It Takes A Village

We left the Upper East Side during Lucia’s toddler-hood for a bit more space and pre-school tuition that didn’t cost more than my masters degree. We quickly became friends with our next door neighbor, and she soon became our Lao Lao (maternal grandmother in Mandarin). I can’t count the times that she helped me drag a sleeping baby in a stroller up the stairs, or lured resistant kiddos back inside after hours of outdoor play. Lao Lao has spent endless time sitting in chalk piles on the sidewalk, brought food during sickness and even knit us scarves. We love to surprise her in special ways.

Although we are different, her stories of life and love constantly remind me of how similar we are.

Loa Loa

A mother’s life-raft is often created by the tiny village who supports her.



  1. This is such a moving story. It make me believe that in life, all things have purpose and meaning. I’m heartwarmed to know that you found a lou lou

    • I feel the exact same way. When we moved, we didn’t know anyone in our new neighborhood. I’d like to think that our placement here was meant to be a part of our story.

  2. I love those relationships that we happen upon and they turn out to be a blessing. Those people we never would have known but by chance. Just like I never would have “known” you if it weren’t for our blogs. Your sweet point of view often serves to remind me of what’s important. Thank you.

  3. Ah! That is so awesome you have an awesome loving neighbor lady to help with the kiddos. I can tell she loves spending time with them.

  4. wow, what a beautiful story <3

  5. You are so lucky to have found such a great neighbor! I used to love to visit the neighbors when I was a kid. Goodness knows how I even met them all because I don’t remember my family visiting most of them!

  6. I saw when you posted this photo on Instagram, and it truly is wonderful the connections we can make in life, even with people who seem so completely different than us. Usually, there is a way that we all are the same, even if it’s in the tiniest of ways. I just love that quote you shared at the end, too.

  7. I can actually relate to your story! I also have a fabulous neighbor that is always there for us…and countless times has told me that it takes a village to raise a kid 🙂
    Bjs, Ana

  8. Beautiful story. Does she teach you about her culture too?

    • She absolutely teaches us about her culture. She teaches us words in Mandarin, tells stories about her beliefs and even has us over for Chinese New Year ( I wrote about it during my first year of blogging).

  9. Savor the moments creating happy memories 1 at a time is real food for our souls.

  10. Rosa Colon says

    She sounds like a beautiful neighbor. You moved next to her for a reason. Everything is in God’s plan and as HE wanted it for you all.

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