Matilda The Musical {Review}

I recently had the pleasure of surprising Lucia with an early school pick up to see Tony Award winning  Matilda the Musical at the Shubert Theatre, here in New York City.  It was our first mother-daughter Broadway date.  As a child who devoured Roald Dahl novels, I couldn’t wait to see the musical adaptation of the book (by Dennis Kelly and award-winning musician/comedian Tim Minchin) come to life with my daughter at my side.

Matilda the Musical review

I gave Lucia an overview of the characters during our train ride to Times Square to help her contextualize what she soon would see.  We were both hooked from the opening musical number, entitled “miracle”.  Unfortunately for Matilda, “my mummy says I’m a miracle” is a fallacy as her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood are truly revolting, neglectful non-caretakers – a stark contrast to the incredibly gifted heroine Matilda.  Lucia immediately took to young Bailey Ryon (one of the four alternating actresses) who played Matilda Wormwood.  Her brilliant performance and vocal strength captivated audience members throughout the entire production.  I anticipated some of the dark parts of the show to be frightening for Lucia as she is two months shy of the recommended age of six.  Mrs. Trunchbull, cast so perfectly as a male, is a true mesh between pure comedy and sheer terror.  Elements of Roald Dahl’s book appear verbatim to my memory, including Mrs. Trunchbull’s swinging of children by their pigtails and ears.  Lucia was fine during scenes that some young patrons may perceive as scary.

Every component of Matilda The Musical, from the stagecraft to choreography is an experience to take in.  Rob Howell’s whimsical set design is genius.  We were entranced  by the endless amount of wooden blocks and intricate details woven throughout each set.  Lighting designer Hugh Vanstone’s special effects made my first grader repeatedly ask “how did they do that?!”.  When the production finished, Lucia called her Matilda experience a “forever memory”.   We have since been singing the memorable tune “When I Grow Up” and revisiting that glorious swing scene on YouTube more times than I can possibly count.  I laughed and cried and believe that we both left in absolute awe of the production and brilliant cast. I do hope that Lucia tucks Matilda’s empowering message of strength, love of learning and creativity deep into her young mind.  Matilda The Musical is a must see and a forever memory indeed.

Matilda the musical on broadway

Matilda The Musical is currently running a Halloween special with $97 dollar seats available this week! Special pricing on select performances is also available through the end of the year.  For tickets visit Telecharge and for more information visit the Matilda The Musical website.

Tickets to Matilda The Musical were provided to facilitate this review.  As always, opinions are strictly my own. 



  1. We took our son to see his first Broadway a few years back and he loved it. Such a special treat that you got to do it as a mommy/daughter time!

  2. awesome, so jealous!! glad it was fun

  3. Oh how fun!! I want to see a Broadway show so badly! I want to see New York!! One day maybe I’ll make it across the country! 🙂 What a fun day!

  4. I would love to take my daughters to see a musical when they get a little older. I know Sofia would enjoy especially, since she loves music and dancing. It’s so nice that you were able to do this special thing with Lucia!

  5. Rosa Colon says

    I saw this on the Tony’s. What a dream to get to go to see something like this!!!

  6. That picture of Lucia cracks me up! She really looks like she’s ready for the show. I think my kiddies will be old enough to take them in a couple more months.

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