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Every Wednesday, Adrian and I have a special date at our local library.   With ample after-school time while Lucia is at religion, a 10 minute walk to the Library fits well into our schedule.  I  think that we both really adore our weekly children’s section dates.  Adrian is mesmerized as we read book after book. “Just one more mommy”, he pleas as it is time to go.  I love studying his faces as he searches through the shelves before climbing into my lap with his newest selections.  In this age of rapidly increasing technology, I hope that my kids always look forward to devouring tangible books in their hands.  Our weekly dates are simple yet magical, and leave me thinking about the next Wednesday to come.

Library for Kids





  1. I spent such a huge portion of my childhood in the library. Sometimes I went with friends, I usually went alone. 🙂

    • I have a ton of memories from time spent at my local library too – It’s so nice to see my son enjoying our time spent together at our local library.

  2. I have clear memories of my childhood at the Library. I wonder if kids today are learning the card catalog.. Etc? I hope you enjoy your library time with your sweet son.

  3. I think it is so nice to see Mothers take their children to the library. So many just turn the TV on and sit their kid in front of it. Kudos to you!!

    • We love the library – but the TV is also turned on in our home! We don’t have cable and I do limit it. There is nothing like spending time together at the library though.

  4. Our closest library is a drive away so instead I made my toddlers room into a mini library. I remember the days of going to the local library with my other kids because it was a 4 minute walk down the block. They still love reading but not as much now unlike my toddler. Happy that he enjoys reading and you both get to enjoy some quality time together as well.

    • That is so great that you have a mini library in your home. We have been lucky with cousins who have generously handed down a great collection of books to us. Thanks for visiting!

  5. I used to practically live in the library as a kid. Mostly because my mom was the librarian!

  6. I spent a lot of time in our local library. When I was in 6th grade we could walk across the street to the library from school. I loved that!

  7. Your post actually inspires me to set a library date weekly with my own toddler. I know he loves books and he also loves to check out his school library once in a while. I have taken him to our local library once or twice before and he had a blast both times. But having this as a regular routine is something I never considered. So, thanks for the idea.

  8. Rosa Colon says

    The library is the most enriching place for a child. They need fancy stuff. Just love n books.

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