totally forgot to do Holiday cards last year (sorry distant relatives) so this would definitely be our saving grace!

  5. Dawn Monroe says

    One of my favorite memories is writing Christmas cards for my grandpa. He couldnt see well so he would dictate and I would write. Miss you Pappy! I wish more people would continue the Christmas card tradition.

  6. My photo taking tip is use the flash when taking portraits outside to make the skin appear softer, and less shadows under the eyes due to the sun.

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  7. I really love the Chevron Snowflakes Christmas Card! There are so many cute styles and colors to chose from 🙂


  8. Mary Happymommy says

    Our tradition is to take photos around the Christmas tree with the room lights dimmed but the tree lit up. It always looks magical.

  9. One of our holiday traditions is to drive around and look at the wonderful Christmas light displays after our Christmas Eve dinner.

  10. Ours is to make gingerbread cookies and go to a local shopper’s stroll and then to have dinner!

  11. Our holiday tradition is to go to a local “Santa’s Wonderland” and look at lights!

  12. jennifer horn says

    We always take a family picture and we always decorate the tree as a family.

  13. I take pictures of the kids picking out our Christmas tree at the tree farm and send those out as our Christmas cards every year.

  14. Amanda Sakovitz says

    we do a yankee swap every Christmas Eve!

  15. We do a big Christmas Eve party in addition to Christmas day.
    Dinner at my aunts with the entire family, and she gives out her gifts that night.
    Been that way since I was a kid, and my kids love it as well now!

  16. ellen casper says

    My 2 boys get new Christmas pjs every Christmas eve!

  17. One holiday tradition is we visit my aunt’s home and everyone brings a cooked dish

  18. Adrienne Gordon says

    we go caroling each xmas

  19. Rhea Stogsdill Chladek says

    My family’s tradition is our favorite Christmas Tree Farm. They feature tractor rides, the adventure of tromping around and finding the “perfect” tree, and the time of “thawing out” in the decorated greenhouse, with a cup of hot chocolate or spiced cider and homemade cookies! BLISS!!!!!

    🙂 Rhea

  20. Rhea Stogsdill Chladek says

    Another tradition my daughter and I like to do together is Operation Christmas Child, where we fill a shoebox with gifts for a child. My daughter likes to make a Christmas card to put inside, with a special note for the recipient, and a picture of herself. One year, she received a letter and picture back from a precious 5-year-old girl from the Philippines!!!!! Imagine my daughter’s delight at being able to share this letter with her friends!!!!!

    🙂 Rhea

  21. Laughing and enjoying everyones time because one day it could be too late

  22. photo taking tip is get a good camera ! 🙂

  23. Thomas Murphy says

    My favorite Holiday tradition is putting up the x-mas tree.

  24. A photo taking tip for me is just to let everyone be natural and have fun. Pictures turn out a lot better when they don’t look like forced smiles.

  25. Mechele Johnson says

    We have a Christmas Eve tradition where the kids (5) get to open one present each. We pick! We always let them open a new cozy pair of jammies, and a dvd. Then they all put on their new jammies and we cozy up to watch the new movie before bed. There is also Christmas cookie munching involved in this tradition!

  26. Margaret Smith says

    Each Christmas Eve, my family and I go to mass and we meet my brother and his family and Dad there too. We all sit together. Afterwards, we either go back to our house or my brothers house and enjoy our Christmas eve together.

  27. For our Christmas cards, I always end up using candid photos- I’ll make like a collage of photos from the year- way easier than trying to get three kids to all smile at the same time 🙂

  28. angela saver says

    Our holiday tradition is making Christmas cookies with the kiddos & driving around with coffee/hot chocolate to look at all the Christmas lights. So fun!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Shannon Baas says

    We do candlelight services on Christmas eve.

  30. Abigail Johnson says

    We bake Christmas cookies every year

  31. Sunshine Rays says

    Making new christmas ornaments

  32. Elisa Gruss says

    I enjoy sending family picture cards out to family and friends, most of whom live out of state. I have never used Paper Culture before. Thanks for hosting!

  33. I have sent out Christmas cards every year for many many years. I do enjoy writing to family and friends.

  34. Patricia Hess says

    On Dec. 5th the kids put their shoes out and Santa comes and fills them. My Mom started it when we were children!

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thank you

  35. Holiday cards…I usually end up doing them totally last minute with a candid that someone else took. I should really get better at this…

  36. Raina DelRio says

    Two of my favorite holiday traditions are decorating the tree the day after Thanksgiving, and we bake cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.

  37. It’s our Christmas tradition that my man lifts our daughter up to put the tree topper on.
    I always take a pic to remember it!

  38. Brandy Fisk says

    We have a passed down advent calendar we use each year to kind of spread out the joy!

  39. I think pictures taken outside turn out the best.

  40. Danielle Porter says

    Our holiday tradition is to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve! It was great growing up because you always got your presents earlier than all your freinds! 😛

  41. Georgia Beckman says

    One of our traditions each Christmas is that our family votes on the favorite Christmas card received & then we send a gift to our favorite sender. This has been so much fun for us.

  42. We like to make sugar cookies every year!

  43. Our annual family Christmas tradition is to take a picture of the kids in front of the Christmas tree. It’s fun to look back and see how they’ve grown and changed from year to year.

  44. Those cards are awesome…so wish I could enter the contest 😉

  45. I love how these actually look different from the ones on shutterfly and tinyprints!

  46. We love to drive around on Christmas eve and look at christmas lights

  47. Our holiday tradition is having seafood gumbo with the family on Christmas eve, opening presents. Christmas morning, we see what Santa brought and we all head to church!

  48. My holiday tradition is making orange clove pomanders!

  49. One of our holiday traditions is having special foods like our family’s favorite cherry cola gelatin salad.

  50. Those cards are gorgeous! I’ve had a tough time finding companies with fun, modern designs that match our personal style.My best photo tip is to take tons! With a very active 1 year old, it’s the only way to ensure that at least one will come out perfect! (Though sometimes the silly blurry ones are the best to frame, I think!)

  51. Katie Amanda says

    When photographing your pup, bring treats! 🙂

  52. We spend at least one day at the beach, it is too cold to go in but we like to watch the birds and ships sailing by.

  53. Billie Wilson says

    We like to take our pictures in the fall leaves. All the colors are so beautiful.

  54. One of our traditions is to pick up an ornament from places we travel to-so fun when you decorate the tree and can think of all the fun memories!

  55. I love taking pictures of the family in front of the christmas tree and action shots opening presents

  56. Those are SO cute. My family always takes photos just before Christmas for our cards. I guess that is our family tradition.

  57. A Holiday tradition of mine that I love is opening the stockings on Christmas Eve!

  58. Danielle Wood says

    I love picking out a fresh Christmas tree and take pictures of my nephew decorating it

  59. The outfits look fabulous!! So glad you went with the vest! I have been completely out of luck trying to get a good photo of my kids for our holiday card so I think I’m going to take them to a professional photo studio and let the professionals have at it!

  60. Photo tip: Zoom In!!

  61. MISSY MARIE says

    I LOVE that Paper culture plants a tree for every order placed!! Outstanding:)

  62. Holly Storm-Burge says

    Biggest tip for photographing people is to take the photo at eye level.

  63. To quell Christmas Eve excitement and give them something to occupy their minds, I always let the kids open one gift on Christmas Eve. I usually gave them something that would keep them busy.

  64. john hutchens says

    our family tradition on Christmas is to go to the local ice sculpture park and enjoy the artwork, and take photos

  65. This is awesome! We found a great spot in a local park for holiday pics last year but haven’t gotten around to taking them this year. I’d love to win this!

  66. amanda lilly says

    We love driving around looking at Christmas lights bonus when the snow is falling!

  67. Love taking our family pictures at the family home… its calmer and more familiar for the little ones!

  68. Alison Lechowicz says

    Just hire a professional photographer. Its totally worth it!

  69. One of our Christmas traditions is the Rudolph Kiss! During the night on Christmas Eve, we put a small red lipstick dot on each kids hands during the night. Its Rudolphs kiss! 🙂 They always get so excited to find it Christmas morning!

  70. Scarlett Graham says

    Every year we ride the Santa Train.

  71. Every year I make a funny photo card. It is now our tradition and we have a lot of fun with it!

  72. a tip is to take pictures at sunset for great lighting

  73. DeAnna Keller says

    Our holiday tradition is to go to the zoo and check out “The Lights before Christmas” There’s over a million lights!

  74. I’ve found that sometimes the funny unplanned photos make the best Christmas Cards and it’s best not to stress for perfection from little ones! Thank You!

  75. My favorite Holiday Tradition is giving the kids pajamas to open on Christmas Eve. 🙂

  76. we will start new tradition with the birth of our 2nd son – ealry holiday cards 🙂

  77. I always let the kids help decorate holiday cookies.

  78. Jennifer Marie says

    We always get together with my in laws on Christmas eve and have a meal together and exhcange gifts for the nieces/nephews.

  79. I like some photos with them looking away from the camera.

  80. We haven’t sent Christmas cards in years. I would love to do that again!

  81. My sister and I have a tradition of going black Friday shopping together every year.

  82. Carrie Conrad says

    We always do our christmas pictures in our pajamas. Not sure why, but has turned into a tradition!

  83. our holiday tradition is putting up our tree after thanksgiving dinner, then spending the weekend with the kids decorating inside and out.. love childrens place clothes..

  84. Every year, the week after Thanksgiving my kids and I decorate our tree and attempt to take decent Christmas photos, which I then send our in our Christmas cards.

  85. We just moved away from our family and this would be great to send Christmas cards of our 4 boys to our loved ones!!!

  86. Vicky Bullard says

    I use bribery to get pictures of my kiddos!!

  87. we love to send christmas cards to family

  88. It’s okay to take your camera off a auto mode. Play around with the settings.

  89. My kids love watching The Polar Express every year.

  90. April Brenay says

    We wear our pjs all day on Christmas EVE!

  91. We like to open our sibling gifts on Christmas Eve!

  92. We love to go Christmas caroling with friends and family

  93. My favorite holiday tradition is driving around at night looking at lights!

  94. I love the Penguin Feet photo card from Paper Culture. We don’t have too many traditions… We always get a new family pic for cards. This year we drove down to Savannah, GA to have a friend take our pics in one of our favorite parks. I am sure this will be my favorite card yet!

  95. Stephanie Phelps says

    My photo tip is keep it natural and not so posed the best pictures I have ever taken of the kids are the ones when they are just having fun!

  96. We love to do Elf on the Shelf every day in December!

  97. I love taking photos just before the sun goes down!

  98. I like to get in tight when taking photos so I can really focus on the subject. I try to do this when they aren’t looking and catch them in moments that are not staged.

  99. A holiday tradition in my family is to go to my mom’s house on Christmas eve for a big family dinner. Christmas Eve is also my stepfather’s birthday, so we get cake and ice cream, too. 😀

  100. Getting down at your child’s level is best

  101. Kathleen Fitzsimmons says

    We would bake cookies and drink cocoa and drive around to look at the holiday light displays

  102. My treasured holiday tradition is seeing my grandkids

  103. Debbie Ellis says

    I take the picture then give them to my niece and she makes the prettiest cards.

  104. My photo taking tip is to experiment with different angles. Changing the point from which you take a photo and the angle of the camera can completely change the feel of the photo.

  105. Dorrie Turner says

    Take a couple of each shot you want when taking pictures, you can always go through and delete extra unwanted and you have a better chance of catching that perfect shot!

  106. The photos of the children are great! I bring small candies and fruit snacks when I am taking pictures of my kids and tell them if they are still, I will give them a scooby snack but I never get pictures as good as yours. I love sending photo Christmas cards to family and friends – it is so much more personal than regular Christmas cards.

  107. One tradition we have is always having a Christmas Brunch after we open the gifts. Same food every year. Maybe I should branch out!

  108. Our family Christmas tradition is we all play board games together when everyone is in town! Its fun! 🙂

    My photo tip is to keep taking a few photos in a row, because even though there are minor differences…you still have a favorite one out of the few taken in a row.
    Thanks so much would LOVE to win this! I have twins and I LOVE the Children’s Place for them! I would also be excited to use the Paper Culture Credit!!

  109. What a fun giveaway! Each thanksgiving we take our family holiday pics, just in time for Christmas cards. Such a fun tradition! We love getting everything ready and having a huge family dinner afterwords.

  110. jennifer harris says

    Every year for the holidays, we participate in one of the angel trees to pick out a present for a less fortunate child, no matter how tight we are that year! It brings us closer , helping others.

  111. our favorite tradition is watching a Christmas movie on Christmas eve

  112. I love sending out Christmas pictures along with an update letter for our faraway friends and family.

  113. What a fun giveaway! Our favorite Christmas tradition is to go look at Christmas lights on Christmas eve then come home and drink warm cocoa!

  114. My photo tip is head outside when there is snow because the snow is the perfect natural light reflector for faces!

  115. i have 3 kids, ad i can totally use these

  116. ANGELA SWINSON says

    Candid photos are so much more fun than posed ones. Just let the kids be kids – it will cause you less stress than trying to get them to look and act “perfect.” We all know that just isn’t going to happen.

  117. We always go out together and look for a live tree 3 weeks before Christmas

  118. Amelia Drew says

    My photo tip is to take a LOT of photos- if you take 100 photos you are bound to have 10 really good ones for a card!

  119. noelle cagle says

    We have homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

  120. Sarah Marshall says

    My favorite tradition is a huge Christmas morning breakfast with my whole family!

  121. Our Christmas tradition is to open one present o Christmas eve.

  122. Kelly Paquet says

    OUr holiday tradition is opening a gift on christmas eve

  123. Allyson Tice says

    I have learned that when taking photots of my kids it is best NOT to have them pose,.,they tend to look awkward and never come out right. Instead, snap randoms and they always come out perfectly!!!

  124. Pictures of children turn out better when they are happy and doing what they enjoy. Posing them for pictures just stresses everyone.

  125. Every year we give the kids new pjs on christmas eve

  126. I love the paper culture photo books. I gave one to my hubby as a wedding gift

  127. We always go over to my mom’s for the holidays.

  128. I like making homemade Christmas cards…l


    we open presents on Christmas Eve from the family and Santa on Christmas day

  130. We bake cookies and love to help out needy families.
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  131. A photo tip would be to just take pictures throughout the day. Don’t stage them and try to get everyones attention, just take them naturally as they’re all enjoying themselves 🙂

  132. We have a PJ Parade every year! We open our new PJ’s on Christmas Eve and parade around in them! Its always so much fun! The kids love it!

  133. We do Christmas shows and plays, and all the family is together here for Christmas.

  134. we always go to the mall just to look at the decorations and see Santa.

  135. Every year a week or two after Thanksgiving we put up our tree and I stand back and let my children decorate it themselves with ornaments they have made over the years and one new ornament they pick out from a store each year.

  136. One of our Family traditions is St. Nick’s night, early in December. Some of my earliest memories were of my grandfather reminding me to set my shoes outside the backdoor, so that St. Nick could come & do his report for Santa… if I had been good I would get presents & candy! (suposedly if I had been bad, black Pete would leave coal instead, but I never got any coal!) We have carried this on down thru the years w/our Children & now Grandkids… (but we leave out the black Pete part!!!!) Another family tradition is matching PJ pants for all the “girls” in the family for Christmas Eve. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

  137. We always take a family photo in front of the tree. Everyone is dressed in nice clothes, lights are twinkling. Its fun to watch to changes from year to year.

  138. we go to the annual tree lightening as a family

  139. I love taking our Christmas photos at the Christmas tree farm each year.

  140. I took some Christmas pictures of my kids last year and taped up Christmas striped wrapping paper for my backdrop!

  141. Baking lots of cookies is our tradition 🙂 every year my kids each pick a new recipe to try

  142. I keep my old Christmas card from people and hang them up all around my rooms toward the ceiling like a border. I looks really pretty and I love seeing all my favorite people that have sent me card and some that have passed away.

  143. chrystal ales says

    try taking pics from different angles. it can really change the dynamic of the photo

  144. Karen Rennirt says

    I love natural pictures, not so staged, get children just how they are all the time.

  145. Terri Moore says

    I like the idea of taking photos of an average day in your family from morning to night. Amazing how many every day things you do together are what you will remember fondly when they are grown up.

  146. I love your photos! Creative!

  147. Rita Humphrey says

    My husband’s holiday tradition is pizza on Thanksgiving.

  148. We always go to the tree lighting’s around town as a tradition each year!

  149. I take pictures of my kids in real life. They are crazy and silly and our pictures reflect that!

  150. Every year my siblings and i take a picture in front of the Christmas tree, we print it and give it to our mother.

  151. we love to go on x-mas morning and help feed the homeless.

  152. Sonya Morris says

    My kids love opening presents on Christmas Eve and then going to midnight mass.

  153. I enjoy the tradition of hanging our youngest children’s ornaments that they make at school and church…and again each year as they grow.
    Thanks for the chance.

  154. the Chevron Snowflakes Christmas Card

  155. My new tradition is taking a family photo and putting it in card as a Christmas card.

  156. I like to take pictures throughout decorating, from getting the tree to hanging up lights.

  157. We do stockings on Christmas Eve! That’s a family tradition.

  158. Stephanie Gossett says

    We always take a posed photo, and then a silly one with my dad, who can no longer get up. We love to make him look like a superhero, so we really go for it with the poses. One year, we did a judge and courtroom photo, because he could be seated. We have also dressed him up as a ninja, while we are all lying on the floor around him (defeated) 🙂 He loves this tradition, and looks forward to it every year. Thank you so much for the chance to win, and Happy Holidays to all of you!

    ninigossett at gmail dot com

  159. Holiday tradition for my family is we always throw coins to the kids in our family. Older relatives can join in the fun of grabbing as much coins as they can.

  160. We started a new tradition, this will be our 3rd year doing it… Basically, bringing back old traditions… We do an Ol’ Time Country Christmas in which everyone must have homemade or handmade gifts or fruits and nuts, just like the old days when things were much simpler. We still buy for the little ones, of course. But, we have such a great time doing this and it’s always neat to see what everyone has come up with. We really have a ball.

  161. Holiday Tradition – Every Christmas day we wake up with the family and go to church and then get together with family to open gifts and celebrate.

  162. Jennifer Whitcomb says

    I will definitely look into this company! I love pictures of my kids. They make my heart smile 🙂

  163. A holiday tradition is making cookies together!!

  164. Gosh! We are newlyweds and new parents this year, so we don’t have any holiday traditions. My parents took my sister and I around town to look at Christmas lights after our Christmas Eve service…I’d love to start that with my family!

  165. opening PJs on christmas eve and hot coaco

  166. kathy farnesi says

    We have made going to look at Christmas lights in our neighborhood a family tradition. The kids look forward to it every year.

  167. I love both of these places! Children’s Place has the BEST Jammie’s 🙂

  168. I take pictures of my son during different holiday events and make a collage and use that as a holiday photo card 🙂

  169. My favorite holiday tradition with the kids is packing Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.

  170. Our holiday tradition is to take lots of photos — mostly silly, unposed natural acting photographs. Then one posed picture of the whole family together.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  171. Heather Swarthout says

    A small tip for those with children. Kids are almost impossible to keep still so enjoy the movement and random blurs in photos. Don’t pose for a picture and see the result of a normal ‘moment in time’ photo. These are the best ones! (But also get the ones of the family in poses, those are nice too!)

  172. Sara Giresi says

    Just take pictures! they may not be perfect but when you look back you will love the moment!

  173. We always take our photo for our holiday card on Thanksgiving. My best photo tip is to shamelessly bribe all kids. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  174. Midnight Mass.

  175. It’s tough to get a good photo with everyone in it, so I tend to take individual photos and make a collage. Then everyone looks nice.

  176. I like taking candid shots, including shots of the family preparing for the holiday events.

  177. I can’t wait to celebrate my son Julian’s first Christmas. We love to shop at the children’s place.

  178. Our holiday tradition was always celebrating with the entire family at our grandparents’ house on Christmas Eve. There was never any option…and no one wanted to be anywhere else. The fire was blazing in the fireplace, there were kids running around, all kinds of wonderful food and drinks, Christmas music playing, the house completely decorated…it was wonderful. *sigh* I miss it.

  179. I like the Christmas Stripes card design.

  180. We just have fun with our family photo for the holidays. We adopted an elf last year; the kids really love him, and all his tricks.

  181. Our favorite holiday tradition is dancing around the Christmas tree, while singing holiday songs.

  182. My favorite holiday tradition is cutting down the tree and decorating it together

  183. My friends + fam look forward to the silly kitty photos I’ve caught of my fur baby throughout the year 😀

  184. Hanadia Roby says

    I love making elaborate place cards, place settings and origami centerpieces =)

  185. One of our traditions is reading Luke chapter 2 with our kids before we open gifts Christmas morning.

  186. My photo taking tip is let it be natural – the true essence of the people/kids you are taking the picture of!

  187. Our tradition is to take family photos in matching plaid or ugly holiday sweaters.. Were that family haha!

  188. I love Christmas time. 🙂 One of my favorite traditions is making cut out sugar cookies and icing them with friends and family.

  189. Our tradition is that we let the kids open one present on Christmas Eve

  190. Monique Rizzo says

    We take a holiday pic on our front porch each year.
    Thanks for the chance.

  191. I love to take photos outside with a natural backdrop. those are always the best photos

  192. Emily Cochenour says

    As a Holiday tradition, we go to see the Christmas lights at the Elks Home in Bedford, VA!

  193. rebecca shockley says

    One holiday tradition for us is to open all the gift’s on Christmas Eve, then chilax on Christmas with food and toy’s!

  194. I love the card designs with multiple photos, so I don’t have to have one perfect shot.

  195. Take your family pictures right before sunset for ideal lighting. 30-45 minutes before. =)

  196. When I had my first child I bought her a new ornament every year and when my other two children were born I would buy all of them an ornament each year. When they grew up and had children of their own, I boxed up their ornaments and sent them to each of them so they can put the ornaments on their trees.

  197. As a Holiday tradition, we go to see the Christmas lights

  198. growing up for me i loved decorating the christmas tree of course but i really loved watching movies with the family and we would always watch Dutch on Thanksgiving and Home Alone the original on Christmas

  199. We always open up a new pair of PJ’s on Christmas Eve so everyone looks nice for Christmas morning pictures.

  200. We have a X-Mas eve box that we open and watch movies while eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate.

  201. We dress up every year for Christmas and take lots of pictures to send to family and friends. But the pictures that I love the most are the ones that no one knows I took until they see them when they are developed. Those to me are the photos that are priceless.


  202. every year since my kids were little we go to hallmark and each one picks out their very own ornament and each year its different it great memories to look back when your kids were little ones and remember when they picked out what and what they were into at that age i mark the years on them and when my first grandbaby is borfn in may i will do the same thanks for this wonderful chance

  203. Every year my family has a tradition where we drink hot chocolate and drive through a huge Christmas light display. We love it! Oh, and my photo tip is…Hire someone who knows what they are to take the photos for you! 🙂

  204. Our tradition is to make sugar cookies together, but this year we’re changing to making nut mixes to give away.

  205. Michelle K. says

    A tradition of making reese’s pb cup and hershey kiss peanut butter cookies with my grandma, that I have now been able to keep going with my family!

  206. I usually cut and decorate our holiday pictures after Christmas!
    Thank You for the great giveaway

  207. I like to take sneaky pics when noone is expecting they’re the best to get the raw emotions and candid shots!~

  208. My kids have a tradition that every year, we take a candid photo of them, and then they design and create a Christmas ornament for our tree. It’s so fun to look back at all the ones they’ve made over the last, close to, 10 years! As you can guess, it takes us forever for decorate our tree, with all the reminiscing!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  209. My favorite tradition is acting out the nativity with the nieces and nephews at the family party I love seeing them all as they’ve grown up doing the different parts. Now that my kids are all old enough to participate it makes it even more memorable to me. I have so many memories of doing the same thing with all of my cousins so much fun 🙂

  210. natalie parvis says

    We are trying to establish traditions of our own since we live to far from family to visit. We’d fly out to see them but every tie we try, my son has an allergic reaction from people eating peanuts on the plane. It really makes me said.

  211. Teresa Thompson says

    One of our Christmas traditions is playing the game Bad Santa with our entire family.

  212. I make Christmas Ornaments every year and give some of them away.

  213. Regina Toney says

    This is the perfect giveaway for the holiday season~I have 3 children so I hope I win! Thank you for the opportunity to try to get this awesome prize 🙂

  214. I love sending christmas cards to my family and friends. Last year was my sons first christmas and I decided to do a home photo shoot which didn’t turn out too good. Ha I’m not the best photographer and Pinterest seemed to make it look easier than it actually was. However, I did manage to get 3 good photos. Hope this year it turns out better. I’ve learned that staging a photo shoot for a baby or toddler is not always the best option. I find that when I snap photos of him while playing or being himself those are the best.

  215. My little girls and I have a Thanksgiving tradition. My girls wake up to watch the Macy’s parade while I cook in the kitchen. I love watching their reaction when Santa comes along the screen. Although I am not a professional photographer, my tip for taking a photos is to snap an off guard photo. My girls pose too much. You can really catch the innocence of a child when they are just playing, laughing and naturally smiling.

  216. Love these! omg just in time for holiday cards!

  217. Ambrosia Ross says

    We always read the Christmas story on Christmas eve and sang Happy Birthday Jesus. And had cake!

  218. We love to decorate our Xmas tree the day after thanksgiving and take our xmas card pics at that time! It gets us in the perfect mood for the start of the Christmas season!

  219. Debbie Ellis says

    Love to take action pictures of the Grandkids, usually use a picture of them for my Cards, but waited too late last year, so this would be great.

  220. I love trying to take a picture of my four year old – he is so fast, so out of 20 shots I usually end up with 1 decent one, lol. He is growing so fast, so I would love to win these gift cards, to capture the moments, and to get him longer pants! 🙂

  221. We love to put up our xmas tree on black Friday. We listen to xmas oldies and enjoy taking pictures.

  222. Tradition- we put our christmas tree above the fireplace in a little cubby so out cats can’t reach! Gotta do what you gotta do!

  223. Brittney House says

    We love to take professional pictures and send them out as Christmas cards to the family.

  224. Shemp DeYoung (@shempgames) says

    MY daughter is big on collages and such. I don’t know where she got it; I have no skills in that area.

  225. amy williams says

    No photo tips but last year we took my son’s picture and my nephew’s in a mustang power wheels and we had a small Christmas tree on the back and they were driving down the road in santa hats with there Christmas tree. The childrens place is a great place to get my kids clothes from.

  226. our tradition is to go riding through the town and the one street that everyone goes to and look at the lights after dinner..

  227. Vikki Billings says

    One of our holiday tradition is that we all get together at my moms house on Thanksgiving and we put the Christmas tree up. Its a lot of fun, we eat, play games and decorate for Christmas.

  228. posed pics never look very good to me- i always try to take candid photos, and make sure the background is blurred and not cluittered

  229. Elspeth Naramore says

    I love getting and receiving Christmas cards with photos!

  230. On Christmas eve, we all snuggle together, drink hot chocolate and watch the Grinch.

  231. Our tradition is to let the kids open one gift Christmas eve and then we watch movies with popcorn and hot chocolate 🙂

  232. laurie nykaza says

    We always send out cards with pics of our family with the pets in them as well . Everyone always loves to see how much everyone has changed each year!

  233. I love to send out Christmas cards each year to friends family and neighbors. I’m happy to learn about this new paper company and of course children’s place had great things for my little girl this season!

  234. We always gather and make paper snowflakes to decorate every year.

  235. Mary Jacobowitz says

    We have homemade latkes and light the menorahs nightly for Hanukah.

  236. When my babies were small I would put a sheet up in the background and take their pictures at home. I waited until they were in a good mood and I’d snap away. No running to the store and they turned out great.

  237. My daughter takes pictures throughout the year at b-days and holidays then makes me a scrapbook for Christmas. It’s always my fave gift. Thank you 🙂

  238. Every year my mom would bake different kinds of cookies to make elaborate cookie platters. I’ve carried the tradition on.


  1. […] to be a staple brand in my kid’s wardrobe.  We were so happy with the children’s Christmas outfits and their current options for Easter are just as lovely.   Lucia prefers their leggings to any […]

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