Straight Noodles, Friendship and a Trip To Mystic Aquarium

We first met on our dorm stairwell during our move-in day at college. She remembers my white toe polish, and I, her soft grey cut-out-neck T shirt.  It was kind of like love at first best-friend site – we’ve been steadfast friends from that moment on.  Together we share endless memories and ridiculous stories full of belly laughter.  Since college, we’ve lived in different states and sometimes different time zones, but always felt connected.  She is kind and compassionate and has known my husband for as long as I have, and is the sort of friend that makes me strive to be a better person and mother.  Her sound advice has helped me to keep it together more times than I can count.  Last year when I was feeling disheartened with a newer friendship – she reminded me of wise words that her own mother once told her:

“Friendships should be like straight noodles, not a messy plate of spaghetti.”

Although our own lives have sometimes been meshed with messiness, our friendship has always been solid.  We’ve been there for one another when faced with hardships and can’t wait to celebrate each other’s successes.

She is absolutely my straightest noodle.

Too much time had passed since our families had quality time together, so we decided to meet for the day at Mystic Aquarium, in Mystic CT.  The kids ran around and explored alongside Beluga whales, African penguins and even observed underwater pumpkin carving. The aquarium brought back so many of my own childhood memories, and watching the excitement through the eyes of our kiddos, together, was amazing.

mystic aquariummystic aquarium belugamystic aquarium beluga watchingmystic aquarium baby beluga 1mystic aquarium penguinsmystic aquarium underwater pumpkin carvingmystic aquarium under water pumpkin carving 1mystic aquarium with kids

I think we both left with filled-up spirits, and a promise not to let too much time slip away before our next adventure.



  1. I didn’t make it to the Mystic Aquarium when we were in CT a couple of years ago. I wonder what those bead like things are on the penguins wing/arm.
    How great you got together with an old friend to do this.

  2. I do too Terry. There’s such a huge part of me that has an incredibly hard time seeing aquatic life in such a contained existence. I was so glad to have been with my bestie, her lovely husband and daughter..but we both talked about how captivity feels cruel.

    • Thank you, you’ve always been my straightest noodle too in this very messy spaghetti world 🙂 What a fantastic and special day we had a Mystic with all of you guys! So looking forward to our next adventure together.

      Much Love,
      the Straight Noodle

  3. We adore the Mystic Aquarium. It’s a good 90 minute drive from us, so we usually only make it down there once a year during the summer.

  4. Wow that’s some great shots. We have an aquarium here but the only great thing about it is the restaurant. My toddler was scared of the fishes but they barely had any anyway.

  5. That looks like a really nice aquarium! And underwater pumpkin carving? Cool!

  6. It is fun to have another child/ren with you when you go to a place like that because it makes it even more magical for your own (and them too).

    I’m glad you have a straight noodle in your life. I have a couple too…and do not see them near enough.

  7. This story of friendship is so touching. I’m glad to know that you have such a special friend. I bet that you are a great friend to her too.

  8. Wow, gorgeous photos! I do love aquariums. A solid understanding of aquatic life is so important to motivate people to protect it in the wild. None close by here in Kansas though 🙂 Your story reminds me of me and my straight noodle met. I noticed her beautiful non-dyed super light blonde hair in front of me and she thought I looked studious and asked for my class notes (I had fallen asleep that day so they were droopy, ha!) Then we ended up working together at a bakery. Best buds every since 🙂

  9. BEAUTIFUL! Your kids looked like they had a great time. When my husband and I lived in NY when we were dating we took a trip up there, it was amazing!

  10. It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful day. I agree that friendship should be like straight noodles! If I ever make it to CT I will certainly have to go to the Mystic Aquarium it looks amazing.

  11. This was one of the first places I ever went to as a kid!

    • I grew up in CT and have early childhood memories here too. Although I am a bit torn up about the life in captivity, it was incredible for our children to see.

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