Disney Princess Play – A Central Park Adventure {Sponsored}

As part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, my daughter and I enjoyed an afternoon of #DisneyPrincessPlay in Central Park.

It is well known that my little girl is a Disney Princess lover and no secret that I treasure the creativity inspired by this sort of play.  If only I could encapsulate Lucia’s magical five-year-old thoughts to unleash at a time for us all to revisit.

Bob and I try to schedule little dates alone with each child – as uninterrupted time is incredibly important to all of us.  Although the majority of our special outings are simple in nature, a recent one began in the Disney Walmart Toy isle.  You can imagine Lucia’s excitement upon receiving an Ariel costume and Under The Sea Surprise Ariel, before embarking on a mother-daughter adventure in Central Park.

Lucia quickly concocted plans to bring The Little Mermaid to life in a perfect setting for her imagination to run wild.  The giant boulders served as mermaid coves where we searched for Ariel’s aquatic friends.  The Ariel doll came with a Flounder toy and Lucia transformed bits of nature into Sebastian and friends.

#DisneyPrincessPlay Central Park #shop

We had a lunch date complete with dried seaweed (Mermaid’s eat seaweed and LOTS of green vegetables!) and discovered a few things about little Ariel.  With the press of a small button behind her neck, Under The Sea Surprise Ariel speaks and sings in Spanish.

The Little Mermaid Central Park #shop

With little Ariel in her arms, Lucia talked about her feelings and her back-to-school jitters.  At five, she is incredibly open, and I hope that I navigate the upcoming years in a way that strengthens and maintains this connection.  I cherish the little performance that she gave me and her elaborate storytelling, singing and dancing.

#DisneyPrincessPlay Ariel #shop

I listened to Lucia’s sweet voice singing Under the Sea with her new Ariel doll.  She still squeals with excitement when the doll’s  iridescent tail lights up.

Ariel Central Park NYC #shop

With the touch of a button, the Ariel Doll reminded us to search for more treasures for her “collection“.  Little does she know that Lucia has a pretty interesting collection under her bed.  We continued our explorations and picked up several rocks along the way.  We even stopped for a ride on the Central Park Carousel.

Ariel on the Central Park Carousel #shop

Lucia insisted that Ariel wanted one more glimpse of the world above before heading home to put her light up tail in the bath.

The Little Mermaid NYC #shop

I’m incredibly grateful for this day with my girl, a few days before she entered the first grade.

Central Park Princess Play #shop

Central park holds a special place in my heart as it is filled with memories of Lucia’ s first year and a half of life.  So many visions of early motherhood always come flooding back when we return.  She stops me with a leg clutching embrace as we exit and says “Oh Mommy, I just love our special alone time so much“.  I tell her how much I treasure her too and can’t wait for the next moment in time.

The Little Mermaid Collector’s Edition BluRay/DVD will be available on October 1st.  Check out the Under The Sea Pinterest Board for more Little Mermaid adventures. 

Thank you to Collective Bias®  for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions are my own.



  1. what a beautiful mommy daughter day for you guys to have!! i hope she enjoyed her first days in first grade

  2. I just love this! I have boys but I would do this with my daughter (if I had one)

  3. That looks like SO much fun! I should do this with my niece, Ayla. 🙂

  4. Awww what a lovely post! It looks like you and your daughter had a whole lot of fun!

  5. How sweet! She looks so happy prancing around as the Little Mermaid. I always loved Jasmine myself. <3 I'm so happy you guys had a great experience and quality time.

  6. These are such stunning pictures. What a great job of capturing the beauty of both your daughter and Central Park! My niece absolutely loves Ariel (she also has red hair, so I think she likes the resemblance in appearance), so I’m sure she would love this doll.

  7. I like Central Park, but gah, there’s falling leaves!!
    I love her imagination. We do kid-days here too, one-on-one, and they’re always a huge hit!

  8. She looks like she really enjoyed her Ariel doll. My daughter (youngest child) is now a teenager and I miss these days when she looked forward to spending time with “just me.” Enjoy it while you can. These precious days go by way too fast.

  9. OH it looks so beautiful there! And what a great mommy/daughter outing. It’s wonderful that your daughter can talk to you about her fears, and all of the good things also. I absolutely love the Ariel costume and the doll, both would definitely bring a child’s imagination to life!

  10. Nice pictures. Looks like she had such a great time.

  11. Awww, it sounds like you and your little girl had a most perfect day! What a fun outfit to play dress-up in! 😉

  12. You made that such a special mom and daughter time! This was really heartwarming to read!

  13. You daughter looks so peaceful and serene with her doll-gorgeous!

  14. Ohh what a fun time, spending time outside with Ariel and having a blast; I know my daughter would SOO love to do that; I may surprise her with Ariel, that’s her favorite (Maybe because she has red hair like my daughter..lol)… thanks for sharing, such a fun post

  15. Looks like a wonderful day! Very lovely photos too!

  16. Love this post so much!!! Siella’s favorite disney character is Little Mermaid too! So sweet!

  17. Such a nice story and such a cute little girl. I really love the mommy/daughter days I’ve have and Central Park is one of our fave spots. I can totally picture my daughter dancing around like Ariel with her doll too. And love that she took her on the merry-go-round : ).

  18. I love Central Park and your photos captured the beauty of it. Your daughter is adorable.

  19. What a precious mommy and me date you shared! I think it’s cute how you finished the day arm in arm, that’s a touching photo.

  20. What a fun doll! I bet my best friend’s little girl would just love it 😀 I love the pictures you took at the park!

  21. SO fun! My daughter is a huge princess fan too! She would love to take one of her dolls into Central Park for playtime. 🙂

  22. I have 4 girls and I treasure every time I can have mommy daughter time with each of them.. I in fact have my 1 year old on my lap right now and watching her smile and laugh is just amazing.. It gets harder and harder to have those moments as they get older my oldest is 19 so this is from personal expierence. So treasure every precious moment you have with her.. They are the most beautiful

  23. What a great way to cherish moments with your daughter! Oh how I would love to go to central park!

  24. Hey lady – Hope you’re joining us for our link party tomorrow on the topic of what we think our children will be like someday! I’d love to see your post on little Lucia and Adrian!

  25. Looks like a lot of fun! My daughter has that doll, too and she loves it!

  26. Aww, sweet pictures, I bet she had such a great time! Little Mermaid is one of our fav’s!

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