Disney On Ice: Let’s Celebrate

Disney On Ice: Let’s Celebrate opened at the Barclays Center on Tuesday evening.  My family was lucky enough to be in attendance.  I somehow managed to contain my big secret as the kiddos guessed where we were going for the duration of our ride into Brooklyn.  Their hopes of swimming, bracelet making, ice cream eating, library visiting and even venturing to Alaska were topped when we were greeted by Mickey and Minnie at a little blogger meet and greet.   The timing was serendipitous – we’re surprising our kids with their first trip to Disney World very soon!

The true joy in this performance was watching it through the eyes of our children.  It was our first Disney on Ice experience and our little ones were exploding with excitement as they watched their favorite Disney characters come to life.   It truly is an action-packed colossal ice party featuring tons of characters, mesmerizing visual-effects, brilliant costumes and of course impressive skating.

Disney On Ice

The show features an entire calendar year of celebrations and an exotic world tour.  Viewers are treated to a very merry unbirthday party featuring Alice and crew, a Halloween hunt with the Disney Villains, a royal ball with the Disney Princesses, a winter wonderland with Mickey and Minnie and so much more.  I naturally loved the Hawaiian Luau (I once lived there!), and we all loved the Japanese Cherry Blossom festival.

The kids were giddy for the duration of the show.   The Disney Princesses, including a stunning performance by Jasmine and Aladdin were among the highlights for Lucia.  The crowd went absolutely wild for Buzz Light Year and friends, and so did our little Adrian. I’m still imagining our kiddos excitement (way past their bedtime), and am thankful for a glimpse of Disney magic here in New York City.

I arrived home to an incredibly heartfelt email from my giveaway winner, which really gave me the push to continue on with this space.  I think that we both went to sleep that night with lasting Disney family memories, and for that I am grateful.




Press tickets were provided, however, as always, opinions are strictly my own.



  1. Oh how fun! I missed them when they were here!! We’re thinking of going when they return (I think it was March but I have only lightly searched). I’m glad you got to go, and you’re right, it is the perfect way to move into a surprise Disney trip. 🙂

  2. oh my, the excitement.
    I am so glad you get to go to Florida, I hope we can go soon as well

  3. We’ve never seen any “on ice” performances. I really want to see one and especially Disney with the kids. So fun! I love in that picture that Adrian has his head on your shoulder. Sweet! 🙂

  4. Oh my ~ Sofia would LOVE to go to a Disney On Ice show! I hope to take her to a show this year, if it comes to a venue near us. Such great family memories. I’m glad you were able to attend!

  5. Ohh I am so glad that your family had such a great time! Enjoy Disney…it is spectacular with children.

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