The Best Toy Ever: Dirt

We are extremely grateful to have the chance to test out some amazing products and are always happy to share our favorites.  One amazing toy has topped our list for years:

Dirt! Glorious Dirt!

dirt play

Since we don’t have a backyard of our own, we are always on the hunt for a good dirt pile.  Luckily there having been some stellar pickings to choose from in our neighborhood over the years.

playing in dirt

My husband and I love watching the adventurous spirits and creativity provoked by a good old dirt pile.  We also appreciate being able to sit at a distance away and converse among ourselves for hours.

why playing in dirt is good for kids

I also like to believe that the bambini’s exposure to dirt helps to strengthen their little immune systems.

What are some of your favorite free toys?



  1. My kids got a sandbox yesterday and I could not believe the 45 minutes of silent play. They didn’t fight with each other or bicker. They just played in silence and had so much fun creating sand castles and tunnels for their cars. It was nice! Dirt or sand is the best toy. Reminds me of when I was a kid and we’d make t-pees out of sticks and falling leaves.

  2. I just love how kids can use anything to find amusement.

    Although it wasn’t free, our swingset was a purchase that gave my kids 12 or 13 years of joy. And all the neighbors too.

    • I had a swing set as a kiddo too and loved it. For YEARS! We will most likely move within the next few years and I have dreams for a yard for my kiddos.

  3. I love playing in sand boxes even now :p

  4. Awe! Gotta love a good dirt pile 🙂 Your photos are always so great Monica! Some of Sofia’s favorite free toys are using the diaper sleeve {with the diapers still in there} as a stage to sing and dance on, and playing with the rocks in our backyard. I say free toys are the best!

  5. Playing in dirt is great for children. So many parents are obsessed with antibacterial cleansers and not let kids get dirty. It is good for kids brains and immune systems. Your photography keeps getting better!

    • I completely subscribe to the same philosophies. We always wanted our kids to be exposed to *some* bacteria as babies to build their immune system.

  6. That very dirt pile has been a favorite of The Nut’s over the years. Embrace the filth!

  7. Dirt is such a helathy place for children to play. I love the pictures too.

  8. I think that the best toys are usually the free ones. It looks like your kids were occupied and happy.

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