The First Lost Tooth

I remember when Lucia’s first tooth cut through her tender baby gums, three days after she turned six months old.   When that little tooth fell out, days before she began the first grade, the milestone felt monumental.first lost tooth

It was a highly anticipated event for my little big girl, from the moment she screamed “I HAVE A LOOSE TOOTH” during our book reading session, to when I placed her in front of a mirror before she pulled out the dangling tooth.  To be honest, I felt unsure of the modern-day-tooth-fairy process, so I asked social media, what’s the going rate for the tooth fairy?  Although I had recently read about tooth fairy inflation, I wanted to hear what my experienced circles suggested.  According to my friends, the going rate for the tooth fairy is averaging around $5.  The tooth fairy is also pretty creativity and sometimes dispenses tiny notes signed with her personalized tooth fairy name.  She has even become media savvy  – her tooth fairy website answers a plethora of tooth related questions for  inquisitive little minds.

The fairy that visited our house ultimately bestowed Lucia with $3 (a two dollar bill and one dollar coin) a tiny handwritten note in beautiful script (Bob of course) from a  tooth fairy named Toothicita.  I also made Lucia an impromptu little tooth fairy pillow from pretty Japanese Mermaid fabric from my stash and white felt to form a tooth shaped pocket.

tooth fairy pillow

Lucia has since lost her second bottom tooth, a clear indicator that my baby girl is truly growing up.




  1. Love the tooth fairy pillow… something I will have to think of soon too 🙂

  2. What a beautiful pillow and the note was such a sweet addition to just leaving money. I have to admit that I choked when I read that the going rate for a tooth is $5. Yikes.

    • I felt like $5 was a lot too, $3 seemed OK to us for the first (and actually second) tooth but I think she will get $1 for subsequent teeth.

  3. I am so darn happy I stopped by here today. I was in need of a serious Monica fix and I got it in the form of a magical tooth fairy and an adorable, toothless face staring back from my big computer screen. What a great picture! And I felt so special too, it was as if Lucia was showing me and only me, her missing tooth. I just wish I could peek at Toothicita’s note with all that pretty writing … what a precious keepsake.
    P.S. I can honestly say I learn something new every time I visit here Monica, and today I learned that the tooth fairy has a better website than me ( I couldn’t resist checking it out) hahaha
    hugs to you all,

    • And I’m so darn happy to see you here! I too was pretty impressed with the tooth fairy’s website (a friend on FB suggested it to me). She certainly answers a lot of questions! xx

  4. I have to laugh about the tooth fairy inflation!! It worries me…I’ll be giving my kids $50 per tooth. Better start saving up now, lol!

  5. Wow $5 bucks. I got quarters! Ha ha! And she’s lost her second one too? Crazy how fast they grow!

  6. Congratulations to your sweet girl! What a huge milestone!

  7. I just love how you celebrated her! This is adorable! And sheesh – the tooth fairy must have some sort of trust fund!

  8. Karen Klein says

    The photo of your daughter is precious. I found your website while searing for tooth fairy pillows. I’m making one soon!

  9. You are so talented!!! That pillow is gorge!! I keep telling you that you need to open an etsy shop!!! Congrats Lucia!

  10. Rosa Colon says

    Congrats! That is a huge milestone. I love how special you made this event for your daughter.

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