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We celebrated Thanksgiving at the children’s schools this past week.  Having the chance to observe Adrian and Lucia in  their classrooms truly makes a mama melt.  Adrian’s nursery class donned full paper-bag pilgrim attire for their sweet Thanksgiving performance.  And Lucia, my big girl, was so eager to show me around her school.  Although we make a conscious effort to make gratitude part of our family culture, Thanksgiving serves as a reminder to reflect on our collective blessings.  We have a lot to be thankful for and are looking forward to a full day with family on Thursday.

JC Penny Kids Ted Baker_edited-1

The kiddos will wear stylish clothes from Baker by Ted Baker for JC Penny.  I had the chance to view JC Penny’s children’s wear collection at petitePARADE and couldn’t believe that I hadn’t been inside a store in so long.  The designer collaborations are adorable and affordable.

Wishing you and yours a beautiful Thanksgiving!


JC Penny provided a gift card. As always, opinions are my own.



  1. Your kids are the best dressed ever, so gorgeous

  2. Adorable! I bet they were beaming with pride at their school festivities. I can’t wait for turkey day too! My head is spinning with all I have to do!

    • Visiting the classrooms is such a treat. It feels like a secret universe to glimpse into. It was especially exciting to see Adrian’s class since it was the first time that visitors were allowed in. I love seeing them among their peers and teachers, so proud of their work. It really makes me melt. Wishing you a beautiful T day and thanks so much for visiting here.

  3. Our malls here are so small! We do have JcPenney though, and they always have very affordable children’s clothing that is cute too! These outfits are great. 🙂

    • I hadn’t been to a mall in forever and was so impressed with JC Penny! They have so many cute exclusive collections in the kids section, Giggle baby, Little Maven and so many more. I need to explore other parts of the store!

  4. I love their outfits…especially your son’s shoes and your daughter’s vest…adorable! Is it all Ted Baker??

    • Hi Lisa. Both of the outfits are Baker by Ted Baker for JC Penny (Lucia’s black shirt under the fur vest is not part of the collection). Adrian’s shoes are Cole Haan Air Paul Chukka – I wrote about them in a previous post and we LOVE them. They give him a dressy look but are comfortable and flexible. Lucia’s shoes are from the Gap (last year purchased big one sale!).

  5. Adorable children!

  6. I LOVE seeing my kids in their schools so much too. There really is nothing like it at all. ,

  7. I want the burgundy fur vest with elevated collar for myself!

  8. You’re little guys is getting HUGE! So cute! I wish i had a girl for that awesome vest!


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