Holiday Wishing with Fragments

I’ve been a jewelry lover ever since childhood.  My meaningful pieces are so much more than just beautiful adornments – they hold stories, and in many ways are conversations with the world around me.  The collection of earnings that adorns my daughter’s small ears evoke specific childhood memories filled with far-away relatives and celebrations. A treasured heirloom reminds me of stroking my mother’s hand in church as a little girl.  A special ring brings me back to a carefree time of living on an Island and having my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) visit.  The charms that my husband gave me after the birth of my children are constantly around my neck because of their significance.  I believe that jewelry is often a tangible symbol of love that carries a rich history with memories attached.

Fragments Jewelry

1. Elizabeth Cole Turquoise Dagger Necklace // 2. LK Designs Neon Crystal Drop Earrings // 3. Kismet Star Hand Chain // 4. Mary Louise Designs Oxidized Horn Necklace // 5. Coralia Leets Cobalt Clover Drusy Bracelet // 6. Borgioni Budah and Lotus Chain Band // 7. Eddie Borgo Triangle Collar // 8. Dana Kellin 14K Griffon Earrings // 9. Kismet Geometric Diamond Ear Cuff // 10. Syna Amethyst Mogul Ring // 11. Mary Louise Designs Gold Triangle Mother of Pearl Bangle

With holiday wishes on the mind, I’m excited to share some of my favorite pieces from Fragments, a finely curated gallery of international fine and fashion jewelry.  The company has been recognized internationally for launching the careers of today’s most celebrated jewelry designers.  I’m lusting over so many statement pieces from ear cuffs to full finger rings and hand chains.  Have a look around at or visit their Price Street store here in New York City – I’m sure you (or your loved one) will find an exquisite bauble that may some day carry its own legacy.

Thank you to Fragments for sponsoring this post.  As always, opinions are strictly my own.



  1. I feel the same way about jewelry. The sentiment lasts forever. Even if I bought it for myself it takes me back to a time period in my life. I just looked at fragmemts and I want everything!!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE the clover bracelet.. I think I’m gonna leave your post open on my husband’s computer! It is a good argumemet 🙂

  3. I’d be happy to accept each and every one of those beautiful Fragments pieces with a huge smile on my face!

  4. Oh Monica, I love this post- and these pieces are amazing. Pinning and adding to my own Christmas wish list! I love your blog and appreciate your voice so so much.

  5. Those are some stunning pieces!
    I love jewelry I love picking up new pieces on my travels and having them to remember all of our adventures and special moments.

  6. I love jewellery and I would love some of these pieces

  7. I love that turquoise necklace, it reminds me of something you’d find in a Sedona Jewelry shop.

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